Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Designed Jersey Shore Quotes on Tees

Jersey Shore might have just ended but I'm glad they'll be coming back for another season, with their crazy drama!! OMG did any of you watch the reunion?? & dont forget the crazy quotes. Me & My girl Jaimie have a store: Mimi Deux we decided to design some Jersey Shore inspired shirts because like most of our friend's we are obsessed with the show! So for now Enjoy these quality made shirts that are under $25 bucks :)

(images are clickable)

"You Stalk My Whole Life" Tee

Snookie's quote: "My dream man is Italian, dark, muscles, juice-head, guido"

 The "Snooking For Love" below was a valentine special, so we made few & its currently sold out, but if more people contact us about it, we'll produce more.

We're currently working on more badass designs & fabulous finds for all you beauty lovers & tv addicts enjoy. Time to go fist pump, lol more like study for my midterm ick. lol

Love Bombchell

ps: after you buy your shirts, you can send us pictures in your shirts to !


  1. Wait Bombshell you've got a store? I'm mad late all the way in Korea. You may not know it but I still follow your blog every week, keep me intune with Hotlanta. I want to buy the guido shirt, but you don't ship to South Korea :(

  2. That's an awesome idea, I'm sure you'll get a lot of requests!

  3. they are nice designs! You stalk my whole life lve that


    I need one of those shirts! I'd seriously wear it every day! LMAO!


  5. congrats to the winner of your contest!! And lol the Jersey Shore reunion is too funny, the chick stormed out cuz she got dumped on the show...

  6. I want the you stalk my life

  7. Cool designes! I never seen this on MTV :(

  8. Really nice shirts... I want an Italian dude. Lol!

  9. Hey M... You are a talented girl alright. It seems like I have a lot to catch up. You design tees? Wow! I am making an appearance after a really long time. I wonder if you remember that my mom was hospitalized for a life-threatening injury. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. It has taken me a long time to come out of the grieving. But the tees really made me smile. Thanks for sharing.


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