Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to Find all your Black Friday Deals in one location

Don't miss any Black Friday deals. the internet is you're friend. (though it might tempt you to spend more than you intended)

My brother just showed me this site:

I didn't know such existed! I checked the net & there's other websites like it. It's pretty cool. It has a list of Various websites like Amazon, Best Buy, you know what, and their black Friday ads. I'll just show u a pic of a few Shops & categories :) (whoops! it's green 'cause I highlighted it)

for internationals: What is Black Friday?

Answer: The day after Thanksgiving Holiday (always a Thursday) which is this week. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, black Friday the day after. Since most stores are closed on Thursday, they have a wicked marketing campaign called Black Friday & some stores open as early as 4am or 6am, pandemonium strikes, people camp out, the stores make great sales, people make great deals, everyone is happy. everyone shops, shops for xmas, shop for fun, shops to be broke, shop to save the economy, shop. (I've never bought anything on Black Friday though, but thanks to the net I might this year)

hmm if ure not satisfied with my plain explanation, hit up wikipedia :)

Now for goodies I want / found/ care about:

The Big Bang Theory  - currently the best show on earth, wished I watched more of it. for all geeky humor. (shamefully I watch gossip girl, and decided a looong time ago that I'd buy all seasons of The Big Bang Theory) (link)

Digital Camera
Nneka commented this weekend on how she wanted my camera but I found this Nikon Coolpix S620 12.2Mega pixel camera for $a149.99!! way better deal than my 10MP camera (link)

lol yeah there are other examples apart from Amazon :)

Alternate: Canon PowerShot A1100 IS, also 12.1 Mega Pixel - Office Max

Laptops/ Desktops:
My sister: Laptops at Walmart for about under $300 bucks (link)  (I'm not an hp fan thoughppy laptop from them, but at this price it's pretty cool, and there's other brands)

have fun with it search! some might be deals that will always be there, and some are deals that are only for Black Friday. happy hunting shopping (^_^)

& Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?, and PLS PLS PLS don't deep fry your turkey, 'cause you might end up starting a fire!

lol pic of my greedy ass last year... Yummy!!! (the good old days when I always "got my nails did", goodbye acrylic)


  1. Chell, have a great Turkey day. Don't spend too much money on Friday! Quite frankly, I'm glad we don't have such a thing here.

  2. im so glad i dont see my job up there BURLINGTON lmao ahhh i have to be at work by 4:30am for black friday!!! noooo! hahaha that day is gonna be sooo crazy. i need a laptop for my studies... thats cheap..hmmm

  3. Look at you pawing at that turkey. Haha. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. :)


  4. Cool shopping tips! I'm staying my behind in the house all day Friday! I'm not going anywhere until the locos are done shopping!

  5. P.S. Big Bang Theory is hella funny! I watch it when GG is a repeat & or during the summer when GG is on hiatus.



    THANXXX!!! I'm not a bigg shopper, but; I know folks who are. This will be an AWESOME ASSET.

  7. Americans are so lucky with their crazy Black Friday sales! I want a bite of that turkey. Happy shopping and eating!

  8. We have Boxing Day in Canada, on the day right after Christmas and I can't even stand shopping on that day so I can't imagine shopping on Black Friday (unless it's online in the comfort of my own home) because you guys have like millions more people in the US than in Canada.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving babe!


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