Thursday, January 21, 2010

Would you ever buy party clothes at walmart?

time for a non contest blog update!!!

Ive done it all at walmart, nails, hair, pharmacy, pictures, college equipment, we hungout there when we were bored, Subway, McDonalds etc, BUT i NEVER thought I'd buy clothes at walmart, like party; hangout at a bar; cool clothes; (socks don't count) & but worst of all I bought the Miley Cyrus' brand from Walmart.

*hides face*

how did this happen???
well cruising down the store, saw a bunch of cute clothes,&  it said Miley & Max Azria. but I refused to buy walmart clothes, *snob whatever* I might watch Disney shows but c'mon wear Miley Cyrus?! THEN I saw these gorgeous pants!! you know the ones that look like jeans but are actually tights/ leggings, with pockets on them? so that way we can pretend we're not hoochie? yup those ones!! they were on sale for $7!!! from $20. So of course I got both colors in black & one in grey. & did some extra walmart clothing shopping ;)

I now wear those grey pants ALL the time. I think I need to buy more so I'll rotate, have one for Monday, another for Tuesday etc lol.  oooh ooh I wore it on a date, & I have pictures!!

Its a badass line & its affordable, about $10-$20 (both images link to each product & 3rd to collection)

Anyways I love it!! & whenever ppl ask,  I happily  answer
"oh are those the Express pants?" and I go.. "nope got these at walmart for $7." lol

I hadnt figured out how to use my tripod then!! hence the great angle of the pants.

old shirt . forever 21 ♥  peach  tanktop . LA fashion district ♥  Pants. Walmart $7boots: shoeland: $20
*I was on a cheap roll that week, u shoulda seen me, it was beauriful!*

I dont do FOTD's because I wear almost the same exact makeup everyday. I've explained what I normally use  in this past post.

my computer keeps freezing so I cant add more pics from the night.

ps: if you think you might gain 6.7lbs within a month, trust me, take my advice & don't get them extra tight, cuz where the V meets, will tear! lol edited for KillaCam ur pants might rip *not that I would know* but I no longer have my black ones #I'mJustSayin.

Love Bombchell!
*welcome new readers- Ive already met pretty cool people like trueblood addicts, and Jemima J lovers*


  1. All her stuff is definitely cute, but alas, the fit isn't always good.

  2. i love the bubble dress and ur face is flawless

  3. @Ashley sooooo true!! I also bought these shiny tights and they keep falling, but I'm tall. But the jeans are PERFECT1

    @MW thanks love!! my buddy photoshop helped, I have a b4 & after on my facebook page lol

  4. i've seen her stuff at walmart and it is TOO cute! LMAO @ the tearing of the v-area. eew. scratch that. didn't sound right.

  5. @ KillaCamHA HA HA ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I so wasnt thinking that GROSS LMAO!!!!!!! I edited it!

  6. LMAO you are out of control hahahaha those are very cute!! i need to get some :]

    aw look at that upclose pic. sweetface :]

  7. I haven't yet but I'd buy clothes from Walmart... they seem good for basics and stuff. Brand names aren't everything to me... only whatever looks good. ;)

  8. I love the tutu dress from that collection !!!! but my Fiancé told me Miley looked HOT on the picture it made me sick lol DUDE SHE IS 17 YOU CAN'T say that ! lol

    And you look so stunning Michelle bad thoughts are coming to my mind when I look at you (omg I am a pervert lool)

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. LOL.. u kill me!!! i would.. no shame either.. i dont care about brand names either.. must be a canadian thing...

  11. I bought the purple tank with the sequin bow on it. I love it so much and it was on sale for like 5 bucks, why the hell wouldnt I get it? I don't care if its from WalMart or whatever. I love that shirt!

    Bombsy, you look stunning as usuallll. Pretty Nigerian Princess!

  12. i love the close up shot photo.
    i've been to walmart and saw miley's collection.
    the clothes aren't bad. i actually love them.

  13. haha me and my little sister went for black friday
    so everything good was taken we're crusing walmart...and miley cyrus shirts are on sale for like 5 bux so im like "Melan if I get this shirt you can't tell anybody where it's from let alone it's cringe miley cyrus but MAX AZRIA too! lol
    and I got it and I love it and I always get compliments I just lie and say I don't know where its from. bad bad girl

  14. ha! I feel the same way about buying clothes at walmart, target and other stores like that, but I just recently bought 4 shirts from the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria collection too! lol you gotta admit, their nice for cheap.

  15. Dailey ha ha girl i try it

    @ My lovely Canadians lol yeah its offical yall arent into labelds

    @Alysaa ha ha ha I feel you. sometimes when i get something cheap & my friends get it, they try to force me not to tell anyone the truth.

    @Hollywoodlol right back at u babe ;)

    Katrina awww thanks luv

    MissVonDurce u will not tempt me to buy shirts too!! lol

  16. I bought some miley cyrus clothes last week!! They are soooooo CUTE!!

    By the way what photo editor do you use? I'm trying to find some good photo editor. it makes the photos so flawless!

  17. Damn, I guess we better talk before we go out next time b/c I ummm own a few Miley peices..We could do the twin thing, lol. It costs so much to go out clubbin' in the A, gotta cut corners sometimes...

  18. hey girl. omg i stumbled across your blog and i love it! I am now a new follower :) btw, it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo super duper funny and coincidental because i literally JUST uploaded a video to Youtube about my GREAT finds at Walmart (regarding clothing) too and then i linked to your blog from a comment you had left on eki's blog and when i began reading your post, i was like "omg, i hafta comment her about my cool finds at walmart too"! hahahaha! i too bought items from the miley cyrus line..guilty as charged :-P

  19. love the pics and the makeup you look great

  20. Wow what a find! :) I'd love to buy them too but we don't have wallmarts :/

  21. the bubble dress looks cute and i have seen even some cute leggings there--it all about how you put the outfit together than where it is from! By the way, love you hair and that black outfit! xx

  22. @ Sarah Brooke I used photoshop in this post, but Ive also used window live (its described in a previous post), but some other people use

    @ Kendall ha ha ha! that's perfect!

    @ LoveSweetcheeks thats pretty funny. Ill go watch ur utube vid.

    @ Emilia aww thanks luv

    @ Parisky aww, but Im sure walmart has a plan for world domination, so soon ;) u'll have it

  23. honey you are too funny! ive seen her stuff and some of them are cute n dirt cheap! ive bought leggings n pjs from Walmart! why not? hahaha anywho...u wear the clothes! so from looking at ur pics, i ddnt notice CHEAP at all!

    i know its still a while but i hope u show up in LA for IMATS or PowWow!!!

  24. Walmart clothes aren't very good quality, buying basics is ok there. I agree that miley is not really something I wanna be caught wearing but her apparent style is eclectic and appeals to me. Let's just say its a step up from the emo scene, so glad kinds can finally start to look good on their clothes. Tired of the hot topic bullcrap lol.

    thanx for sharing!

  25. I'm getting my ass to Wal-mart and OMG are gorgeous!

  26. I would totally rock Walmart clothing, even though I don't like Miley Cyrus.

    You look UH-MAZING in your photos! Can your skin be any more flawless? Yeesh woman... You put us all to shame! :D

  27. nothing wrong with Wal Mart clothing babe girl... lol ;)

  28. Hi. If you don't mind, could you delete the comment above from "LC"? I decided that I probably shouldn't have put my email on there. lol. Thanks!

  29. edit to remove her email per request.

    I too am guilty of buying Miley's clothes. lol. That purple tank with the sequin bow was too cute to pass up for a measly $8! Also...The comment on the split pants made me laugh. :-)

    As a side note, might you happen to have any new lookbook invites? I am dying for one. I just want to be able to fav looks and such on the site. It would also be useful since I design clothes. Thanks so much!


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