Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last of the gorgeus Plastics

wow  the battle of the plastics is almost over! I cannot believe the amount of creativity that all the ladies & gents put into this. I'm so happy you decided to play. There are 18 total plastic entries with 19 lovely plastics.

I decided to split them into two groups, the last 3 entries from last week & the last of the plastics that made the deadline. numbers #10-18.   (click her for Part 1: entries #1-9)

& ps I will be announcing  a lovely surprise soon in relation to the main prize ;)

last week
10. Dith (blog) : as a rich dumb housewife. girl tell that hubby of your's I want to come too!! or just put me in your purse & let's fly away together! :)

11. Pop Champagne (blog): wow I'm totally blown away, loving the limo look, omg & look at her puppy. It's titled "A Reality Star Nobody," :sniff: so plastic & creative, my heart melts.

12. Sarah (blog): yay I was so excited to receive this entry today, such a lovely plastic doll, isn't she gorgeous!!! once I saw those lovely lashes I knew I had a crush!

Last  &  Final Plastic Entries

13. Nneka (blog) 80's Plastic!! how creative! she totally revived the whole 80's hip hop style with a plastic barbie twist. The new plastics are trying to melt the others.

14. Parisky (blog) wow. dear barbies this doll is out to get you! doesn't she look like an immaculate porcelain doll! Look at the one were she blows the kiss, isn't it amazing!!

15. Vanisha Dailey (blog):  love that you twists in her hair, & the bright makeup. aww isnt the last picture adorable!

16. Imogen Foxy Locks (blog) have you seen that movie with Tyra were the doll becomes real & cute. I think ImogenFoxyLocks definitely captured barbie in real life!! the battle just keeps heating up!! wow

17. Niki & Evan (blog) yay!!! omg I was beyond beyond excited to receive this. I got this at 11.42pm right before the contest ended, We have out first & only honorary male plastic!!! I love him so much & Niki of course too is gorgeous with her loving blade. I badly want to put both of them in my tv & pretend their a sitcom! they are beyond Stepford & plastic!!

18 KarBearPrincess (blog):  Last but not the least all the way from the Jersy Shore our honorary guidette!!! if you watch mtv's "Joisey Shaw" you know their all about being super fake. & she's quite funny.

**she supports the Bump it, Victoria secret is her bible, lots of eyeliner, her glammed heels "ducky" phone, and she's fist pumping all her way into the battle of the contest.**

wow 18 lovely & creative entries. & :sniff: 19 of the most beautiful plastics I've ever laid my eyes on. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect group of people. In a dream world, we would all live in one pretty pink bubble, the barbies, dolls, guidettes, stepford wives, husbands, reality stars and just plain fake boobs & lashes people & we'd have a heck of a party!!!

hope yall enjoyed the entries as much as I did, dont forget to check out their blogs, & keep posted for the surprise :)

Love Bombchell


  1. LMAO yeeeees jersey shore repping lol. that was cute!
    lol@ my sad face

    I'm so excited about this :]

  2. Im so upset I didnt have time to create a look but the entries are gorgeous! This will be tough to judge!

  3. Yay so glad I made it haha! Luv the entries, this was so much fun. Thanx Bombchell

  4. I LOVE this contest hun, some of the entries were hilarious


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