Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's not cool to be racist/ look down on other people, religions, jobs etc

I understand no one knows it all, and we as human being are constantly learning, but sometimes, you watch something really dumb, or get asked the most ignorant and racist questions, and it makes you want to smack the $*&% out someone.

My friend Chika sent me this youtube link on facebook.

It's a pretty ignorant & offensive video, posted August 1 2009 by YouLoveMolly, and I'm hoping it's a crappy joke

regardless :

I had 2 friends over, one regular one and one Indian one…I learned a lot about the Indian culture…if you didn’t know I guess Indians are like hindus... I know it’s not the right path, so hopefully Sara changes her mind.

The she rolls her previously recorded video

After Sara introduces herself
Molly: She’s Indian, it’s like an African country in Asia
Molly: Do you consider yourself Asian or African?
Sara: Asian of course
Molly: Cause you look African, but your Asian
Sara: I’m not African, I’m Asian
Rachael: but why are you so dark then…
Sara: Because I am Asian!!
Molly: but… why aren’t your eyes pointy…or slanted??
…..I know you can be what you want, but it’s not what you look like


Did you also hear about the Justice of Peace in Louisiana that refused to marry an interracial couple? dude regardless of your personal opinon no1) it's your job! no2) it's America 3) it's 2009 4) people like you make the south look bad


"I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way," Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday. "I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else."

read the rest of the story

People I'm not saying I'm perfect! but please try to be sensitive when asking questions about race or religion, and c'mon if you are of a certain age, you should know better!

And last thing:

My experience:
Most times when you want to know what someone is, I've learned it is safe to ask: 
"What's your ethnicity" or "what's your nationality"
instead of What are you? or Where are you from?.... because you dont look....

Not all black people look the same, 
Not all white people look the same, 
Not all asian people look the same
& I've heard this so... many times from different races, and if you think so it's just cause you are not exposed to various enthnicites, & trust me, if you live with a bunch of people from different races you will see the difference.

India is in Asia, so an Indian is Asian. & yes everyone can be racist, white, black, mixed, whatever, but we should try not to be.

I hope everyone is doing well, missed everyone, and would love to hear your comments.

ooooh & I changed my hair to brown, here's a cellphone pic I uploaded earlier on twitter:


  1. girl that video was out of control, why do i have a feeling that they were serious. ignorant people are holding this world back. and I heard about that marriage thing in LA.. that made me angry, like wtf you cant tell me that i CANT marry the person I love. and you're right... some people in the south make us look bad. i wish everyone would open their minds a bit and stop being dumb lol.

    --oh and you look gorgeous :] im gonna link this post in my blog

  2. i hear you specially in these times it can be easy to slip up and say some irresponsible isht. If everyone payed a bit more attention (and if some of the racist people were somehow wiped out) the world would be a ... better place (not to sound corny or anything) lol

    Good Post

  3. I agree with everything you said.
    Nobody's perfect and I guess not everyone is lucky enough to have been bought up around a lot of different nationalities but sometimes it seems like certain people just like to act ignorant.

    and your hair looks really cute :)

  4. Oh poor Sara...why are you friends with such asshats? Seriously. She said in the beginning that I should watch this video because it's really insightful. The only insight I got is that the 2 on the right are nobs.

    But I DO love your hair!

  5. Ignorance and racism makes me disgustingly mad. I better stop now before i go on and on and on.

  6. My goodness gracious...this makes me sick. I REALLY hope those girls in the video were joking..but regardless, that's a SICK joke and NOT funny AT ALL. Racism is very ignorant, and scientifically, there is no such thing. There is no genetic difference between any of us. We are all the same human beings...can't deny that one. Stupid people like to create these made up ridiculous social barriers and constructs, but it will never be true unless other ignorant and stupid people believe that mumbo jumbo. I HATE STUPID PEOPLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! HATE HATE HATE HATE THEM! I think they should all be swallowed at birth...but then thats me being "mean", so FUCK EM!!!

  7. P.S. You look fabulous. The brown looks beautiful on you!

  8. Great post, I couldn't believe some of the comments made by those people!They need to educate themselves!I think alot of it is probably learnt behaviour from parents/friends/family in general and depends how people are brought up. However, that's no excuse for plain insensitive comments about race/ethnicity. It's 2009, not 1909!

  9. i watched the first minute of the video and that was enough. 'One regular friend and one indian one' ..

    and btw, did you have to lighten your hair first before you dyed it? My hair looks orange whenever I try to color it lighter so I give up!

  10. It's sad that there is so much racism and ignorance in this day and age.

  11. LOVE the new look...the video, well...

  12. first off, the hair is fab-u-lous, just had to get that out the way...

    seconf, i want to believe this vid isn't true, but even if it isn't, there's actually ppl out there who think like this... it's really upsetting... i had to keep my jaw from dropping... SMH... that's why us more open-minded people need to combat ignorance one day at a time...

    did i say your hair looks good?

  13. I saw this video a little while ago and I could not BELIEVE what I was watching, bless that girl's heart...I think it's VERY true and those two girls WILL get theirs, KARMA is a BITCH!

    And as far as the marriage goes, I'm not surprised, it is the SOUTH, Louisiana at that, and some people are just STUCK in that era of racist time, I know first hand as sad, I'll pray for them!

    and YES girl, your hair is FAB!

  14. i saw the sara video a while back, there's more videos of them trying to convert her..i duno either they are extremely ignorant or it's a social experiment. I don't want to believe that anyone would do this seriously but even as a joke, it's messed up..there has to be a purpose.

  15. ok im hella mad! i wanna slap that messy white!
    ignorant bitch!
    im glad shes young cause she looks like she has alot of schooling to go!

  16. Chell, It's sad to know that race is an issue today in the US. But some people just can't handle anyone different from themselves.

    Good post, love your hair!

  17. such a good and informative post! so sad that issues still to this day havent changed :( but you look goreous btw :)

  18. With the rise in technology, there is arguably more racist people communicating their thoughts today than ever.
    As far as the conversion, they cross the line when they show disrespect. A dialog can be just that without it becoming something bad. Great post.

  19. Wow... especially at that pastor saying he lets black people use his bathroom when they come over; like that is a HUGE FRIGGIN' DEAL! Must be a milestone for him having those negroes at his place :|
    Why are people so ignorant about reality? As human beings, we are 99.99% the same. And we're fretting over that minuscule 00.01% - which is sad.

  20. No its not cool to be racist. But ask most white citizens of Atlanta or Lindsey Sleazebag or Amy whorehouse and they may disagree with you.


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