Friday, May 29, 2009

I'll be in Miami Biatch!!! talk to me LIVE

most of you know I have avoided talking online or making videos. but because I've been a naughty blogger, this is to show you how much I love you. When I arrive in Miami, and get my room, I'm gonna do a LIVE VIDEO, and you can chat with me live/ write nice comments!. yay! tell me where to party

warning: some people on kyte can be nasty with their comments.

it will start at 5pm Miami time (which is also Atl time, and EST). nevermind, here's a clock :) so come back. (gosh now gotta pay for internet lol)

<-miami time.

if you see the blinking red light, it's live.




Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maryland & DC I love you!!

I know!! it's not your eyes. It's a new post!! Magic huh. I've gotten a lot of lovely reminders to update my blog. I'll be good in June (insert Angelic Smile)

Visited MD, DC for my cousins graduation from University of Maryland. Congratulations babies!!!!! omg they totally outdid everyone's graduation. we had a dinner cruise!!! my first time on a boat cruise. My little Johnny Bravo of a brother claims it doesn't count (since his cruise went to the Bahamas, But I don't care!!! I was on a boat, I had a 3 course meal, it counts!!)

PS: I started belly dancing classes. lol

OMG atl ladies. DC is the opposite of ATL. you know how here we have so many pretty ladies, and no available guys, well DC is mecca for ladies!! it's guys everywhere, go there for 1 week & you'll get wifed up. I had so much fun. Loved everyone I met.

Going to Southbeach, MIA this weekend. omg I've been eating so much food like the world is about to end lol.

LOVE YALL. here's a pic of the females. from the boat cruise. (you can see me on the left with my orange bag) gotta get ready to go out, I'm late.

& Congrats to fellow blogger Sonya on her gorgeous baby girl.

edit: later this night, after the pos, Tongue & Groove: