Friday, February 19, 2010

Are you hiding?

I know I am. One of the hardest things to do is to fully be myself. It's much easier to follow a safe path, rather than venture out into the unknown. It's much easier to fantasize.  It's much harder to be yourself when what you are is not the status quo. It's so hard believe & chase a dream when I'm so scared of failure; negative judgement by those close to me, and filled self-doubt. But perhaps fighting those fears, and embracing your light is what it means to truly grow up.

"No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind a door" but isnt that what we do? we should all seek the courage to stop hiding our lights.

I don't know much people who have fully accepted who they are, flaws & all. I haven't met people who truly follow their passions & chase their dreams. Most of us are still running, avoiding who we are.

I guess it's all about weighing options, in my case I don't have a kid to consider, a husband to worry about, I only have me but yet I'm filled with excuses. And still don't have the guts to say "Fuck it! This is what I am, This is my passion, This is what I want" but I'm taking baby steps.

To the few living without masks, shining your lights brightly & letting yourselves grow, congratulations!

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quote from one of my favorite authors- Paulo Coelho in - The Witch of Portobello - which u can read the first chapter legally & for free here.


  1. great post! i think that's something we all need to think about, i know i'm working on it

  2. I like this!!! Very thot provoking.

  3. I completely agree. We all have something that we try to hide or are ashamed of. Even the "perfect" person in the eyes of everyone else would find a plethora of flaws and things they find "imperfect" within themselves.

  4. sometimes people hide who they are, what they want and their expectations ot of self preservation with the notion that if the expose who they are where lies the mystery,yeah?That could mean you have a little to do with some insecurities and complex, but in my opinion I'm thinking that's the best attitude, as for those who do the in you face what you get is what you see,it doesn't always work out that way for them.Nice good piece.

  5. Can you post something easy next time? My brain hurts!

  6. I def follow my dreams... and always am being myself.. I think with the life I've been given, I don't have a choice to be any other way. If I don't do it.. everything will pass me right by. I'm leading by example in my family and I'm one of the youngest lol

  7. gosh a wake up call for me...thanks hun

  8. I can't help smiling at the bitter-sweet irony of this post, dear. It's as if I had written it myself. It rings so true in the current context of my life.

    As you know, a wind of change has blown off the masks of those around me, as well as all my own pretences. Let me tell you, it's not easy. It's like being stripped, makes you feel so vulnerable, so exposed. But if you stick around, you get to like this new person, this lamp behind the door.

    You said you are taking baby steps. I see you as this wholesome, honest person, who doesn't have to shy away from the mirror because she can't look herself in the eyes. Be well, stay good.

  9. I agree with everything you said here. It brought to light the importance of being our own self and not be an image of who we are not. Many things come in the way but we ought to try and be our real 'me'.

    All we can do is try and tear down those walls day by day

  10. nice post, I'm definitely working on that!

  11. Interesting. I can't say for sure if I'm truly and openly revealed yet.

  12. Love that picture of the masquerade mask!

  13. Tell it like it is woman! yes, I'm running. Been running from the truth since...I guess puberty at 13; when my world came crashing down & I met this thing called SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. I would give anything to feel like myself the time before I became so aware of myself.

    Everyday is a struggle. How about we try to take off one layer of pretentiousness per day. Not all the layers at once (people will just think we've gone crazy!) but a gradual unraveling of our true selves. Are you with me?

  14. @ Anyaposh: I'm with you o!

    @ Pratishtha & Angel: ladies I guess we have our work cut out for us, but we can do it :)

    @ The Dailey & The Gaytekeeper: much props to yall. I cant wait to get there. I have to force myself to make changes, and it's not easy

    @ Meya & everyone else who liked this blog post, I'm really glad!!!! Thanks :)

  15. very true! its easier to dream and fantasize than to get up and go do what we gotta do!

  16. Sadly most of us are hiding behind a mask. Myself included! I'm a Libra, so all I do is think of pleasing others and their opinion of me...


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