Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday! PIX GALORE.

Ok so I haven't been uploading pictures like I did last year. Well I got a new camera, a smaller one that can fit in my pocket unlike my big dslr. So here are pictures from Thursday, Friday & Tuesday/ Yesterday !! (totally forgot yesterday was Mardi Gras)

ooh and look at the bottom picture from yesterday, i changed my hair, u likey?


{4 hrs later edit: 5 photos removed} (shrugs) there goes a chunk of my post >_< & time. guess if you were here earlier you saw them. I loved them, they were fun, oh well enjoy the other pictures =)

ME: um why does the band look like it's piercing into my head??? lol



Then Studied.

FRIDAY WITH CYNTHIA - @ Fellini's Pizza
their link, 4429 Roswell Road NE Atlanta, number: (404)303-8248

my pretty, pretty, cousin came to hangout with me!

ha ha Cynthia, why do I look like I'm in love with you here??? Cuz I am!!!! lo

the back of the reservation said "pig" lol 0_O

My eyes look Pinky! & Sexay! lol... not!

it was so...... bright & sunny.

My first Pizzone ever!!! lol well it was actually Cynthia's I just keep mooching of it.

I just discovered bbm, after centuries of owning a crackberry, sad... I know lol

& TUE/ YESTERDAY WAS FUN well except the fact that I haven't slept yet cause I was writing a paper, gosh Ive wasted so much time, I wonder if i can shower & find a church still conducting mass for Ash Wednesday? Are you fasting or giving anything up for Lent? Did you know Sundays aren't included in the 40 day lent period.

c'est fini

xoxo Bombchell

you have to admit, those were a lot of pictures =) hopefully that makes up for me being a naughty blogger.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Midnight Socialite

Ok so yall know about cobrasnake, last nights party, etc. if not.... ok?? interesting (click here or here). I always wished I could be in NY, or LA, and take part in one of those cool looking demented parties. Anyways I stumbled on of the coolest pages ever & I noticed I recognized the names clubs. So this photographer is in ATLANTA, we have our own Cobrasnake. So check out his awesome site, he's such a talented photographer [envy]. I cyberstalked him & bugged him for an interview (joking) and yall know I was on an attempted technology break & I'm the queen of procrastination & was meant to post this since [insert sincere apology here]

My first Interview:: well except the seduction guide =) Introducing [drum roll please] THE MIDNIGHT SOCIALITE


his real name: how about you cyberstalk him & you find out too lol

So how did you get started:
Started bringing cameras to parties I went to. Quickly became addicted to photographing people in a natural, candid style.

what inspired you:
Lights, things I've never seen before, and the natural energy people bring to events.

where you hope to take your site this 2009:
Spring 2009 I'd like to actually do the US tour I've been wanting to do for so long. I'm also working on expanding TMStv for 2009.

relationship status:
Single for now... [ladies!!!!!! did you read this??]

plans for valentine's day:
I'm already booked! Photoshoot @ Opera Nightclub [I think their having a Toga Party, say hi if you see me or him]

One of his fave pictures, which I think is so gorgeous

[omg they are so pretty]

Something people don't know about him: I set ridiculous, sometimes unrealistic goals for myself. I'm always looking to improve myself and my work. I have the coolest friends on the planet.

fav hangout spots in atlanta:
For a ridiculous "party until 5am with a bottle of tequila in the backseat of my car with friends night": MJQ
for a lounge "chill" night: Halo or The Mark
Coffee: Aurora Coffee
Sushi:Blue Fin [hint hint on where you might find him & take a cool picture]

fav store: I'm very picky with clothes, so I dont buy many new things unless I find them on the way.

Isn't he like the coolest!!! love his site! he even has a blog, so don't forget to check out the site for more pics & pose for picture when you see him ;)

xoxo Techie Break over.
Love Bombchell & I'll try to be a better blogger


Valentine's day edit:
Also, his new book is now available:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Can You Take A Break?

I decided to take a technology Break! (not my cell though)

you know I'm addicted to tv & the internet. (this is me currently failing with a 5 min break)

since yesterday no tv, or internet for me, except for homework. Doing it for a whole week. so I can think, instead of being bombarded with what i should think.

so pictures will have to come later. According to my pastor it's called delayed gratification.

I got so bored yesterday I shopped for hours (I know bad, no more Feb shopping) & slept around 9pm. Hopefully this will give me time to really think about life, & experience life, instead of sitting beside a computer or watching tv for almost the 24 whole hours of the day.

& I'm going more organic, even bought Shea Butter, cuz no lotion works for me, & I'm tired of using baby oil.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


used to love this song. found them on myspace years ago. I'm no longer on myspace, but I surfed to see if they have a video.

so what do you think? I don't know much about the Free Tibet movement.

warning: Not Safe for Work (NSFW) might see V, L, SC, Blood etc.

one youtube user made a video with pictures:

Exit Ophelia's Official video:

their page:

I'm not vegan, wish I could be, I'm not fully green, I'm actually not green just wish I were. I'm not an activist, however i try to make people aware, maybe they'll do the job, sad i know. But to all the "halos & wings" reading this, much respect.

Not sure where to start? How about just treating others like you'd want to be treated. and realize everyone is human.

Now on a lighter note: I'm excited about taking tomorrow pictures from the last post

I'mThe Best Blogger in the WORLD WIDE WEB

don't you love & agree with the title of this post [i see the imaginary tomatoes being thrown, and i dodge them like ex-President Bush]

I've been a total slacker. I've been crowned queen of all procrastination!!

BUT tomorrow!!!!! I will be good =)

I'll do my homework, walk not jog, think about cleaning my room, then think about hiring a maid.

& ON FRIDAY!!!! the whole day I'll think about u. & I'll create the greatest picture post ever.

SATURDAY: visit everyone's blog

SUNDAY: posting the pictures from my whole day, from FRI. from when I wake up, each hour, until I pass out =). it'll be like were together {cheesy}

so next post is titled A Day In My Life. inspired by the Livejournal group I was part of years ago.

EDIT: lol just realized who wrote that. R.Thomas is this weird organic restaurant I went to with a friend, and some people i met at a club. This supposed novelist liked me, right?, but tell me why on our 3rd conversation, he told me his friends (2 females & 1 male) "wanted to get to know me???" I was so clueless at first, omg crazies live in atl. why didnt they just go to craigslist!! or sexfriends or something!!!!