Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Which Would You Rather: Superficial Standpoint

So My cousin Kili (old post goofy pics) from London posted this question & it got me thinking.

would you rather be (A) Rich & Ugly (I dont like saying ugly, I prefer saying Unattractive, ugly is mean)

or be (B) Poor & Good-looking???

My Answer, I think they're almost both the same.

My logic.

some studies have shown that the richer a guy is, the more attractive females find him. crazy but that's the study. Imagine rich old guys that find hot young models to date. & beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? plus he might be nice. And if it were a woman, I'm sure there is some hot young stud out there that would want to be a Kept man! (omg do you remember the VH1 show Kept?)

memories: Jerri Hall was a former model that dated/ married some musician I forget who (Mick Jagger)

seth won

-& come on! u can afford plastic surgery, if not a personal trainer, some people only care about a hot body, very superficial I know, at least she didn't say ugly inside!! I'd root for poor)

c'mon now people! we've seen people with good looks marry up, date up, or something. Like they said on the HBO Tv show Hung, you find your greatest asset & use it (well maybe that reference is bad, since he ended up going into the "oldest profession"). go Model or something, Hustle, and look if you want a job, studies show that the prettier people tend to get hired (if you have 2 people with the same qualifications, they say the prettier person gets the job)

All i'm saying is that if all these stats were true, wouldnt every CEO be super hot. lol Im playing, that doesnt really add up, but kinda.

& You know what, according to this site you could find a guy that will pay for you to go to school, rent etc and you don't have to do anything. Or just go try to be a playboy bunny. (lol ok... I'll behave, i'm just saying!)

So tell me, which would u rather be (A) Rich & Ugly or (B) Poor & Pretty

My final Answer: I say B cuz it's closer to reality than A. (if i was forced to pick & college kids y'all are B's too)

image: Question Mark by Marco Bellucci

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty Roundtable: Ask Us All Your Beauty Questions

Yeah um I made this post after some mango rum, but don't be scared, it's gonna be great. Ladies & any guys into makeup you're gonna love this post!!! (& the rum wore off, Im a light drinker, so excited about this)

We are going to do a beauty round table to answer all your makeup question, & post the video with our answers. "Who's WE, you ask??"

ANS: Me & 3 other Fabulous Bloggers/ Professional Makeup Artists. Ren, Joy & Leslie
We're gonna answer every beauty & makeup question you've ever wondered about! This is so great!!! It's a beautiful mix. So use this opportunity & ask us questions!! write your questions below in the comment section,& We will reply in the round table video.

(In regards to makeup I'm the beginner makeup artist of the group (y'all know I dabble in everything)

NO QUESTION IS STUPID: it could be anything about makeup, if you have it! we'll answer it. from eyelashes, to foundation, eye shadows, favorite brands, lip gloss perfume, hair spray, hair extensions, or how my makeup is intact even after I've been in a hot sweaty club, hug a guy & not stain his shirt, anything you've seen on their blogs, at a store, lol u get it. & for guys if you have any question! do ask!! even if it's for your girlfriend or mum :)

Now meet the fabulous ladies!

1. Me: Bombchell. owner of this blog, y'all know me,

2. Ren (she also does great youtube video tutorials)

2. Joy who's also another great makeup artist in Atlanta that I love.

Joy referenced my twitter: @AtlBombChell

3. Leslie who I'm really excited to meet

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
xoxo Bombchell

& yay True Blood is tonight on HBO (shoutout to all my fangbangers ;)

ps: if you're shy to write here, you can email me, facebook or twitter me, but everyone that reads my blog is super nice so don't be shy (anonymous comments are allowed).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is it Vain to have your picture on your Cell phone?

well I have my picture on my cell phone Home Screen. & a bunch of guy friends who see it, think It's vain. I thought everyone had a picture (of themselves, looking hot) on their cell phone. If not you should do it, so on a bad day, U could just look down, and feel great! or just to be reminded that you are hot, or could look hot.

I even wanted to put my picture on my friends cellphone, but we decided his girlfriend might not find it funny. (whenever my mum visits, and leaves her cellphone, someone takes it, takes a picture of themselves & makes it her homescreen, it's so funny!)

A bunch of Bombchells from facebook are gonna call in to the site, to help us with this dilemma, Let's see what they thought.

PickUp or Hangup

"Why have a camera fone if you cant have your flick in it??"

1. Guchy Da Bomb/ Lynda - My crazy friend that I love so much : her twitter

"I've never thought of it as being vain but of all the pictures in my phone that's the picture i happen to like best at the moment."

2. Temi- One of the coolest girls I've met & love in the MD/DC, that I'll party & shop with any day.

"I dont get to see myself at all during the day, because I am me...sometimes I might not have a mirror to check my face, so I will just use the background on my cell phone...A picture of Me!!!"

3. Macon - Total Hottie & actor here in Atlanta

"what?!?! u mean not everybody does it. i thought it comes in the manual. "MUST TAKE PIC OF URSELF!!" not vain at all."

4. Katrina M - who is super gorgeous, it's insane, you need to check out her blog (here)

"Umm, am speechless. lol. I just think its weird. You can have a pic of gardens, your fav anime, or something there. lol. Its plain boring to me to have my pic on my phone.. lol"

5. King Ola - What doesn't he do? he's a photographer, DJ, web designer, lets just call him a modern day renaissance man (blog)
 all..........but i think looking in the mirror to long is. my sister is so guilty of that she can stand there for hours and in btw do a mini fashion

6. Precious - oh my gosh, isn't that like the loveliest name :) went to boarding school with her too, & she read my blog, so big shoutouts!

"When u look like me...its only right to have my picture on my phone...I mean, if I'm having a bad day and I just slide my fone open and I see dat sexy chica...voila! I feel better. So, yeah I flaunt it. And yeah, its vain, but who cares!!! Lol!"

7. Nini - known this babe since I was primary school & love her so much!!! & now she's about to be a Dr.

-McHottie! (my grey's anatomy fans get it)

I think its kinda Vain.......and being Vain goes hand in hand with being conceited.......Most times if you're conceited that means you believe in yourself......If you don't believe in yourself WHO WILL?? (Damn Im good....Vanity)

8. Fammy - this is one of my fav cousins ever!! He's so... naughty, but super adorable so you have to love him! (NY ladies watch out)

7. Bombchell- that's me!! the "vain" geek behind the blog :) & Of course I have my picture on my homescreen, u could have it too...!!!

so I added a picture below of exactly what my cell looks like. (my blackberry bold theme is a free fafi application one by SixTenWebdesign)

fafi application

Great Idea: if you have a bossy boss, that always calls you, or parent, or negative friend, instead of having their picture show up when they call, put a sweet one of you to cheer you up, or a bunny.. or boris kodjoe, or devon aoki .. or whatever makes u happy)

NOW A BIG BIG thanks to everyone who wrote on my original facebook note, will comment on this blog post & those who just read. I'm so grateful to those who participated, sent in the pictures, u ladies & gentlemen are truly gorgeous, and have a lovely sense of humor, & I'm so grateful that we're friends, and more that you participated (((so huge sloppy kisses for you))) thanks again.

(sometimes I couldn't decide on a pic, so these are the ones I didnt use here)

PSD FILES CREDIT: Smartphone by Nurutheone, Aero Avatar, Blackberry bold

So who or what's on you're phone? click "comment" to read or post one :) have a good week
off to study & hope u enjoyed it.
xoxo Bombchell

Monday, July 13, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: someThings you shouldn't do

Non Mundane Mondays

1. I love this. Vodaphone French ad! the subtitles at the end are also funny.

I think I snore in planes, but how would I know, I'm asleep so i don't hear it, however I'm not sure i look as hot ha ha, well maybe.

2a. omg do you guys remember when that song by E-40 was all the rage!! (song:Tell me when to go) & people used to ghost ride their whips. I never did it (I aint crazy). & this is ghost riding the whip gone wrong!

you gotta admit it was kinda cool in the beginning

2011 edit: below comment by richard: "ghostride the whip is by mistah fab not e40"  

2b. to those who do not know what it is: Definition:
(& funny too) I think the music they used is Mistah fab's "ghost ride the whip"

3. To all those at work, this is for you!! it'll either depress you or make you smile, or maybe even change your job.

3min spoof of for the ADDY Awards (here): so many great lines.

4. This Video was beautiful. I think whole world should see it at least once. I joined just 'cause of this video! they are way clearer than (though not as popular). this is from 2 yrs ago.

5. If you have facebook wow watch this lil blonde girl dance to Decale Gwada (link) i will whoop anyone that every says kids or white girls don't have rhythm (that's proof, & plus I suck at dancing, I'm just good with my waist lol)

6. this video here is dedicated to my movie & music video buddy Osita, who's left facebook :( now I have no one to talk about movies with, or even music videos. This one is stop motion :) cuz I didn't know anything about it until he showed me one awesome vid. Hope u read my blog & u like it.

Stop Motion | The Long Haul from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

I loved the end. cuz here on this blog, that's what we're about :)
gosh I've started school
& don't forget if u see any video that strikes your fancy send it to my email, twitter or facebook
Hope I brightened your Monday a bit :)
love Bombchell

ps: so....... FREAKING EXCITED trueblood is back on!!! A shoutout to all my fellow "fangbangers"!!! & new watchers :)

bonus : The New Beyonce Video. wow she killed it. love the lyrics, and how they can be taken Literally or not.

Song: Sweet Dream

"you could be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare... either way I don't wanna wake up from you"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Freakin. Love. Fridays.- the exhibitionists down the street

I'm considering limiting these to every other Friday (about 2ce a month), or once a month OR. maybe I'll limit them to fewer pics/ videos/ etc. so that way it can't overwhelm my blog.

1. Terry Richardson’s studio, New York. Photo Olivier Zahm


You know the drill from previous posts. My Aunties, younger cousins, johnny bravo, under 18's, conservative, goodbye, come back on Monday for funny videos :) Today is for the Naughty.

& Another reason to Love Fridays.

For 6 More Images, that get hotter as the number go up

3. Jamie Bochert by Greg Kadel for Numero April 2009

4. I can't wait to kiss you

5. so cute, hot & so dangerous (look at the position of each car, they're passing each other)

It's all very dirty, i gasp stunned...

until you google Redd Foxx lol

6. “Take me to the pilot” by Aeric Meredith-Goujon

7. Amore by roesje


Credit: (pls remember many of these sites credited contain strong graphical images good luck if you click them) 1. Purple diary | 2. The Code 831 | 3.women mgt, bnd | 4. Love exists/ Playdates | 5. Chagrin | 6.The dailies, bnd | 7.Roesje: Amore | 8. bnd

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Editorial: What I wore July 4th: -Girly & Bright

Hi I've noticed some ask what makeup I used or what or what I was wearing. So this is my version, or twist of an editorial. I once did a how to guide: seduction secrets :), I guess this is like a vol2? edition 2? I don't know, but enjoy.

Honestly, I had nothing to wear for July 4th (US Independence day). I felt like I had worn everything in my closet, so I picked a dress. When my mum came to the States, she went to LA to shop, so I gave her some money to shop for me (& luckily she bought extra). Never gave this dress a chance, until today :) I tried it on & I loved it. but... no shoes (I've never been a shoe girl, I used to have only black & brown then the ladies in my fam had an quasi intervention, I think I borrowed too much, even clothes, & jewelry lol), I decided on Purple, Blue or red (I wore red shoes the previous day/ last post, and I'd been wearing purple a lot, so I decided on Blue./ Thanks sis)

So here's what I wore from top to bottom, where i got it, where i did it, makeup products used this day.

Eyebrow pencil: MAC Cosmetics - Spiked
(it's dark brownish, really popular, there's a lot of youtube videos on it)

Eye Shadow: MAC Cosmetics -GoldSpice --metal x cream shadow
(if you return 6 containers including lipgloss containers you get a free eyeshadow, lipgloss or
lipstick in a MAC store like at Perimeter Mall)
shade description- metallic coppery gold

Eye Liner - Pixi - Gel Liner- No1 Onyx (shop pixi site)
(I bought mine from Target, around the same price)

Mascara - Mary Kay- Black Noir (I could hook you up with a MK sales lady if you need one)

Lipstick - MAC Cosmetics Amplified Creme Lipstick - Impassioned
(it might be online if it's out of stock, or find a similar mac color here)
Shade description: Amped-up fuchsia (Amplified Creme)

Lip liner
- MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil -Quartz

Lip gloss
- I put on top, some cheap vanilla looking shine from the hair store, that the name is now wiped of

Base- MAC Studio Tech - color: NW 43

Powder on top
- Zuri - Naturally Sheer Powder-Golden Ivory
(yes Zuri is that cheap powder you can find in a hair store or Walmart and costs like $3.99 or $5.99 & It works great. Everyone I know uses the same color lol from MAC NW 50's to NC 50's/ It's cheap enough for you to buy 3 to experiment with & find your shade)

The Rest/ The Outfit

So we're off to my Aunt & Uncles house to eat a bunch. It's about 45mins away from my spot. I'm late, I'm taking pictures. I have to meet with a friend from outta town later this day (not in the last post), I ended up being the host for all the little kids, they were so.... cute, but if I didn't ask them if they wanted food, they might have just stayed mute, and hungry.

So i did what anyone would do, I doubled myself :)

for the pic on the right, you can see the original at the bottom left- i just removed the background etc.

So i went to my Uncle & Aunts house. OMG I ate so much that weekend. in fact that week. People on my twitter have been laughing that i eat so much. If people could OD on ribs, chicken etc I might have.

OMG I even had a dream about ribs! I dreamt i was about to kiss this guy, and he burst out laughing. and i was like "huh," and he said something funny like, "you smell of ribs", or "you taste of ribs" (probably bbq sauce lol), I can't remember but obviously you see this isn't the best lol.

This was so..... funny to me. Because my uncle doesn't like people driving on his grass. and this person Parked!! on his grass. Lmao he thought it was me, he was like "don't you know to drive??" lmao I was like "no.... I didn't drive today, that's not my car." Well it was so funny, gosh I love my family, they crack me up so much. You had to be there, or if you have friends that don't like people stepping on the grass/ driving on it etc you'll understand.

Sometimes I think people need below lol:

: keep of grass,
Goldspice eyeshadow

Bye :)

WHAO just realized It's my Blogiversary!!!!! been a year since my first post about July 4th weekend :) (awww: post)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friday Pictures: Fox Sports Bar & Ten Pin

July 4th weekend was a lot of fun. (pictures from Friday July 3rd)

My girls Chika & Uche came to visit from Tennessee!! I was pretty excited haven't seen them all year. More sexy Igbo girls :) They came with fab friends too. It was such a great weekend.

Gosh Atlanta is so..... HOT like 97 degrees Fahrenheit ugh (that's 36.1 Celsius ) at night!!!

So we went to Atlantic Station (map it). which has restaurants ( it), a movie theatre (AMC), crazy parking police (make sure you face traffic, they're ticket happy), shops (H&M)etc.

Parking: If you go at night, rather than the meter just park in the parking deck, it's 2 hrs free & you can validate depending on where you go, so ask.

We went to Fox Sports Bar & Grill to eat.
Address: 261 19th St NW Atlanta, GA 30363
Number: (404) 207-1369 (site, @foxsportsgrill)
Hours: Mon-Thurs11am-12am; Fri 11am-2am; Sat 10am-2am; Sun 10am-12am

I'm such a goofball, so if you know me, you know I love twitter, facebook, blogging etc so anyways I go to Cutie 1 'cause I follow him on twitter right?, & tell him to follow me lol, anyways he's absolutely fun, we crack jokes, he's freakin hot, but the story is: He didn't follow me, whatever!!!lol Other girls want digits & I just want twitter.

My Cousin: Cynthia

Yup thier sisters

also I met @Stulittle who's my twitter friend, he's also a cutie that was on that table, and he's funny too. well he kinda unfollowed me, but then he added me back lol so we're great (kisses, yall check him out).

{ps follow me: @AtlBombChell, & if i'm not already following you, send me a reply saying "hot geeks make the world go round" or whatever you want lol & I'll follow u back ^_^}

BBQ chicken Nachos??? wtf? sounded so weird even though the waiter assured me it was great... sure.. I'll pass!

Most of us we're partied out, it's been a long 2 months. You know Atlanta is a party city, you can literally party from Monday (Tongue & Groove or Sutra Lounge) - Sunday (sunday's a hot day: Velvet Room, though I'm so done with there) so we decided to check out Ten Pin Bowling Alley.
Address: just walk from Fox or anywhere in Atlantic station: that's what we did, it's right beside everywhere

Please do not be deceived by the fact that it's a bowling alley, I thought it was only good on Thursday (plush Blu) for partying, boy was I wrong. I expected some mellow lounge on Friday (J3): look what we saw .... basically like a club! (guess it's a bit more packed on Fridays)

However I had so... much fun, I have never laughed so much in the past few months, people kept cracking me up, Im sure some thought I was high on something. def going back

DJ J1: lol you shoulda seen what he did before the picture, was so funny.

gosh he played so many great songs. I love reggae so much & he played it! plus other hot songs. "who sabi durty wine pass me??" (translation: who here thinks they can do the "durty wine" dance better than me)

lol do you see what Cynthia's doing at Nneka's (her blog) back!

LOL I unsuccessfully tried to do the same.

More proof that this is actually a bowling alley. (I've never been here in the day time though) Do you remember 300 Bowling, Atlanta's crazy

During party times, they make the bowling area vip & upstairs. (I wonder if upstairs if open during regular hours, shoo I wonder what this place looks like pre-10pm)

the security guy was so.. funny, you shoulda seen his moves.

L-R: Nneka, Cynthia, Theo, Me, & Uche.
BYE :)

OMG classes start tomorrow (I'm so excited!!! <-yeah right!)

for -My Partna Dem - Rich Kids ft Young Dro
lmao this ghetto ass song is stuck in my head!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!! so freakin great lol!! I blame my cousins & Dominique for why I like this song.