Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!

My friends are gonna kill me, im a tiny bit late!! well thats cuz I cant drive cuz my tags expired, and im waiting on my sis. bye!!

took a pic to show u cuz i love u. lol very theatrical huh.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random Celeb stuff: Cassie's New Haircut

Ok I never post celeb gossip. BUT I almost had a heart attack when I saw these pictures. perhaps they're photoshopped. oh well, hopefully she gave her hair to locks of love. (she's still gorgeous!!)

some of you saw the vid of her that I had a while back, with the boyfriend app post here, the unofficial girl video.

her's name Cassie Ventura (wiki). she's a pretty model/ musician/actress she has gorgeous hair. and it's now:

new one:

ever since i cut my hair into a mohawk the back never grew back. But that's okay, yay for extensions =) The market & friends post are still in order, this was just random. blame twitter.

hope everyone having a lovely weekend. its about to rain, but I'm still gonna par-tay!

source 1
source 2

her twit pic

might delete this post later since its not the norm
xoxo Bombchell

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update: things to come.

Just letting all readers know that i'm seeking various ways to make new friends, and trying out new activities. Thanks so much for all the comments, they've helped a lot & I do hope my experience will help others or one person at least lol. So I've decided to do a a 3 part friend series & to say I haven't forgotten about the blog =)

The first: will be fun! Its more of an intro. It will be on marketing yourself. lol that sounded so "businessy", but first impressions are quite important. I will talk about personal cards, some of you have seen mine & they are unique, and I'll let you know where I got them. & tips on how we can move from the introduction to the acquaintance then friendship stage.

2nd: will focus on the internet!! (sounds scary to a lot of people, but it's not) I actually met a lot of ladies via yesterday, it was such a great experience. I met so many beautiful & lovely ladies, and we had a Girls Night Out. I'm going to try craigslist (dun dun), and let you know about other groups.

the third: will focus on making friends outside the internet. that will be hard me =)
OOOH and guess what!!! for all the international kids, or people of various ethnicities, I have found a place that carries everything we love, well almost everything: from Shisem Lashes (yay! take that my Asian bloggers lol!!! I found them!!!!), to Catfish, Goat meat, Heinz Salad Cream, Chicken feet,Tripe, Duck gizzard, Indomie Noodles, Indian products, Peak powdered milk, Ribena, Eastern European candy & food stuff, A case of oranges, etc. I found here in Georgia! & I have pictures. It will be up this weekend. lol they even had an American aisle to buy stuff like clearasil, Campbell's tomato soup etc.

Hope everyone is having a good week!!! tomorrow's good Friday, so I'm sure a lot of you are happy about not having school, sadly I don't have class on Friday. But I have a 20page marketing paper due next week which I haven't started, so feel free to drop any ideas! I might just choose to do my project on your idea or company =) I'm gonna get ready to make love to the library cause that's how next week is looking.

xoxo Bombchell.