Monday, January 18, 2010

The Contest Surprise! a bigger prize thanks to !!!

Hello Ladies, I previously told you I had a lovely surprise!! I wanted to wait until the contest was over to announce it. The prize has been doubled! yes I said doubled! so that means who ever wins the battle of the plastics will win an $80 M.A.C Cosmetic gift card or an $80 Sephora gift card (depending on their choice) as opposed to the original $40 gift card :).

The owners of this fabulous website which I've been on since the started their website suggested that they would love to also sponsor the contest by doubling the prize because enjoyed the entries, appreciated the effort, creativity & saw the contestants were having fun. I definitely jumped on that, but didn't want to announce it yet to be fair to those who had already turned in entries.

do check out their website, it's pretty cool, it's like an advanced version of twitter, with facebook as it's mistress. You can keep track of your conversations when you @reply, see a sample of an image when someone posts a link, watch videos via links on Kukurooku rather than go to another site like what happens on twitter. if you join definitely add me :) @Bombchell. It's pretty fun with friends because you can sign in via Ning, Live & even twitter!!! It's pretty badass site so check it out!


  1. WOWZER! That is amazing!!! I am def going to check out this site now!!!

  2. Sweet I will cehck it out and I am very excited to have won and am even more thrilled at this latest announcement! Thanks so much.

  3. wowwww $80 of MAC... that's pretty amazing! I'm checking out the site now :)

  4. :O Someone's going to be a lucky lady! :D I'm so jealous I missed the deadline :*( Congrats to the upcoming winner though :D

  5. that would be an amazing prize to win!

  6. what a fun game to join the contest!

  7. Sponsored contest wow! very nice! Gotta check out the site, everybody is getting tired of fbook lately hehe.
    Can't wait for the winner to be announced even more now :)


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