Saturday, October 31, 2009

Atlanta: Jermain Dupri, Dallas Austin & Leo Marshall Halloween Party Tonight

I know this is sooo... last minute, but Atl if you still haven't decided on a halloween party, J.D, Dallas & Leo are having a halloween party at some Mansion, and you are all invited.

However it's only free for females in costume before 11pm (side eye). I google mapped it, and the place seems nice.

5145 Powers Ferry Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30327
awww Tricker treaters are here, bye!

Jimmy Choo for H&M will not available for all?

so everyone has seen the ads for the H&M shoes by Jimmy Choo right? I know it's insane! For those that didn't know, the fabulously expensive shoe designer Jimmy Choo will be doing some low budget fantastically hot shoes for H&M.

These pictures were shot by Terry Richardson, and if you've been on my blog you might have noticed some of his pictures in

The shoes are hot, they are to be released NOV 14TH 2009 pretty exciting. well that was until I went to Atlantic Station & I found out we will not be getting them in any H&M in Georgia, and according to the sales man neither will most states except New York. He wasn't sure about internet sales or overseas buying. This pretty much sucks, he was shocked they wouldn't be getting it his store, so I wonder, why all the hype? only to limit them and make it scarce.

It's not just shoes it's also clothes
...accessories, evening clutches and larger day bags, which are studded or fringed for the jet-set lifestyle. Belts are studded and wide, or long enough for a triple wrap. Choker necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings echo the shoes perfectly.

I'm really confused because on the site it says:
...Arriving in around 200 stores worldwide, soon all will be able to experience the passion for Jimmy Choo at H&M.

When Jimmy Choo’s exclusive collaboration with H&M lands in stores on Saturday 14th November, a glimpse of the brand’s glamorous world will be available to all.

Oh well for more information you can contact H&M press service:
Telephone: +46 8 796 53 00

Price List: in dollars, Pounds etc
h&m press release: link
Jimmy Choo for H&M: site

let me know if any of you find out what's up, & I'll keep you posted too.
Love Bombchell

OH YEAH!! & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Can You Believe I'm not dressing up this year????  so crazy I know!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Brown's New Video - I Can Transform Ya

why I'm posting it considering he's had a lot of drama with his domestic abuse incident. (for those who don't know what I'm talking about google "Chris Brown, Rihanna")

This is my belief: People don't change, but they can evolve if they choose to, and I hope he has. I think the video is pretty cool, creative, and fun to watch & listen. so enjoy:

Money Talks to Have Before Marriage : Forewarned is Forearmed

My old sociology professor sent some us of an article from the NY times and it deals with money discussion that people should have before marriage. & I think you guys could benefit from it.

A lot of stuff affect a marriage, and money is one big key player in it, so remember forewarned is forearmed, and it's best you go in prepared.

I'm sure you have heard people repeating that "the statistics for divorce is over 50%." right??? well this excerpt makes it better:

The risk that any marriage will end in divorce is about 45 percent according to David Popenoe, a professor of sociology emeritus at Rutgers University. The chances fall to about 40 percent for first marriages and decline further for college-educated couples, people from intact families and couples who share the same religion.
see... so if you are college educated, or have the same religion, or from an intact family (whatever their definition of intact is) and it is your first marriage, you chances of divorce are lower than 40% & hopefully these 4 tips will reduce it even more :)


1. ANCESTRY: Most of our money behavior is learned, so remember you are two different people entering into the  marriage with different money behaviors. so.. talk about your first experiences with money?, how did your parents treat money? did one parent make the money? did they share it? hide it? use it to control the other?if divorced how did they decide what to do? The article warns that this can be highly emotional for people with divorced parents.

2. CREDIT Whoa, this is a biggie!!!!! that a lot of people going into marriages are not aware of. GIRL, I plan to get a credit report (& ps: i heard if he pays child support it shows up on there, so... if he was lying about having kids... there you go)

Two reasons why this credit report discussion is super important: 1) A credit report is, in part, a catalog of past mistakes and overall habits - missed loan payments etc. what have you learned about money? 2) It's practical: if your credit is low, you want to fix this ASAP, so you will have the chance to get the best rate for your future home loan etc

3. CONTROL: money is control, so make sure you know who will be paying most of the bills, monthly , yearly etc, perhaps have a meeting to keep the other to speed. An important thing i saw in the article, If one person is going to be making most of the money (for all you future trophy wives and husbands) does that mean that this person will be making most of the financial decisions?

4. AFFLUENCE: What is your desired level of affluence? is it realistic with our current work paths? will it tear us apart? in the future do you want to visit Dubai? and that in the 7 star hotel I talked about?
definition:  abundance of money, property, and other material goods; riches; wealth.

Basically this article go in with your eyes open, just put a tiny pause on the romance, discuss this, and avoid the potential problems that a lot have run into which could have been avoided, like they say forewarned is forearmed.

So ladies & gentlemen, what money tips have you learned from your past/ current relationships? your marriage, parents, live in relationship, same-sex etc. I would like to hear your experiences & whether or not you think these 4 tips will help.

Love Bombchell

source: The NY Times Article, from Oct 23 2009 that I read: here
images by: Thomas Hawk & Brett L

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Current Obsession: Supersize vs Superskinny (Brit Tv, Eating Disorders)

WARNING: this post has graphic images, of women in underwear, & some nudity (nudity restrictions are different in other country and they show it).

& the video at the end may be too graphic for you, this video might also be triggering for some girls with eating disoders or EDNOS, so please avoid watching or view with caution (not work safe).



omg I'm currently obsessed with watching youtube videos of this british show called "Supersize vs Superskinny." It's absolutley great!!! the only thing that majorly sucks relates to something about british copyrights, so youtube doesn't let us watch them in the US, and I only got to see the part 1's and 2's but never the ends 3, 4, 5.

the nurses, actual pics of how underweight she is

so if you are outside the US check it out, and if you use a youtube downloader like I did for this 1st part, of the first season, be a dear and let me know :) but if you are in the UK etc you can enjoy the show, I think it's on channel 4, and you can watch it on youtube.

They take two women with extreme weights and eating habits, too big or too small, and put them in a house to eat what the other normally eats for a week, then... they help them go healthy (i never get to see, so I can't tell you)

My favorite is Charlotte & Heather (season 2, episode 8) it shows you how drastic 2 of their extreme feeding habits are, what it does to their body how gross it looks, one weight 87 pounds, about 5'2 very very underweight & the other is 280lbs.

here's where it all started: season 1, part 1. with Tatiana  & Sandra. (there's even a sneak pic of Jillian from another show I love called "You Are What You Eat") (later found out tatianna is a model). Enjoy:

you can all watch the beginning:

(hope it's not too graphic, and a touchy subject)

Love Bombchell

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's not cool to be racist/ look down on other people, religions, jobs etc

I understand no one knows it all, and we as human being are constantly learning, but sometimes, you watch something really dumb, or get asked the most ignorant and racist questions, and it makes you want to smack the $*&% out someone.

My friend Chika sent me this youtube link on facebook.

It's a pretty ignorant & offensive video, posted August 1 2009 by YouLoveMolly, and I'm hoping it's a crappy joke

regardless :

I had 2 friends over, one regular one and one Indian one…I learned a lot about the Indian culture…if you didn’t know I guess Indians are like hindus... I know it’s not the right path, so hopefully Sara changes her mind.

The she rolls her previously recorded video

After Sara introduces herself
Molly: She’s Indian, it’s like an African country in Asia
Molly: Do you consider yourself Asian or African?
Sara: Asian of course
Molly: Cause you look African, but your Asian
Sara: I’m not African, I’m Asian
Rachael: but why are you so dark then…
Sara: Because I am Asian!!
Molly: but… why aren’t your eyes pointy…or slanted??
…..I know you can be what you want, but it’s not what you look like


Did you also hear about the Justice of Peace in Louisiana that refused to marry an interracial couple? dude regardless of your personal opinon no1) it's your job! no2) it's America 3) it's 2009 4) people like you make the south look bad


"I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way," Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday. "I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else."

read the rest of the story

People I'm not saying I'm perfect! but please try to be sensitive when asking questions about race or religion, and c'mon if you are of a certain age, you should know better!

And last thing:

My experience:
Most times when you want to know what someone is, I've learned it is safe to ask: 
"What's your ethnicity" or "what's your nationality"
instead of What are you? or Where are you from?.... because you dont look....

Not all black people look the same, 
Not all white people look the same, 
Not all asian people look the same
& I've heard this so... many times from different races, and if you think so it's just cause you are not exposed to various enthnicites, & trust me, if you live with a bunch of people from different races you will see the difference.

India is in Asia, so an Indian is Asian. & yes everyone can be racist, white, black, mixed, whatever, but we should try not to be.

I hope everyone is doing well, missed everyone, and would love to hear your comments.

ooooh & I changed my hair to brown, here's a cellphone pic I uploaded earlier on twitter: