Monday, June 29, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: Funny Videos

Ok so I was getting my hair done by my girl Nneka (, blog) and I was showing her & Diane (from prev post) some crazy videos that people send me on facebook, or i find on youtube. And Diane had a cool idea: that I should start posting some of the videos on my blog in case you guys haven't seen them. some of them had me dying with laughter or others were pretty cool.

Hope you enjoy!

1. This is my new favorite song: Naked Hustle by Bizzle (heard it's the strip club anthem in miami). The boys in the video are Wu-tanging to it. I could watch this everyday LOL cuz I can imagine people I know doing this ish.

2. My girl Lynda (her twitter page) said in quote "I swear ill go to church and do this when i hear you have a boyfriend lmao hahahahaha. ENJOY" <--- whatever!! I'll go "Janet Jackson" on y'all. This is not Nigeria, or Ghana yall. like everyone thought, this is TEXAS! Brother Franklin during offering time. I "LOVES" IT!!!

3. LMAO OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! saw it before, some people think it's a mess, but i think it's genius! The guys & girls are fabulous dancers, and this video wouldn't be as big without the guys!! I'd be friends with them in a heart beat!

Beyonce's Video phone - (his blog, other vids)

4. Chelsea Lately's spoof of the Kardashian Sisters - that trademark perfume episode. the best part was the mum lol cuz it's real.

5. David After Dentist... C'mon y'all must have seen this video! the whole world has seen it i "LOVES" it!!! LOL Is this real life. wow the guy is now selling the shirts lol (site)

some other guy had an hd vid

lol i want one!

Thanks to everyone who's sent me videos, I love them! if you have an funny vid send them to me to my twitter, email: [bombchell(at)] or facebook. That's all folks.

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OOOH & for my fellow Nigerians, Africans, and people who know Dbanj. The Kokolette's are out!! for Koko mansion. Dbanj looking is looking for "love"babies on HiTv.

click above image or here

BET Awards VS True Blood Scratches

I'm a TRUE fan, so best believe I watched True Blood!! & Hung right after.

I'll watch the Awards on repeat, heard it was a mess, and everyone (exaggeration) looked a hot mess. hope that's not true.

SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE!!! So if you haven't watched Today's episode, please come back later & read/ comment

NOW for the True Blood Fans:

official True Blood created sites
LoveBitten - like eharmony etc
Tru Blood - the drink
Fellowship of the Sun - fang haters

1. I want to smack Sookie so..... bad!!! she's a very dumb broad. (can u believe she smacked Eric)

2. OMG the line where Eric said "I'll grow on you" and Sookie replied "I'd rather have cancer" was funny

3. gosh Jessica was so.... cute & pretty!! loved her today. Always wanted Hoyt to have a girl. Thought she would kill him, but she was so... adorably cute in this episode.

4. did y'all see that whatyoumacallit!!!! that crazy animal with the horns????? omg poor Daphne, did you see her back no wonder she was so... slow.

5. Marianne, that black boy that was on Desperate Housewives, her pig, and everything in that soup scares me. My brother thinks she's bitch with a w or some goddess of lust etc. Run Tera Run

6. Didn't Tera look so pretty in the blue dress & hedonistic pool party! we all know she looks very... masculine most times

7. Jason. Jason Stackhouse...... (sigh) I don't even know where to start with him & that cult he calls camp, or that preachers wife.

8. Lmao @ Pam when Eric told her to go to the woods with her fav pumps! I'll say the same.


9. it's interesting. however I dont like when you watch something, then they tell you "...oooh ok so that's not what happened, that was an imagination" like in class when he said what Tool he'd market, then they switched it to vintage cars.

10. Maybe next time I'll do a live video, after True Blood. cant believe they're making us wait until July 12! so if you haven't watched it, go catch up on the three episodes now on HBO for the next 2 weeks.

What are your thoughts on the BET Awards (mmhmm no Chris Brown, fashion choices, musical acts), True Blood! & Hung

ps: I was wishing LaFayette would be a vamp, lol a gogo dancer crazy ass vamp

pps: shout out to my fellow TB fans even though y'all watched the awards Jaimie, Justin, Shaun, Jovan, Abies, Charles & Gorgeous Mandy. (& Annette for telling me bout Hung.)

wishing everyone the best week ever!
xoxo Bombchell


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Friday, June 26, 2009

Freaking. Love. Fridays II

hope y'all like this. Promised y'all it would be ready for Friday, It's 3.58am & I just got back from a Beat Battle at the Apache Cafe (link). It was so great!! so many talented artists. I think they are having at the end of next month. The winners were great!! they won 15 other people!! their video blogs are coming soon, "Raw Talent." Congrats guys!! When they do hip hop, their stuff is INSANE!! (myspace)

for another installment of Freaking.Love.Fridays
PS: this is not for the mellow, prudish, my parents, my aunties, uncles, professors (well maybe.. I did major in sociology , so they've seen worse),johnny bravo & my lil cousins, the deeply religious , below 18, and easily offended. (please come back on a different day, merci beaucoup)



The rest are under the cut


4. Natural Desires. (fave)


6a. The Bruce Willis Series with his wife Emma Hemming is so Badass (article)

6 b. you should google the images. their hot.

7. lol I remember similar was on an episode of Sex & The City

8. Decided to bring back out fav soccer Team

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend :) this weekend is quite exciting for me.
xoxo Bombchell.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Avantika's new Apartment

OMG I saw The Proposal with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds- LOVED IT!! the clothes, the comedy, so romantic, & Im gonna see it again. (ooh below, is a foreign version of the poster, a bit different :) (trailer)

yay I finally charged my batteries! have you ever tried looking for an EN-EL12 charger? (for a Nikon Coolpix s610 camera etc), It's quite impossible, since its so new no one had it!! not even Best Buy or Wolf Camera, Trust me I checked. BUT you can go to Batteries Plus!!!(they have several locations) anyways the great people there helped me charge it yesterday... so that means Pictures!

 can't believe my camera has been dead for a month!!


I make the greatest friends ever!! so yesterday I went to check out Avantika's new apartment

It was such a pretty day!!

I know, my version of a goofy face is to stuff air in my mouth. so special lol

She just got a new kitty (I'm scared of dogs & cats!!! I only mess with fish!) maybe I'll touch it when I'm drunk or somthing, however it's cute, and hardly makes noise (shrugs) so maybe I can pretend it's a toy.

Her Roomie Sapna is the coolest!

named after our mutual friend! OMG she's so fun, the real one, I have pictures for another post of the real Lola

yeah yeah, not much pictures of the apartment, lol, but they just moved in, its mostly pretty space.

ooh & Check out Avantika's music!! she is so..... talented!! & it's very different vibe. Add her if you are on myspace, and click the image to listen to her songs. BYE :)

oh yeah & Freakin.Love.Friday will be here tomorrow (Friday) for all the naughty people.
(told yall I'll be a better blogger ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sorry about update Problems. Blame Google/ Blogger

Something is wrong with blogger/ google. for everyone that knows my address to be I got a custom domain name, and it used to automatically redirect, so a lot of you never noticed that I was a .com but now it's showing a warning

With Firefox

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I'm not showing up in rss/ atom readers, well except your using something high tech like firefox, it says my latest post was a week ago. see people... I'm not that bad a blogger, I updated!! :) it's just not showing, if you subscribed or follow.

& More issues like my subscribed readers count drops 300 to 0, at least this time it's showing 80.

How to Get Notified When I Update/ New Post
A lot of people ask me to tell them when I update posts. I have various ways for you to be notified so I don't have to personally tell every single person individually. please pick one of the 3 options below if you haven't :) or just press (CTRL +D) to bookmark & check manually.

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ok so this was more techie than usual :) I'm so proud of you if you read it all, and especially if you understood it all. I'm secretly hoping it will be fixed today or soon. so check to see if you've missed older posts/ check out the popular posts listed at the top right side.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! & get ready for frequent posts :)

love you a lots!! & have a freaky friday! (I'll take a random picture for you today!)
xoxo Bombchell

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Indulge in some Artistic Naughtiness

ps: this is not for the mellow, prudish, my parents, my aunties, uncles, professors (well maybe.. I did major in sociology , so they've seen worse),johnny bravo & my lil cousins, the deeply religious , below 18, and easily offended. (please come back on a different day, merci beaucoup)


The rest of you enjoy:

I love... dark & twisty!
I love... art!
I love... love.

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing slow"
.... Mae West

(so not too many pics today, plus I'll let you recover from the Miami post)




5. Pirelli Calendar
(edit : didn't know her boobs were showing)

6. Good Girls bend at the knees, Bad Girls bend at the waist, Naughty girls i'll stop

7. Soccer guys! (Italian football team for Dolce & Gabbana Ad '06)

So let me know: In the comments section yay, or nay, & thoughts. & If more readers like it I'll do more "Freaking . Love . Fridays."

It'll be random, but you'll notice a theme of love, romance, sensuality, debauchery, sex, sensuality, sweetness, or whatever.

8. Maurycy Gomulicki

pps: I love comments. You can comment logged in, anonymous,with open id, or there's a section to enter your name & url. BUT very very few commenters have been linking their sites the wrong way/ spam (click the thumbnail for an easy explanation ^_^)

Have a safe & naughty Friday :)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Million Pictures From My South Beach Miami Florida Trip

well actually 76 photos :) so get ready.
(((((( I put most under a cut - click read more at the end of the post to view 50 plus fab pics))))))

I had so much fun, I arrived around 9.30am May 28th, and left about 5pm June 1st (paid & changed my flight, even though it then got delayed )

I went with my family (sans parents), my friends, new friends, all people I love soooo much, and couldn't have asked for a better group of people to go to travel & party with (it was my first time). We were about 20 :) friends brought friends, it was like a tree branch.

we stayed in south beach (map) which is like the bottom of Miami beach, where everything is ridiculously expensive, 15-18% gratuity tip is enforced even if you are only one person, steak costs $39, alcohol about $25, and taxi guys choose to move so slow and charge you.

But if you do breakfast, and lunch specials($10-12), 2 for 1 huge margaritas ($25) stay in a suite & take your ramen/ indomie noodles, or go to Wet Willies/ Fat Tuesdays and drink cheap you'll be good. PS: they even charge females to get in the club!!!! lol wtf? even if you are early, and they want an even ratio of guys: girls or they wont let guys in. [but OMG if they don't think you look good, they wont let you in, crazy]

so here they are with limited interruptions :)

from the airport, met my cousins & friends, and we went to the beach:

hmm we noticed it was a lot of men

and a lot more men that were not hittin on us, so we ran (Dominique below)

and we met the coolest James Bond ever
Dominique, Danielle, Bond, Me, Nneka, Nk

c'mon I hadn't even checked into my hotel, gotta go. they got there a day before me.

then it started making sense, we were in the gay section.

cute yellow car thingie

shopping & to meet more people as they arrive

yay we bumped into my sister Gorgeous Mandy, while having lunch

more friends

at Night. Wet Willies (link).

remember me!!?!

Dominique, ME, Nk, Nneka, Danielle

off to party

at the Fifth. 400 life was throwing a party. LOL swag surfin (video ex.)on the table with some guy

edit: (I realized too many pics & too many girls lol) so ME:

LOL Dominique cracked me up the whole night.

Paul from College Hill SoBe was pretty cool.

the other crew was partying at a different club, having mad fun too

DAY 2: Don't I look pretty all made up?, and hair looking nice?. A.K.A the day I jet-skied and fell in the lovely ocean, hair, makeup and all: gone. Yeah I have pics tsk tsk.

MORE PICS/ rest of the post: Click Read More.

-Jet Skis
-falling in the Ocean
-Pool Party
-Sean Paul & Shaggy
-Sheila's Bday Pics