Friday, January 29, 2010

Jaimie's Atlanta Blogger Meetup @ Pappadeaux

So late last year Jamie from JustKissNMakeup held a blogger meetup for a few of us. It was Vampire themed (i didnt dress up though). I got to meet her sis Caityln who's a musician,

Kendall for the first time (who's now my bar hopping buddy) & Kendall's cousin.
It was a lot of fun, My first time at Pappadeaux!! omg it's sooooo great, it's sea food, and I'm obsessed with it. You should check it out & they have a to go menu.

we went to the one on:
Pappadeaux (Jimmy Carter)
5635 Jimmy Carter Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 849-0600
there are more locations so check for one near you.

camera fail lol


I love love love Jaimie! we're both obsessed with the same TV Shows, we have a online store together, live on skype until 4am and fight all the time like twins, though it's mostly about who Ian Somerhalder loves more. I'm glad I started this blog because it's help me meet a lot of great gals & some guys that I really love *insert awww....*

omg look at her makeup!! she's a badass makeup artist!!

I love Kendall!! we do the goofyiest ish when we're together!! we're going out this weekend, she's gonna try to get me drunk lol ('cause I've never really been).

Kendall also schooled me yesterday via skype on the 10 crack Commendments. lol yeah soooo sad I had never heard it. (Hip Hop Classic)

I got the:
Costa Rican Tilapia Lafayette grilled tilapia topped with fresh lump crabmeat, shrimp, tomatoes, capers & basil in beurre blanc with fresh green beans & spaghetti squash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 oz. 19.95 . . . . . .7 oz. $16.95

Can you believe this is the 7oz smaller version!!! I loved it!!! I want it again, who want's to go to Pappadeaux's (the menu)

omg this is the desert menu!!! We played a vamp game, and I won, so Jaimie bought me creme brulee

Jaimie's makeup blog
Kendall's beauty blog
Caitlyn's music blog

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Love Bombchell!


  1. Are you sure that's not my plate? I think it is, it was sooo good *dies from the memory*. You look so hot in the first pic, that was such a fun night!

  2. you ladies look great :) and so does that food lol! your face is so flawless!!! i love it :) -ting

  3. Where was my invite, jerk?! Ha ha ha! Just playin'. I bet you and your friends have lots of haters... You're ALL so cute!!!!

    I'm drooling over the food you got, seriously. WOW! I'm trying really hard to stick to my new "eating less, eating right" plan, but it's hard! I LOVE dessert!

  4. your makin me ungry with these pixx! lol!
    u look beautiful btw...

  5. You GUYS ARE SO pretty when you are going to plan a DINNER in PARIS ?! it's not fair ! ahah

  6. LMAO!!! Jaimie!! was that ur food????? hahaha where is mine?? My hungry ass probably gobbled it up

    Kate: Im failing woefully at eating right. I keep telling myself, maybe I'll try to be good when lent comes around

    Hollywood Paris? I think LA might be easier!!

  7. This is one of the reasons why I love blogging.
    Meeting new friends. You guys are gorgeous!

  8. u guys look like u had a blast..jaimie's makeup is hott (luv the smkey eyes) and the fooood looks delish ..!!
    xo mw

  9. awwww im jealous! u girls looked fab! LOVED JAIMES MU!

  10. y'all looks like y'all had a great time.. i agree blogging does have its rewards... i'm hungry now!!!

  11. Dang....We need to plan another dinner at Pappadeux!! I just ate and those pics made me hungry again....

  12. How fun!

    I don't like seafood but those masshed potatoes look delicious.


  13. I LOVE Pappadeuaxs! That's my fave restaurant in Atlanta. If you like that place, you'll love Spundivitics (sp?). Another seafood place near the airport. They stay open until 4am. I can't wait to go there for my birthday.

  14. Your pics are beautiful, love the makeup.

  15. Awww my ladies are looking fly!! bomb ass food + hot ladies...i am jealous!!!

    ps THE DESERTS!! i just want to burry my face in there!!!

  16. yaay kendall..i like her!
    that food looks delish
    that sounds fun having dinner themes!

  17. :(

    I'm sad. I wanted to go.

    You ladies looked too cute. Pappadeaux is a family restaurant! You ladies goin in there looking all sexy and stuff...probably cuased a riot! HOTTIES AT TABLE 14!!! LOOK OUT!

  18. Those desserts look too good. Be careful going out and getting drunk. Stick to expensive champagne and you won't have a headache.

  19. *gasps* look at all that foooooood! i mean, y'all looked gorgeous and everything, but man... look at that dessert platter!

  20. How fun! Pappadeaux was my first job! I worked there for 3 years before I left for college. =)

  21. I am so I want food.

  22. ur pics make me hungry... the food looks yummy!! i wish they had a restaurant around my area :(

  23. i didnt even realize that i missed this good post!!! lovely photoooos... thats so cool to be able to blog and build such a huge network of new buddies so often :]

  24. Vampire theme!! That's interesting and sounds hot!

  25. Oh hunnie, I can settle the argument between you and Jamie...Ian loves me more lol

    I can't wait to meet u gals in March (hopefully!!)

  26. you look beautiful! Sexy bitches =)

  27. you look beautiful! Sexy bitches =)

  28. flawless!!! I love how you do your liner =) oh my gosh your food looks sooo good right about now.. wish we had meet ups here :\

  29. hahahha sorry to all the people I tempted with food

    @ Dedene LMAO!!!! That's the best advice ever!Tnx

    @ Mets Girll GURL DONT PLAY!!! cuz I will fight both u and jaimie at once if u mess with my man!!!!!! lol

  30. awww it looks fun and the food yummy, If I ever come to your side of the world I would love to attend a meet up :)

  31. i loveeeee your makeup here! you look gorggggeouuus! :)

  32. aww wish i could have come =p looks like you guys had a great time! i remember when she was planning this, but i don't know what happened after that. one day, i'll come to the ATL!


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