Monday, November 23, 2009

And shawty we all the way turned up - Birthday Weekend

I made a video blog!! it's my first time making or editing a video. So you can add me if you have a youtube :)

A bunch of friends were born on November 21st so shout to my girls Annette, Dominique , Ashleigh & Mr Nov (we're over :sigh:) and my to facebook buddies!! I totally had a blast this weekend.

on friday I went to Dominiques birthday at club Primal. wish I had a video for all the crazies we met! some bad breath guy, some guy I wanna have a baby by, he was so sexy but really short, etc. I'll post the pictures in a few days, but below I made a video blog on one of my special moments!

Dont be Confused:
Friday: Dominique - tthe "I have to pee" incident occured
Saturday: I went to Ashleigh's bday - the night I made the video, so added pics from Ashleigh's day

weird angle! and kept battling with my shirt the whole night ha ha, but next video I'll try to say OMG less! Promise, Or I'll take a shot of alcohol for every time I say it

In case of Questions )
My Hair: The beginning of the video I'm getting ready: used about 4 soft twist rollers ($5.99) in my hair overnight, no product, just air, and rolled it, put it in a bonet/scarf. Then right before I went out I used a curling iron for the front, brushed it & and used flexible hold spray on it.

Face: I noticed some past question asking what I used on my face in the Mr Nov. post, I have bad skin ick, so I try to cover a bunch. I used MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC50, &  Zuri Powder in Golden Ivory (costs about $4.99)

Song: All The Way Turnt Up - Travis Porter Ft. Roscoe Dash and YT

Turnt Up: A state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics, also being happy and excited and energetic! And Or Having Fun Verb.                                                                    - Urban Dictionary

wishing everyone a lovely week!!
Love Bombchell
watching the AMA's with everyone twitter has been fun!!


  1. lol, Michelle, All The Way Turnt Up is by Roscoe Dash, TP is the feature. lol.

  2. @ Ola: lmao you got me 2nd guessing my self!! so I checked & his myspace has him as the main musician:

  3. Your accent is sexay!! My guess is English with a tiny hint of West African (Ghanian?) and American. Am I horribly wrong?

    Anywho, I'm doing a bit of a diet/exercise thing too! Why's it everything that tastes so so good is so so bad for you? We should have a competition! Lol, give a prize to the winner.

    Anyway, love you! Good work.

  4. Afro Heroine OMG u are soooo insanely right, everyone always puzzles over my accent. Im Nigerian, moved to the states as a teenager, and we were colonized by the Brits -- funny thing: In my head I think I sound fully American or Nigerian at times ha ha ha

    the prize is a fun idea

  5. I had no idea you had an accent...cute!!!!!!!!!!! I love the video *smile.*

  6. lol allll the way turnt up, yay to your youtube blog..i dont have a clue on how to edit those

  7. im pleasantly surprised you have an english accent with a twang of american ! ;)

  8. So fun, darling!
    Love your accent!


  9. I cant get over your accent...its so hot!

  10. lovely!! loving the accent, sooo sexy!

  11. Yeah you did say OMG a lot but thanks for the makeup and hair tips.

    Nice blog here and I loved the video.

  12. duuuuuuuuuude!! i'm so mad that i didn't know you had an accent lol! and i sooo didn't know that you're african!!! that was 110% unexpected. i was thinking "ok shes starting with an english accent... ok well i guess this is her accent" lmao
    i love it! i'm gonna go some place and pic up an accent lol.. i just sound proper : /
    --but you know i'm studying languages, my little sisters first language is german, so when i try to speak it shes like "oh my god you have a cute accent!" lol i guess thats the only way i will have one is when i speak another language :]

  13. Wow! Bombchell has went digital with the videos now. Did you shoot this inside of your closet? I'm sure you already know what my Big Brother advice is, so ill send that via text. Lol. Overall, I like the post and im looking forward to more.

  14. you're adorable!! i like ur accent too =]
    Girl don't be embarassed, when u gotta go, u gotta go!! lol.

  15. Love your accent. Very unique. And Happy Belated. I also agree that watching the AMAs while tweeting was kinda cool.

  16. When your ALL THE TURNT UP! You pop a squat!!! I always carry tissues in my purse when I go out, just in case!
    Call me next time you go clubbin'! Even though I hate the lines and the $20 cover fee :( I try sooo hard to get these heifers out of the house by 11 or 12 so it's free but it's next to impossible!
    I like your boobies in the vid! I'm sucha perv
    ( . )Y ( . )

  17. The accent and video is cute. More please.

  18. I didn't know you were british!!!

  19.'re such an 'OMG' gurl! hehe...i had no clue you would sound like this. I thought your accent would be more American with a southern twang or maybe even a bit ditzy (no offense) because you seem like such a girly-girl. Nut this is cute too!!


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