Monday, November 16, 2009

Rihanna's new video- Russian Roulette - as seen on abc 20/20

so what do y'all think of the Rihanna Russian Roulette video? dark? edgy? stupid? mind blowing? sexy? let me know.

OMG!! for anyone that watches Grey's Anatomy, the guy in the video opposite her is one of the sexy Dr's from Mercy West - Dr. Jackson Avery. And for all cyber stalkers he's real name is Jesse Williams :) lol

did y'all also see her cover for her song Hard feat Jeezy? I asked on twitter what happened to her underwear, and someone replied hopefully photoshop lol. It's hot though

wow yall gotta admit in the video she looks great! and it's different.

hope everyone has a lovely week!!


  1. Jesse Williams is VERY easy on the eyes...


    its soo beautiful....for once i commend this chick....i love anything edgy and dark...

  3. i dont know i m not all that in love with it.........bbut i do like ri ri!!

  4. i love that video..and i dont like that guy from grey's anatomy..hes an asshole..(atleast on grey's anatomy)!!

  5. the video is alright, she looks nice in it, glad she changed her hair!
    my show is nip/tuck lol

  6. I like the song.. not too crazie about the video too dark for me!

  7. I like RiRi, but I don't like her PR team. Having her go public about her ass woopin', just around the time when her album is to be released.... DO they think were stupid?

  8. I don't love it. I think this broad is a fraud.

  9. this vid is aesthetically pleasing... and Rihanna isn't that bad neither. The song is cool, and it does have a dark, basic instinct, action movie feel to it. I give it the thumbs up.

  10. I usually like dark, edgy, and symbolic, but this is a mess to me. "Russian Roulette"? Really? I can't...even...follow her down this crazy path. I haven't liked a'one of the songs she's released from this album. I haven't -really- liked a Rihanna song since "Unfaithful."

    Jesse Williams is the guy from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2! (Don't judge! lol) He is so cute.


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