Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M will not available for all?

so everyone has seen the ads for the H&M shoes by Jimmy Choo right? I know it's insane! For those that didn't know, the fabulously expensive shoe designer Jimmy Choo will be doing some low budget fantastically hot shoes for H&M.

These pictures were shot by Terry Richardson, and if you've been on my blog you might have noticed some of his pictures in

The shoes are hot, they are to be released NOV 14TH 2009 pretty exciting. well that was until I went to Atlantic Station & I found out we will not be getting them in any H&M in Georgia, and according to the sales man neither will most states except New York. He wasn't sure about internet sales or overseas buying. This pretty much sucks, he was shocked they wouldn't be getting it his store, so I wonder, why all the hype? only to limit them and make it scarce.

It's not just shoes it's also clothes
...accessories, evening clutches and larger day bags, which are studded or fringed for the jet-set lifestyle. Belts are studded and wide, or long enough for a triple wrap. Choker necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings echo the shoes perfectly.

I'm really confused because on the site it says:
...Arriving in around 200 stores worldwide, soon all will be able to experience the passion for Jimmy Choo at H&M.

When Jimmy Choo’s exclusive collaboration with H&M lands in stores on Saturday 14th November, a glimpse of the brand’s glamorous world will be available to all.

Oh well for more information you can contact H&M press service:
Telephone: +46 8 796 53 00

Price List: in dollars, Pounds etc
h&m press release: link
Jimmy Choo for H&M: site

let me know if any of you find out what's up, & I'll keep you posted too.
Love Bombchell

OH YEAH!! & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Can You Believe I'm not dressing up this year????  so crazy I know!!


  1. Same in the's usually London that gets all the cool collaborations!

  2. Those shoes will surely sell well.

  3. I love the thigh-highs! But I wish that they had flat leather ones for the rainy Vancouver weather. I can't walk in heels. =S

  4. Those are just too yummy not to be sold everywhere.


  5. All that stuff looks HOT! I WANT I WANT I WANT!


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