Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to make some cool new same-minded friends

Good Morning Y'all!
I'm thinking about creating a blog series on how to make new friends


the reason why:

I've noticed a lot of people change schools, locations, cities, countries, etc, or they have just become different from their current friends. It's also much easier to make friends when you are in school through classes, but what happens when you graduate, or you lose contact with old buddies. What happens if you don't have friends at work. What then? how do we go about making new friends? without seeming lame. (I think it'll be weird if i go up to some chicks at the club & ask them if they want to hang out 0_0 lol no thanks, they'll think I'm hitting on them, ick)

I remember speaking to a college professor who just moved to Georgia and wasn't sure how to meet new people outside work, especially since her co-workers mostly hungout as couples/ families & she was single. she also wasn't involved in a church nor was she interested in a knitting or some old people group which she thought was cliche.

SO... I'm going to find the solution! on how to make friends in your 20's and over. Interested? be it online,, maybe even craigslist, and I'll post my trials, what worked, what didn't etc.

How you can help!!
*click the comment & leave tips
*or email me
*tell me what worked for you.
*or better yet what you would like to see me try (could be something you are too shy to try)
*I would love to hear from you

so come on, who's in for the ride! this should be interesting. (you could also experiment yourself, cuz u can never have too many friends!)

xoxo Bombchell

ps: be prepared, I'm thinking of changing my hair again, this time think white or pink. yeah....

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Twitterly Musings aka How to use Twitter 101

follow me. click here (<-my twitter page, aka add me lol) disclaimer: 'cause I'm sleepy, pretend I skipped English 101, in case of insane errors ha ha

edit: changed to ChellBomb

What's twitter?
You basically answer the question "what are you doing," and you are limited to a 140 word answer. basically, it's like a facebook status update. But that's it, no extras, it's simple.

you get to reply people's status updates by saying: " @their username" for example "@AtlBombChell I can't wait to see finally see Gambit May 1st!!!!!!! " (xmen & Gambit fans high-five!) & If you ever played a game called Marvel Vs Capcom as a kid then you rock even more.

you can also post pictures through Twitpic.

and there are a gazillion other things people use it for (like online stalking lol joking) but that's the basic gist. ooh and a bunch of celebs/ entrepreneurs are there, like aplusk (ashton kutcher), diddy or staff (iamdiddy) with crazy updates,for you exercise fiends, p90x creator (Tony_Horton), crushes etc & Its all over CNN & people are obsessed with acquiring "followers", what a world lol. You can change backgrounds etc. Some people use it as a marketing tool, some use it 'cause everyone else uses it, and other like me are just addicted to the net (^_^)

oh you can use it from your blackberry too, nice app called Twitterberry, which I like because it's so easy.

following too many people, and want to unfollow a bunch of people that don't follow you?
Ans: Twitter Karma
I'm so sleepy (4.33am), I planned on only posting the picture but I know a lot of people ask "what is twitter?" so hopefully this helps =). Who is planning on seeing Duplicity with the sexy Clive Owen & Julia Roberts? (they were a weird couple in the movie Closer).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Talia's Dinner & the masked party

fewer pics, shorter post ^_^, I promise (muah)

*Last weekend Talia had an awesome ladies night out, and we went to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro in Atlantic Station. (site)

clock wise: 1: for u. 2. new profile pic, 3: the night was over, 4: ha ha my girl Lynda from NC is in the back,

I loved it!!! & I met some pretty cool ladies, who also taught me how to set my camera to auto lol.

My cousins Cynthia & Nneka were also there.

OMG we were starving!!!!!! the food took forever to come, but when it did we were so happy!! & it tasted so.. good. mmm.. gotta go back

*Then I went to what I thought was a low key masked party but it ended up being a masquerade ball. Yeah I had an informal invite, so I didn't know it was formal dressing, and I was told I'd be given a mask at the door, but I found out we had to bring ours. gosh I felt like Bridget Jones!!!! (u know how she was dressed in costume & everyone else wasn't, well this case was vice versa.)

So I did what any good guest would, I said hi to everyone I knew, 2 people, smiled for the photographer, tried not to dig myself in the ground, smile, look cute, then dashed in an hour. Luckily I had my gorgeous sis with me. Even the Dj had a mask (sigh) lol. it was all miscommunication, but such a beautiful place, so I'm glad I went, & i got to see Georgina from my boarding school days in Nigeria, who took this lovely picture of me & my sis:

[above & below, are my fav pics. well except the last lol]

*then it snowed on Sunday.

My sisters & I

*OMG I got the loveliest gift ever!!!!! I'm so excited. I don't want to appear to be a cocky b!tch, so I'll only show part of the gift, though with my excitement, I wanted to post the gift bag, and every corner of the bag lol.

That's all folks. I finally saw Shopaholic alone (gosh I tried to watch it 3 times earlier with people & for some crazy reason something happened, like it wasn't playing, or they shutdown the cinema due to the snow, crazy)

Probably going to see Watchmen today. What are your plans?

xoxo Bombchell