Monday, August 31, 2009

TRUE BLOOD Frenzy: Eggs, Vanity Fair, Magazines, Maryann & The Queen

Frenzy: Season 2. Episode 11

(the queen's Palace, so pretty- The Queen, Bill the vamp & Sookie's cousin)

so everyone who reads my blog or follows me on twitter (@AtlBombChell) knows I'm a huge TrueBlood fan. I've watched it since the first episode of the first season & I still love it. so shout out to all my "fangbangers."

no 1: MaryAnn's crazy! & yesterday's episode, didn't help justify her case, that chic is nuts. p.s. was it just me, or was yesterday's episode a bit boring compared to other episodes, as if it's sole purpose was to amp us up for the season finale & introduce us to the queen. The queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq (played by Evan Rachel Wood) seemed... well annoying, like a bratty kid (which i heard she was in the book or something). but I hope I get to see her power, and lol at her "I insists"

some of Rachel's pictures by Terry Richardson for the May issue of GQ

no 2: Eggs!!! well this character's full name is Benedit Talley. Anyways basically Eggs is all fucked up, and being used by Maryann, who's a psycho immortal biatch, that eats organs, kills folks, makes them get drunk, filled with rage, and have tons of sex. She's really messed up but sadly she's immortal some sort of Maenad.

Anyways Eggs is so so so HOT! he was the crazy neighbour brother from desperate housewives, dated the character Melanie on CW's The game, but gosh never noticed how hot he was until True Blood. He's real name is Mehcad Brooks & his body looks like Wonderland.
but sometimes he makes silly faces like this: lol especially when he's zombie'd out by Maryann & had those blacked out/ "bug eyes." 

Now Maryanne. b!tch is crazy, nuff said.

(the vibrating Maryanne font is called Erthqake & it's free if u wanna download it)

The funniest thing I ever saw: someone on a board once asked How does Maryanne keep her hair together with so much vibration.

omg this is the greatest vid ever of  Maryann, it's to Britney Spears song Circus, which is appropriate, and you'll see all the stunts she's pulled, you'll love her, hate her, she'll creep you out, it's great & see her vibrating/shaking (done by SanskuRas)

---fan or not you should watch it to the end, it's funny, creepy etc ( some clips I hadn't seen before)

from trueblood's twitter (@TrueBloodHbo) I found the coolest thing ever by Atlanta, really creative.
No 3. TrueBlood characters in real magazines as Vampiric Celebrities.

(ps b4 the Magazine pictures did u notice this: "Sorry Were dead"!!! just saw it on Hbo's TB twitpics

Bill on the cover of Vanity Fair
Pam & her lovely shoes on the cover of Bazaar 
Eric on the cover of GQ 
& The Lovely Jessica on Teen Vogue
(I wonder if she talked about Hoyt & meeting his mum, who was so funny in the last epispode)
Season Finale in 2 weeks, can't wait
love Bombchell.

Image Credits: ONTD, Finissimo,TrueBloodGuide, TrueBlood Online, TB twitpic, Examiner & a lot of other sites that had the same image

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I go to Myrtle Beach

I just Aced my accounting exam. well I hope I aced it. I was up till 5am doing financial statements for my project. 3 days ago I couldn’t use excel {don't blame me, I was a sociology student I learnt SPSS} and now I'm pretty decent.

OMG HOW DEPRESSING!! I've been planning a beach trip for the Labor Day Weekend September 5-7th. BUT i signed up for a 4 hour Saturday class, so I think I'm staying here in Atlanta! (if y'all see Myrtle Beach, SC pics next week, it means I ditched but shhh......) Or maybe I'll go to class… then DRIVE later Saturday (ugh) 6 hrs alone to South Carolina.

C'mon do you remember how much fun I had in Miami!!! ((LOOK)). I love Atlanta but it's land locked, the closest beach is Savannah, GA, like 4 hours away. I took it for granted when I lived in Lagos, there was a beach everywhere, right by the Atlantic Ocean, it seemed so normal, but now I have to plan months ahead to see the beach.

Oh yeah I'm thinking of visiting Cali sometime this year, but thanks to my classes I'm no sure when. This post was originally about the future blog posts I had in the works, but I'll tell you about that later

Now while we're on the topic of Beaches! & Travels.... Have you ever heard of the world's only 7 star hotel!!!

OMG my friend and my mum were telling me about it. They've been there it's in Dubai, my cousin also stayed there. I'll ask them if I can post pictures, and i'll tell you about it. ITS FREAKIN INSANE! lol hey for those of us who can't we might as well live vicariously through others, heard that place is crazy expensive.

Anyways Laters Love!
oh So do u think I should go to class or skip to the beach? . I should behave. maybe not. Im so confused!!! but Ive already kinda talked to my professor, lol i didnt even lie to him. i dunno, we'll see.

The beautiful beach images are all of Mrytle beach & taken by these talented photographers that can be seen on flickr, image credit: Henri Liriani, BottleLeaf, Curtis & Eric

Friday, August 21, 2009

I MISS YOU MORE, Crazy Celeb Gossip, Contests & Retouching

hi everyone,

thanks for the lovely comments, everyone left in the last post to make sure I'm doing ok & those who sent me texts or called, thanks a lot.

I'm doing good, everything's great, well mostly. I just felt like I needed to take a break, and put stuff in perspective. I've wanted to make a post so..... badly I've been tempted. havent been partying since August like I said. [yeah yeah its still August] so.... I didn't forget... Today is Freakin.Love.Friday's so I'll be naughty today & post!!! This posts theme is all about Gossip!

Missed you loads, got an exam & project due next week, I'm talking to someone romanically, fingers crossed, right :)

& don't forget:


now a lot of crazy shit stuff has been going on (O_O) wide eyes.

1) Like did you hear Jamie Foxx, Oscar winning actor, music funny guy was nude (XXX rated pics: link )... I know.. taking a pic with his cellphone. He admitted it was him, but said it was for a movie.

2) OMG McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy made a threesome video, ooh and his wife was in it, I saw a clean version intro, where they were acting like it was very normal (link). very odd & hollywood teeny right?

3) Willie Day 26 (A group Diddy Made on MTV) had a super close ok "soldier" picture (xxx too graphic, too close, link) but he claims its not him

a song of theirs I love

4) The international guy, Ryan from VH1's Megan Wants A Millionaire was a "person of interest" for the murder of a playboy bunny, who he was married to for about 5 months. (As of now, they say he's a full on suspect or some technical term) omg & I heard VH1 has stopped airing the show, even For Love of Money which he later did, and had brought down the site etc till this clears... but um now that press is worse, now what vh1?

AUG 27TH EDIT: they said he later killed himself. it's all so tragic.

5) OMG LOOK AT THESE SHOES. this is the only amount of 2 facedness a girl needs in her life

so sexy!! loved by many, seen on Solange (sources: one, two). from the fall 2009 Moschino Cheap and Chic collection

6) Who watches Real Housewives of ATL!! well there's a lot to say..., but I live in A so I wont, cuz someone could whoop my ass, lol. (Kim is still my fav though)

7) For all you contest lovers, make up wearing diva's Jamie from Just Kiss n Makeup is doing a lovely giveaway, with great prizes like 70something eye shadows etc... but lets only tell few ppl we like :) (link)

8) i do photoshop some of my pictures (mildly), like honestly right now Im freaking breaking out, so I cant go to any castings this weekend, lol check out a closeup of my skill. xiaxue eat ur heart out (her insane work, great post).

Later when Im fully back to blogging, Im gonna do some wild post(s) on photoshop (so dont forget to subscribe & check back in maybe 30 days, 10, 5, i dunno, email subscription or "follow" might be easier lol since it'll notify u easily :)

9) there are rumors about Beyonce & her body guard, and some othe stuff with JayZ that i dont really care about (here) c'mon this aint that Bodyguard movie with Whitney Houston.

cant finish watching it, gosh feel bad for celebs, heard theres some court case with one of the guard, or paparazzi

LOL ok I dedicate this song by Lady gaga to them, gosh poor chick is also getting hemaphrodite rumors, smh, gosh

I think I saw the triplets from Sweden that were in VH1's Daisy of Love.

10) oh & Amber Rose had a few nip slips while on the beach with Kanye (shrugs) [link1, link2]. I just think they are such a hot couple.

well thats all folks, oh & I gained like 5 fucking lbs, but Im not really sure I care, I pray I lose it, so I can look hoochie sexy for halloween. bye.


A kiss from me to you, Bombchell!

That's it for this week's installment of Freakin.Love.Fridays. hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My only option is to Hibernate

I need to stop & think
I need to breathe
I need to think of how to fly
so one day I might soar
but I feel so tired & drained
I really just want to sleep
but I have no choice but to soar
some animals need to hibernate in order to survive

see you when I wake up, refreshed & energetic; on my passionate path to happiness, & no longer confused by a crazy map.
I hope I don't sleep too long.

In order words: I'm not sure when next I'll blog, because I need to take a personal break, I'm also kinda off facebook, off bbm, might be on twitter, so If you need to reach me do it the old fashioned way call me :) or I guess email (

& if you subscribe at the top right via reader, or email, or follow you'll be notified automatically the next time I post

so meanwhile check out my older posts, popular posts, videos etc & try to miss me ;) lol

wishing everyone the best!
xoxo Bombchell

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CLOSED - HYPE IT! LookBook Invites- CLOSED

*****CLOSED***pls stop asking for invites*****

lol ok y'all I just joined (my page)

ooh I command you to click the image & hype my look lol (or this link) A post on that day is coming soon :) ps: it redirects u to a diff picture! this pic is just fun on what I wore

It's a cool site where you post outfits you wore, you can get inspiration & if people like it, they can "hype it." The site is invite only but you can hype it using your facebook, twitter or tumblr log in.

Great Part
Mind blowing thing about the site, almost all the pictures seem professional *_* like it's not regular, hey look what I wore, their like art students, etc, and all their pictures look similar, like fashiontoasty (blogger), or more like they are in the grass, and there's sunlight etc like Rockie Nolan who is a photography student at SCAD and takes beautiful pictures.

The pictures are creative & stylish, with nice photography. here are two looks as examples.
Rockie Nolan (2 days ago)

2. Seraphin's look which I loved. (he's page) with over 1500 hypes

Sucky Part
it's invite only.
it's like a clique.
if your picture isnt crazy photography awesome, ppl wont hype or fan you
They prefer skinny people (random post example)
the same people are popular on it

Greatest Part
For everyone that reads my blog & wants to join but hasn't been able to get an invite, comment below & include your email & I will invite you :) cuz I rock, & it's time I knew someone on there!!!!

when you join: this is my page: (fan me so i'll find u & we could check out each others looks), I wanna see my blogger buddies on there. or if you are there, let me know your page.

& dont forget!! if you are a normal person be happy if you get up to 3 hypes lol. so dont feel bad (^_^)

A similar site is

Hope everyone is having a lovely week
now I'm off to the gym, omg I told my friend I'll be vegetarian during the week, try going on a date to a japanese steakhouse & lets see how well u do!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: Dedicated to Asian & African Parents - Funny Videos

Oh wow it's been a week since my last post, yup school has started, and I know everyone has missed funny videos that cheer up the work days. so.... Welcome Back Non Mundane Mondays!!!

My mum's currently visiting so I'm dedicating these video to most of our parents, aunties, uncles, especially if you are Nigerian, or basically from any African country, Jamaican, the whole Caribbean, and Asian! we love our parents, and yall can relate or know a friend with a similar parent.

Enjoy :)

ps: I showed my mum the videos, and she thought they were so.... funny!!

1) Mrs Omokorede!!! lol

2) lol More of her, pushy naija (Nigerian mum)from the Lenny Henry Show UK (I heard it's funny, but I dont think i've ever seen it :/)

3) Ok c'mon now, my Asian bloggers & reader, I love you so it's y'alls turn.

these boys are so silly!!! so yall be nice to your chicklets when we grow up,and let them get one B on their report card (jk)

4) I think this was my mum's favorite videos!! This is for all my fab friends that just gave birth, Bloggers: Katrina, Sonya, High School Buddies: Ufuoma, Sherifat, Annie one of the best club promoters in Atlanta Tiwa (who i love & was at his wedding), My cousin Bunmi who i need to call. And Many More.

Now who here think white kids can't dance, cuz Ive proven their skills before! and look at this lil boy rocking to Flo Rida!!! love it!!

PS: WARNING: do not go to that orsm website, I went there looking for more funny videos BUT it was spam & porn!!!

5) LOL ok I last one for my fellow Nigerians!! Y'all know this is so... true!! I told my grandma this is what she could do.

Ok jokes apart my parents are actually pretty cool. But this is so funny 'cause I can relate to so much of it, friends, teachers, culture etc.

wishing you a lovely & happy week.
Kisses Bombchell