Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Mr. November & welcome to my blog!

This is what I wore on my date with Mr. November!! <-yeah... never really talked about him on my blog, but if you commented last month you might have read some hidden messages on my blog, and I was talking about him :)

What I wore:
The Jacket is Steve Madden $68: got it at Nordstrom..... such a steal cuz everything else was like $200-400
The Boots: Bcbg: style bg pony in black  (Katy/ 24carat has some similar gorgeous ones from Aldo, so here's a picture for you babe!)

lol you can tell I was bored waiting!! (oh that's an old buddy apt, pretty cool).

I no longer have photoshop so I edited my pictures with which is an awesome picture editing software & it's free!!!! so you can watermark etc, I also used windows live to make it contrast (it's also free) & a shit load of makeup  & goofyness :)

ooh in case the words in the 2nd picture weren't clear to read, sorry it said:
Lashes: $35
Jacket: $68
Travel: $300
Fab Date: Priceless
...a play on the MasterCard "priceless"commercials

Gotta run, Im beyond late for class. (Kisses)
Love Bombchell


  1. looks great. I guess i'd have to get katy's version if i decided to get it.. its so much easier since shes in canada also...

  2. you look fantastic honey! mr. november is a lucky guy!

  3. You and you blog are a visual delight.


  4. wow youre look smoking! lashes are sky high! also those boots are awesome :)

  5. hahaha lovelyyy..howd that date go?!! those boots look like some that are at my job.. super cute! i love my leather jacket.. theyre sexy on women lol.
    guess what? the official day of my online class starts tomorrow..but i started doing the work 4 days before lol! uh oh.. another nerd is coming up behind you lol!

  6. beautiful! but the lashes were really $35???

  7. hothothoootttttt mamacia omg seriously i thin i have a crush on you and those BOOTS!!! ahahaha!

    U looked hot bt please explain how travel was errrmmmm300???? im confused where this mofo live..i hope he paid dammit lol

  8. Cute!!! I love your leather jacket.

  9. I bet Mr. November was impressed with what he saw. :D


  10. YOUR BOOTS ARE SOOO HOT!! I love them more than mine. =( LOL. Are they suede though? I don't think suede will hold up too well in rainy Vancouver weather though.. they'd be destroyed in days. The studs look HOT though.

    $35 lashes? What brand are they?

  11. @ Trecia that'll be cool, you'll def look hot in them

    @ Mimilainna, Secretia, Sher, Tara & All womens stalker :) aww thanks luvs

    @ The Dailey The date went really well, we went to Houstons, & I totally pigged out, Hawain Steak, Loaded baked potato, AND dessert

    @ Meya & Kooty lol yeah I know!! they were 35. they are individual lashes so I had to do them at a saloon, because I was too lazy to put them on dailey

    @ Dope Fiend Ha ha ha ha, girl you so crazy, lets just say he lives very very far (it's a secret cuz I didnt tell much people)

    @ Kooty yeah I think they're suede, and it rains a bunch in the A like now. so Im going thru all my shoes in my head, and wondering which I want to sacrifice :/

  12. what foundation are you wearing and in what shade?

    p.s- you look pretty!

  13. Beautiful Photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. oooh travel huh?!
    long distance love or just dating?

  15. PS. YOU are one of our fave readers!
    Pls take time out to do our survey!

    Truly Yours
    -Darling Nikky

  16. Hey, are your lashes extensions or strip lashes?

  17. Very Sexy darling ! The boots are awesome :)

    Do explain the travel costs ? where was this date ??? and WHO ???

  18. gorgeous honey!! still sad we didnt get to hang =( have u decided if ur back in dec?

  19. Gorgeous looks and what terrific boots! ;)

  20. You look absolutely fabulous!!! I love the jacket & your makeup!!


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