Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Battle of the Plastics!! -- begins now!

It's my 1st contest, so I'm very excited, I've spent a lot of time on it, you could see the detail in the banner. I love blogging so much, and most especially those who read & comment on my blog are the best people ever, & I'm hoping you will participate because it'll be so fun, c'mon!!! dont let me get u drunk & then force u to do it!--liquid courage baby!

Aim of the game: To be the most plastic contestant (think Fake, Superficial, Stepford Wife, Barbie & Ken, Metrosexual)

Competition Starts: Dec 30th 2009 (today)
Competition Ends: Jan 14th 2010 (11.59pm)
Winner Announced: Jan 24th 2010

1. You must be subscribed: following my blog via Follow (it includes blogger, twitter, etc----under *Hot Bombs All Over D World*) or BlogLovin (the flashing Eiffel Tower) ---- all can the found on the sidebar

2. Email your entry to me:  (1. name/nick name, 2. Url if any 3. your entry image)

3. Promote (Optional): You can share this information with your friends, blog readers, facebook, twitter etc & you are allowed to use the banner below.  <---- that would be freakin nice of you, the more the merrier (below the post i have a share this button that you can click)

Contest Inspiration: I love love love "fake" girls. If i see a girl with extensions, fake lashes, omg maybe fake boobs, and bleach blonde hair, I'm in love and I want to be best friends forever. I also love the Martha Stewarts, Betty Crockers, and Trophy Wives & Husbands of the world. so this competition is making fun ourselves, stereotypes, barbies, metrosexuals, stepford wives, makeup, dressing up and becoming a plastic character. It could be someone that already exists or one in your imagination, just have fun with it.

Participants: It could be just you, or you could do a team effort, the prize goes to whoever sends the entry. This contest is international, I will mail the prize anywhere in the globe or outer space provided there's a mail service.

Prize: the winning prize as decided by the poll (48%) is makeup!!! how fitting:) so you'll get a $40  gift card to M.A.C or Sephora (your preference)
guys: dont fret Sephora carries all things including cologne etc
January 19th edit: additional sponsor has added more money to make it $80 

Extra Gifts: 2 LUSH gift boxes will be given to the first entries I receive. one to the first entry with a female, and the 2nd to the first entry featuring a male in it.

I hope your not shy, & you enter the competition, if not, if just one person does it, I'll give them all 3 prizes, but I will not increase the deadline.



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LUSH goodies (after xmas sale & Prizes for 1st 2 entries received)

so a lot of ladies have been raving about LUSH. I've been in before and didn't really give a shit thought to it, and wasnt sure how I felt about the store's smell or scent. But then 2 sexy hot bloggers I love Katrina ( & Pam ( raved about it, and so did a lot of other beauty bloggers that I read, so I decided to put LUSH as an option for the contest prize and have people vote on it. (for more LUSH reviews, pics & videos check their links)

Sexy Pink (Pam) giving & her review of on the products I bought on sale (thanks for letting me use ur sexy video hun!! MUAH)
(her youtube page, mine)

It's 14hrs left, but so far it seems like Makeup or Money is gonna win. But I also noticed your love for LUSH from the comments & votes, so.... because I love everyone who reads my blog, I decided to giveaway 2 free LUSH gifts to the first 2 entries I receive :) <--- yup you dont have to be the best entry, or wait for voting results. The first complete entries for "The Battle Of The Plastics" competition will receive LUSH gifts.

So I went into the store, and THEY WERE HAVING A SALE!!! buy one holiday bath bubble thing or fizzy thing, and get 2 for free. or buy 1 wrapped gift & get the 2nd for free.

The lady says every LUSH is having some kind of sale, I went to the website to re-check, and I know the US & Canada are having this deal (above).

& the UK has a different sort of deal. & still pretty badass!

LUSH is in various countries like India, Sweden, Germany etc & has an online store (

some stuff with holiday tags :)

basically they are on sale cuz they need to get rid of every holiday item, to get ready for the new season. so lets take advantage of this! run now, and tell me how you like it. once I clean my bath tub, I'll try the product too, ha ha.

dont forget Regardless of who wins The Battle of The Plastics, the first entry I get with a female receives one gift, & the second gift box goes to the first entry with a male (apparently it's unisex but the guys love this more). So its win win, your chances of winning has increased!

edit : oh yeah, new hair!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

POLL: About U So... Vote!! :)

 Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Whores & Pimps, Everyone listen up!

I'm gonna go a fun competition at the end of this month. it will be open internationally but I cant decide what gift/prize to give. I'm really excited about it.
ps: obviously no one is winning a prize to mexico but you can make suggestions in the comment section ;)

What Prize would U like to WIN?

I'm excited about the contest, at least 2 ppl better enter cuz Ive slaved over the banner, here's a sneak peak of the competition: It goes live in a week :)

see Im not called a geek for nothing ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Restaurant Date I've been to in Atlanta: Sun Dial

so thanks to Mets Girll for the push, she asked me about a nice restaurant in Atlanta for New Year's Eve. So far the best restaurant that i've been to in Atlanta & had and immensely enjoyed on a date  is Sun Dial.

This is also where you take a girl when you want to impress her, and guys it worked, it's been over a year, & this place is still stuck in my head. so "C" thanks for one the most memorable dates ever =), even though were not dating now.

so how about I just give you the exact words I wrote that day, last Nov '08 of my experience & pictures.

Dinner at SUN DIAL!!!!

My first time at Sun dial! I had vaguely heard of it, hadn’t even seen their website. So this was my experience, review, & pictures, so you feel like you were there =). Restaurant Address, website & other info are at bottom of this post. Ps: You might want to make reservations just to be safe. [If you do go, come back & tell me if you liked it; or if you have already been there, how was your experience?]

The Food

The food was so pretty, and it tasted even more divine. I’ve been to places where you ask for well done, and they give you very burnt, but still pink inside. This was not the case! My meat was well done like I ordered, Juicy, & not burnt. The flavors…, the mashed potato...mmm. You know how some pretty looking “boughie” (bourgeois) places & their food sometimes tastes like… airplane food?, well Sun Dial’s was refreshingly delightful. U didn’t have to fake anything, or tolerate the food because of you had to, due to price, the atmosphere or society’s cool point, it was great.

My plate:

I also tried C’s scallops and they were lovely.

The Atmosphere, Location, so much:

OMG can we start with this place rotates!!! Like the floor rotates, so there’s nothing like a bad seat or a bad view. You get to see Atlanta from the top floor, the 72nd floor of the Westin Downtown. I could see the Georgia Aquarium (biggest in the world), Coca Cola (U know atl is its home), the CNN center (its main base location). Try not to stare outside too much especially if you are with someone [lol]. So many pretty lights, it reminded me of flying out of Lagos. (You know after the plane just takes off, and you can see the lights, the roads the cars, so pretty.) A bit chilly though, so take a shawl, sweater, or something, especially if you are like me and you easily get cold. [ps there is a big discussion on whether “like I” or “like me” is grammatically correct, what do you think?]

It was late, a lil past 9, Tuesday, so it was quieter than expected, with less people. (kitchen closes at 10). People there were on dates, couples (friends, brothers, cousins, lovers, not sure, but some were in 2’s), groups of friends. It ranged from sophisticated to your drunken college friends. Well just one group of guys that were having a ball.

The staff was so nice!! We had the best waiter ever! He was pretty cool, friendly, and never rushed us. I request a doggie (or take home) box, he packages it for you, close by where you can see it =), no need to worry, unlike how some waiters hand you your box to do it yourself.

Lovely staff, great food, price around $35 per entrĂ©e (click the menu picture to see it in full), insanely beautiful scenery, you can valet park. 9/10 (subtracted 1 cuz of the temperature). I will definitely go back, & I recommend it for a birthday celebration, a date, with a parent, but I don’t think it’s a place I would go alone. I’m very happy I went with great company.

$$: Like I stated the entree was about $35. For some college kids, that’s really pricey, especially if you are paying for your date. But check out the Appetizers, there’s menu online with prices, and who knows they might have a discount.

[I hardly glanced at my menu, I just picked from the waiters recommendations (filet mignon, scallops & some fish) so check the menu for the prices of other items, like water, wine, appetizer, dessert etc]

Extra: From the website I found out that you can just pay to view, so no need to eat, and it costs $5 for adults.

Address & website
The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View
210 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-589-7506
Fax: 404-654-8156

Website has pictures, menu, prices, bar info, landmarks that can be seen, online reservations


Present day edit/ Dec 22nd '09:
whoopsie daisies!!! just saw this, sorry its temporarily closed until January

ps: some of my friends about 5+ have  been here, and didn't really like the food, but agreed that the view, ambiance etc made it worth the experience, but like i said I loved it, even the next morning when I microwaved it for breakfast lol. but you all know I LOVE food.

Monday, December 21, 2009

the Princess & the frog was Scary!!

so yesterday I took my little cousins, ages 5, 7, and 15 to go see The Princess and the Frog. Ugh have you heard of this thing called "Extra Butter Popcorn!?" apparently my cousin loves it, ick! I'm a nachos girl so I'm clueless on the varieties of popcorn. I had so much I wonder if that's what made me sick, couldn't sleep till about 3am. Anyways about the movie:

The Princess & The Frog was kinda SCARY!!!!!! look higher over the huge movie poster (1st pic above), u see the voodoo/ juju guy etc I'm way over 10 years old and I still thought some parts were scary, so imagine my little cousins.  If it were real people and not cartoons, ugh I'd put it in the category of the Skeleton Key!! that would just creep me out, but luckily it was a cartoon, and they had sing-alongs.

I have to call their mum and hope the good parts were good enough to wash out the scary parts and none of them had nightmares.

Look it was a good movie, the story line was cool, I really enjoyed it, but I was like wow Disney did this, for kids??? it was set in New Orleans, so just imagine, that's like voodoo black magic central in America. and yup they played on that, it was a lot of voodoo black magic talk, i doubt my cousins understood the pricking the prince for blood part, BUT the shadow demon thingies were definitely scary looking! & when they appeared my cousin would look to me & ask "Is this a scary movie," or if something happened he'd be like "Is that scary?" and I'd try to downplay it (sigh)

however they all enjoyed it and had fun, especially the large drinks & refillable popcorn, so...regardless of the scary parts we all LOVED the movie, there was a lot of humour in it, even for adults, so you should definitely watch it, now I have to go google the difference between slime & mucus secretions because I never got that joke :( ..... ok that didn't work, not Im gonna call an old friend who majored in bio lol because im sure its innocent unlike my perverted mind.

♠ Prince Naveen was super hot.
♠ the white southern Princess was beyond hilarious!!!! she was so funny.
the good voodoo lady reminded me of Sugar Momma from The Proud Family & Madea from Tyler Perry.
♠It had some stereotypes, but c'mon almost every Disney movie offends a lot of people eg Pocahontas, some people were against the frog prince & the princes skin color, ethnicity etc eg

I loved how it easily incorporated interracial relationships, like even friendships & race wasnt a big deal

images & clips sources: clips, cards, dr facilier, image, images

*** My 15year cousin had no problem at all with it, I was more worried about the 5 & 7 year olds, I went kinda late around 4.50pm so the 5 year old fell asleep halfway, so I mostly watched it with the 7 year old ***

Are you ready for Valentine's Day 2010?

yeah yeah... its not even Christmas & I'm already talking about Valentines day. Um sorry to burst your bubble but its in About 2 months, YUP this was the fastest year ever, Atlanta is packed with females, we outnumber our men to some ratio like 3:1 or 5:1. Every chick is always single its so crazy its funny because every chick here is amazingly hot, but single.

So did you see the image above? Interesting huh? Way... TOO MANY celebrities right, so when I saw it on poisonblog I assumed it was some internet fake created dream poster with  cutouts of random actors.

BUT GUESS WHAT! I saw then I saw a video promo! yes folks that picture is kinda real, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, McDreamy, McSteamy, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx and a shit load more.

this can't get any better!!! well maybe a date & love, but regardless Im gonna see this movie! can't wait. February 12th 2010

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

oh yeah I suspected I remembered Taylor & Taylor where to be in some movie together, but didn't expect it to be with this many awesome funny well known actors. still don't believe me? imdb . & here are some movie stills etc.

 [such pretty clothes shey!]

merry xmas & ps: I did get something from my lust list ;)
Love Bombchell

image sources: hercafe, fanpop though its obviously watermarked from justjared.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vintage, Retro, Rockabilly & Costume Inspired Swimwear

I'm super obsessed with vintage, retro & costume inspired swimwear. In the right before summer I would start hunting for swimwear, not really wanting a revealing bathing suit but someone 50's 20's, anything, I didn't care what decade but I wanted something retro, girly, covered a bit more and stylish.

Sadly back then there were hardly any options, considering its a small niche, and fastforward 6 years later its still a small niche, but I'm excited that it has developed.

Hopefully these images will give you a feel for the swimwear I adore. & If I ever went into fashion it will be all I'd create, but sadly I cant find anyone that teaches how to sew swimwear in Atlanta/ Georgia. I even wrote a marketing  paper on it :)


1. I wore this when I went to Miami even though I always hid in the water, lol.
Fables By Barrie (main site) can also be bought in their etsy store or modcloth -- they probably have new stuff now.

2. Agent provocateur (link)

i tend to always credit on my blog, but i saved a lot of these images ages ago & cant remember where some are from. so just enjoy & if you know the designer let me know.

3. Mama Maria (site) remember these images are past collections

4. These were probably from PinUp girl clothing, and My baby Jo

5. Coco Rave Swimwear

6. Swimwear trend: 50’s vibe, put together by in 2008 featuring Abaete, Lamb etc

Abaete 1950's inspired runway look

for more: