Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Couch to 5k: Let's get this party started!!!

Forget about New Year's Resolutions, while wait for January 1st 2010 to get in shape!?? let's get this party started now!!!
From Couch to 5k is a program that takes total beginners and couch potatoes to 5k runners (aka 3.1 miles)

I admit I can't run! at all!
now if you're like me, this is great news. I'm a beast on the elliptical machine but put me on a treadmill and I can barely run 1 mile, well to be honest I might pass out after 1 minute, so I walk a lot, then run tiny and quit. it's not fun so I dont even bother getting on it.

How I heard about the program
After I gained 8lbs I freaked out & started using my gym membership (always had one but I hardly went). So now Ive been exercising for about 1-2month. lol wish I could tell you I lost the weight, more like I lost 4lbs, then gained about 6lbs back with all the cake, pizza and junk food I eat.

The lady who has lost almost 100lbs in 1 year
well one day after my workout, I decided to use the sauna (1st time ever ) and I met a lady who looked great in her swimwear (as I covered up my flab in my bikini ::sigh::), she was probably in her 30's or 40's and looked like she'd never missed a workout since her teens. Boy was I wrong. she's about 5'8 and used to weigh  230lb+ last summer (2008)!! and then she started working out and this year (2009) dropped to 168lbs then got a personal trainer and now (November 2009) she weighs 135 lbs!!! she's lost almost 100lbs in 1 year!

So I told her how I couldn't run & It's so sad, and gosh how I downed a bottle of whipped cream & cake, and she told me "It's okay" last week she downed a whole container of peanut butter <-yeah that made me believe her story, if you battle food, weight etc you understand.

she's currently practicing for a triathlon (swimming, biking, and running) and she's doing 1/2 an Ironman which consists of 1.2 mile Swim, 56mile Bike and 13.1 mile Run I know psycho!!!! oh for internationals that's 1,930 meter Swim, 90km Bike, and a 21k Run.

I was pretty impressed and I thought that could never be me, and she remined me she was once like me and couldn't run, and that she got started with some scientifically proven program, or study that works, and that it was free and easy to use.

How she got started running
she said the program was pretty easy to follow, that you'd run for about 30 seconds then walk about 45 seconds. sounds easy right!! even I could do that. but that you have to follow the program, and sometimes you feel like you are holding yourself back, and you want to run more, but you need to not be a show off and follow the program.

Then as time goes by, it increases how much you run and walk, and before you know it, in about 2 and a half months we could all be running our 5k race!!!!

This got me really excited!! and I have decided to start the program next week, I hope you would want to do it with me, It should be fun!! and we can keep track of our progress together. On Friday I will post the program here on my blog, the website, facebook groups, even a free itunes podcast that can walk you through, so we can all start the program next week.

so common y'all lets go from couch potatoes 

to sexy!! 

let's do this!!!!!!


  1. Good luck on the C25K! I did a similar training program and ended up running in over 10 5ks last year and losing 25 pounds. There's nothing like being fit and healthy :)

  2. omg Angelina that is soooo freaking impressive!!

    I cant wait to say I've finished a 5k!! (lol I'll dream of 5k's for now before the 10ks)

  3. I'm not huge treadmill person either, I can kind of run for like 10 mins max!I am a beast on the elliptical as been doing the sprint for 5 mins then walk for 5 mins at a hill, maybe I should try it with shorter time like you are. Good Luck!


  4. It's going to be excellent and make you feel very good about yourself as well. Good Luck!


  5. I am trying to get in shape as well! I need to lose like 15 pounds lol. Been trying to start running again and pilates!! Good luck!

  6. hmmm.... i might get on that...
    im great w/the elliptical machines... but the treadmill... it seems a waste jare... i can burn so much more on other things than i can on the treadmill... but this sounds interesting... so we'll see

  7. this is an admirable goal. i used to run track but have now become so lazy.

    i am moving to atlanta soon for school but dont know anyone there. do you know spelman college?

  8. wow, what inspiration!
    im tryna get riight myself :)

  9. your blog effects are amazing, i'm such a useless non techie. good luck babe, i'm gonna stick to my couch potato status. no exercise for me xx

  10. =) I see a lot of us are couch potatoes!

    @Bunny: girl u look great. Yeah maybe you could try the c25k program it’s worked for a lot of people.

    @Secretia: I really hope so

    @Outdoor lighting: thanks

    @Naturally Glamorous : Girl we can do it!!!

    @Diamond Hawk : LOL , I know right they say the elliptical burns more calories. But how great can our shape be if we cant run for 5 mins lol

    @Abteen: yeah I know Spelman, It’s a very popular school in Atlanta and in the US. They’ll match you with a Morehouse brother so you’ll know someone, and if you live on campus it’ll make it easier to make friends :=)

    @Dannie: let’s do this!!

    @ThirdWorldProfessional: LMAO girl u better get healthy, I heard if you exercise regularly, when u get preggers its easier to drop the weight =)

  11. Good for you! That program really does work. It's an excellent way to start running. Just make sure you have the best shoes to protect your knees and hips.
    Warm up before and stretch after!
    Go get 'em!

  12. Butter Mints Choco LatteNovember 19, 2009 at 3:11 PM

    Hecks yeah!!! I said I wanted to train for a 5k this year - sad to say it didn't happen. But I'm so down! Any 5ks in ATL to shoot for? How long is the training supposed to last? I'm excited. I'm pumped. Let's do this!!!!

  13. @Dedene I'm really excited, I have some shoes, but I'm not sure if I should buy new ones.

    @ Butter Mints hey chica!!! I got you!!! we're gonna do this, tell your sister!! it's 9 weeks. Im posting it tomorrow

  14. Yasss!! I'm a beast on the eliptical as well, but put me on a treadmill and I feel defeated. I can JOG for about 10 minutes max and I'm done, but I want to be able to run. So I'm def going to try this program out...the week after next. HaHa. I'm known to not be a runner, so it'll be a good thing to be able to say I finished a 5k!! By the way, I'm a junk food junkie as well. So when I start I'm GOING TO choose healthier options. It helps that my roomie is a health freak. I just don't want to defeat the purpose...I think my eating habits are why I'm having a hard time toning my lower body.

  15. Cool! I just started c25k last week! i made some great podcast music mixes that tell you when to run and walk! it's great because you can focus on the music and not the clock on the treadmill. They are hip hop mixes and I try to keep up with the latest music of course:) email me at if you want free copies of the mixes as i make them from week to week...just to help a sista out! happy running!

  16. Ugggh.... I so want to freakin do this. I have been trying to do this, because running helps you lose weight, but its the motivation and a partner you must do it with, your in atlanta right?


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