Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Website Photoshoot with Photographer Thomas Dodd. Makeup by Nneka & Club Pictures

This post is long overdue, (insert big smile...) & it's been a while since I had personal pics up. A lot of you have noticed my new header. or via twitter or facebook.

My picture was taken by a photographer in Atlanta, called Thomas Dodd. At first I was going to do a header that was more burlesque, photoshopped & more of a magazine look. While looking for Atlanta photographer I came across Thomas Dodd & loved the way some of his images are a bit dark, surreal & from a different period. Then I merged the idea with the theme I was thinking of, and let him do his magic. His work varies, and is really different, so I wasn't  exactly sure how the results would be, so along the way I got some cool pictures out of the process. 

these are 2 of his styles I like, the first is my favorite!! he's work is beautiful and continues to change, and he's a really nice guy. (you should see it live in canvas!! amazing)


My makeup & hair (weave & styling) was done by Nneka, who's one of atlanta's best makeup artists, does fab hair and also happens to be my cousin.

& these are some behind the the scenes, most you havent seen before:

Thanks to everyone on facebook that helped me vote for my header!!!it truly meant a lot. 

& the design was done by me & Ola. and he put the twitter thing in it, and came of with the font.
so the finale of my header is what you see now.

Anyways after a long days work, I took my ass partying with ma girls at Eros (yeah they're my girls from Miami), then went partying with the guys at Primal.

Pictures at Eros with Nneka, , Nk (cynthia), Danielle, Dominique:
omg the bang bang shrimp @ Eros Tapas Atlanta was the bomb!

When we were done. decided I still wanted to party so headed out to party with Shaun (not in pics) & Hugo.

Primal is huge, tons of rooms, people arent even aware that there's a section outside:
ha ha we were laughing cuz I kept taking pictures and deleting them cuz I looked like crap in all of them and sweaty!!  finally ones decent:

I had soo..... much fun that day & night, even though the rain tried to ruin the shoot, it came out well. I partied with ma people & had a blast. Goodbye Summer. I'll miss you!

After this whole experience I've realized that sometimes you have to be clear on what you want, especially if you have a vision in your head, and it might be different from what a creative expert might prefer, and it's hard to find a balance between getting what you want and not pissing people off & keeping everyone happy. It was a lovely experience, and these are all great people to work with, that will take your ideas into consideration, and work with you, revision after revision with patience

Websites of the Artists

Thomas Dodd - Photographer
Nneka - Atlanta Hair & Makeup Artist
Ola - helped with adding twitter & header design
My website - I designed my site, its based off a free template- minima black & I did the rest (people tend to ask). I have a love affair with photoshop & art.

clubs/ lounges
Eros Tapas - club/ lounge nice place to hang out during the day
Primal - Club in atl (I go black, white, or asian night I dont care I have fun)

hope you enjoyed the pics!
love Bombchell.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vampire Diaries Starts & Atlanta Twilight Convention?

Vampire Diaries starts today on CW (link). Season Premier: Thursday 8/7c. it's also based on a book (site)

ps: that reminds me of Covenant!! did y'all see the movie Covenant?? it was like Underworld meets twilight. it should have just gone on CW & not a movie.

Guess what, Vampire Diaries is being filmed here in Covington, GA & they tend to need extras sometimes for filming. there's a group on facebook casting group you can join (extrabadgroup)

Twilight: New Moon comes outs 11.20.09 (Nov 20th)

Heard there'll be a Twilight Convention in Atlanta, next year (link).

random twilight pics:
That's enough to suppress you guys while TrueBlood season 2 ends. bye, gotta got shop & study

Insanely Cheap Delta Fares from ATL to US Cities or Europe (Ends Sept 17)

Checked my mail this morning. & wanted to let you know Delta is having some pretty cool one way fares. but they end September 17th. ($49-$134 each-way)
1. go to
2. click planning & reservations
3. Deals & Offers

ps: New York city you're also having a sale.
& Atlanta to Europe for about $300ish- that's just plain crazy!!!!

now I'm wondering if I want to spend Halloween in Vegas.

so here are screen captures from this morning

Atlanta - Europe (link or click image)

Atlanta- Other U.S States (I highlighted some places I have friends in, or places I'm interested in)

Between Atlanta, GA (ATL) and: Each-way Sale Fare*     (link)

Akron, OH (CAK)                                                    $74
Baltimore, MD (BWI)                                               $79
Bloomington, IL (BMI)                                             $74
Boston, MA (BOS)                                                   $84
Charlotte, NC (CLT)                                                 $49
Chicago-Midway, IL (MDW)                                     $79
Chicago-Ohare, IL (ORD)                                          $79
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (DFW)                                   $89
Dayton, OH (DAY)                                                   $74
Denver, CO (DEN)                                                  $124
Detroit-Wayne County, MI (DTW)                            $74
Flint, MI (FNT)                                                        $74
Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)                                         $79
Fort Myers, FL (RSW)                                              $79
Houston-Bush Intercontl, TX (IAH)                            $84
Indianapolis, IN (IND)                                               $74
Jacksonville, FL (JAX)                                               $64
Kansas City, MO (MCI)                                             $79
Las Vegas, NV (LAS)                                               $134
Miami, FL (MIA)                                                        $79
Milwaukee, WI (MKE)                                               $89
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)                                  $89
Moline-Quad Cities, IL (MLI)                                      $79
New Orleans, LA (MSY)                                             $79
Newark, NJ (EWR)                                                     $94
Newport News, VA (PHF)                                           $64
Orlando, FL (MCO)                                                     $74
Pensacola, FL (PNS)                                                   $64
Philadelphia, PA (PHL)                                                $79
Phoenix, AZ (PHX)                                                   $114
Raleigh/Durham, NC (RDU)                                         $64
Richmond, VA (RIC)                                                   $64
San Antonio, TX (SAT)                                               $89
San Francisco, CA (SFO)                                           $134
St. Louis, MO (STL)                                                   $74
Tampa, FL (TPA)                                                       $74
Washington-Dulles, DC (IAD)                                      $79
Wichita, KS (ICT)                                                       $79
so there you go :) Ada you could come visit from TX, Lynda it's cheaper to fly than drive from NC, Yvonne b!tch I might actually come to MN for Halloween/ your birthday! Amanda & Sunshine yall have fun lol I learnt my lesson & didnt highlight IAD. Katrina look!!

hope this helped :)
love Bombchell

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Searching for Gorgeous Turquoise Latex Sockings?

Ok so Halloween is coming, I've considered everything from Cleopatra to Isis, to MJ to a dominatrix.

wondering & hoping someone knows where I could find these: (or similar)
I've searched everywhere. I don't know who made the ones above, or what advertorial it is, but it's gorgeous. This site claims to sell them, (star latex.en.enc21) I'm super skeptical & don't know if they are legit.

the best I've found are these ones below by Atsuko Kudo & his Latex Rubber Stockings cost $132.27 (

considering I'm not gonna prance around in only stockings for Halloween, and I'll need clothes, shoes, etc. I'd rather spend less than that for stockings. Unless I was definitely gonna wear them again.

xoxo Bombchell
(so what are you doing for Halloween!!!!! are you dressing up?)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TRUE BLOOD: finale Sneak Peaks . MaryAnne + Jason = wedding???

LOL I dont care what anyone thinks!!! yeah sure I'm going on Trueblood overload, but the season finale is Sunday, so after Sunday's finale no more Trueblood updates but there might be a Trueblood contest giveaway on my site soon ;), just saying...

anyways here are some sneak peak pictures (courtesy of HBO True Bloods Official facebook pictures)
oh & my beach was so beautiful :) and fun.

ps: & Charlaine Harris (author) makes a cameo in the Season 2 finale of True Blood!

That's all folks :)

oh & talking about wedding dresses I'm gonna be in a bridal fashion show. (sigh) imagine trying on beautiful dresses you have no intention of buyin this year, with an excited bride beside you trying on stuff (shrugs) lol.

PS: I so.... Knew it!!! MaryAnn wants Jason to ravage her. lmao!!!!

& for those of you that forgot the preview:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Trip to the World's only 7 star Hotel: Burj Al Arab (in Dubai)

So in a previous post I mentioned that a lot of people I knew had visited Dubai, and some stayed at world's only 7 star hotel, which is there. & I was hoping my friends would give me permission to share it with you & she did!!! I've never been to Dubai, and um those that hotel costs about $1,592.66 to $10,889.98. oh yeah that's per night :)


yeah..... I think I'll keep hustling for Mrytle Beach, Vegas & Miami for now. Well my friend would rather be Anonymous, so lets call her A, for Ashley. so I can't put any pictures that show her or her family, but their still pretty badass pics. so it'll be like she took us on her trip (^_^)

OH YEAH!!! The Hotel is called: Burj Al Arab (website link)
(screen capture of the website)

Ashely stayed in this pretty badass suite! it was 2 floors, living room,dining room, freshly squeezed juice etc. And if you weren't staying in the hotel, but wanted to check it out, you could pay to take a tour, seriously, they have tours. & camera's couldnt be used by guests in certain public areas like the dinner place, to be courteous to other guess, if not you could order fabulous room service.

Look at the hotel! watch this vid I found on youtube!! A-MA-ZING, gorgeous architecture

Are you blown away yet? cuz I was even before I watched it. The Video paints 1000 pictures

Now major cool points: u know how many of us might get candy in a nice hotel, or perhaps little bottles of free hair shampoos etc, They got IPODS!! My mum from her trip was also telling me how people have gold plated cars, like the whole car's gold plated, and these are young people! wow, crazy. oooh and they also have an Dubai also has indoor Ice place thingie, with fake snow etc, where you can snow board and gorgeous Underwater hotel!!!! where you can see the fish etc. oh yeah and as for Ashley's hotel I'm looking forward to visiting & seeing all the people checking in at night with their Louis's and dark celebrity shades at night. I love Ashley she's so.... down to earth, lol i saw her facebook pictures and didnt even know that's the hotel she stayed in, until i randomly started talking about some 7 star hotel I heard of.

PS: omg at the top right of the reservation section, under the current converter look what it say:
With your chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, discreet in-suite check in, private reception desk on every floor and a brigade of highly trained butlers who provide around-the-clock attention, you can be assured of a highly personalised service throughout your stay.

now let's enjoy Ashley's trip:
for a lot more gorgeous pics click read more

Thursday, September 3, 2009

OMG 7 For ManKind Jeans 2 day $99sale on RueLaLa

Normally I use Gilt Group, but I asked my friend Annette to invite me to RueLaLa so I could check out their stuff, & I'm so happy I did cause 7 For Mankind is having a sale today.

I know a bunch of my friends are obsessed with 7 for Mankind, Rock & Republic etc but its costly, anyways I checked my email, and there's currently a 7 for Mankind sale for both Men & Women. with a bunch of pants that cost $210 for $99. and shirts for under $50. I added a screen capture cuz I'm nice lol.

For those of you that are members go check it out. For those who want invites, here you go:

This is NOT an Ad!! I just saw it & liked it. so better hurry as of this minute only 1day 23hrs are left. It lasts from today Sept 3rd, 11am - Sept 5, 11am. There's other stuff going on there that you can check (shrugs) & stuff getting sold out.

my current screen capture:

if you like or don't like this post hit me up, so I'll know if you wanna be informed of sales or deals. PS: my brother said Macy's is having a crazy sale of 50% already marked down items for labor day week (I'm not sure if this only applies to Atlanta or everywhere)

Love Bombchell

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nina Ricci Badass Eight Inch Heel-less Shoes- Fall 2009

while I was randomly flipping through the September issue of Vogue, i saw these 8 inch psycho, gorgeous red heels. They were designed by Olivier Theyskens for the Nina Ricci 2009 Fall Collections. These shoes are pretty badass, heel-less and apparently no model fell during the runway show. definitely pretty creative!!

The article basically said it's not healthy for us to wear really high heels, like this shoe, and if you want to wear this shoe, you are advised to he a healthy weight (yeah feel free to mail me a picture of it lol).  Vogue states this fact "the higher the heel, the more pressure it places on the ball of your foot, leading to"  ... insert bad stuff, trust me. ok hammer toes (digits crumpled)(images) and metatarsalgia (pain between the ball of the foot and the toes)(link)."

Now you know the bad stuff, let's get to the goodies!!!! and the badass sexy boots.

Olivier Theyskens  Nina Ricci 2009 Fall eight inch heels

watch a behind the scenes fashion show:

if you want to watch the full fashion show:

some other crazy shoes worn by real people non models, Victoria Beckham!

top: worn in an Elle editorial from 2008
bottom shoes: worn last year at the launch of the Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City

edit 2011: comment from reader Tahidur: Victoria Beckham is wearing Antonio Berardi heelless cuissards!

ok Last craziness: Aminaka Wilmon 2008 sole-less shoes.

Hope you enjoyed this :)
(Now I'm worried about this 2nd wave of swine flu thats all over the news, as I prepare for labor day weekend)

image credit: most from nymag fashion show pics, 2 from fashionlogie and the victoria becks pics from shoe blog. & stylist.