Monday, November 2, 2009

Am I Bovvered...About Funny Videos on Monday

It's been a while since I did Non-Mundane Mondays!! so here are some funny videos featuring the British comedian Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper. I discovered her much later than a lot of people, and then I started saying: "Am I Bovvered!! Look at my face! Do I look Bovvered to you!!!!"

she's super funny, she got everyone saying it, and it's hilarious. I really hope you enjoy these videos, and it cheers up your week, there was even one with Tony Blair that was absolutely wicked!! and it had him saying her catch phrase to her.

oh yeah sorry to disappoint but I didn't do anything for Halloween, well except eat so... much candy, go to the gym for 25mins, got hit on by some guy, while looking crappy with no makeup, and begrudingly did my marketing homework. oh and the sketches are from The Catherine Tate Show.

soo..... here are the funny videos:

Video 1: This is to wet your appetite & get a feel for her & her catch phrases. Its on Beyonce & bling bling

Video 2: Is my Absolute Favorite, when Lauren Cooper had to take her French Exam

Video 3: is another goofy one with Lauren Cooper as a cheerleader

Video 4: omg this is when Lauren Cooper meets Tony Blair!!! omg it's so... badass!! I can see Obama being a good sport too.

hope you all enjoyed these videos :) if you've never heard of Catherine Tate, def check her out, and if you forget about them hope these reminded you, alright.......


  1. I didnt know this show
    Its so funny! I dont understand all as I dont really speak English well but I like it ^^

  2. But am I bovvered though? Am I bovveerrrd? Look at my face, does it look bovvered?

    Such a goood show ruuullled the whole my highschool years lol.

    and youre the second one to mention this good girls going bad confuuussseeedd

  3. I went to club Life for Halloween with some friends who came in from Nashville.... It's too damn expensive to go out here! $20 cover charge!!!! I gotta get my contacts right. I never paid cover charges in NY. I'm gonna stay behind home or go to bars...

  4. @ Ally It's such a funny show, I'm glad you like it. I only found out about it one summer when my cousin kept saying "Am I Bovvered"

    @ Dope Fiend oooh envy!! I'd love to be in a building with everyone saying it, or at least would get the joke if i said it :)

    @ Kendall LOL welcome to Atlanta, yeah for most black clubs $20 is pretty standard, Plush Blu events tend to charge $30 though. The trick is to go ladies free before a certain time, or go to their website & get on the guest list ;)

  5. Thanks for those little videos!

  6. i love british comedy. thanks for sharing this!

  7. Tell us about the guy who hit on you! :D


  8. lol funny story, it'd been a minute since I'd been here and I was trying for the life of me to remember the name of the blog. I knew it was something in atlanta but I could not remember what? So I tried sexy, hottie ( cuz i KNEW it was somehting that mentioned how hot u are) and then I remembered mundane mondays, googled it...and VOILA!!! i MISSED you!! alrity, dat's my story!:P

  9. @ Kunbi wow that's super cool!! :)

  10. i looooooooooooove this favorite character has got to be the nan..."What a fucking liberty!" i kept the 3rd series on repeat ova xmas...that one is out of this u betta check that one out...a 4th series will air next year.


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