Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful Agony: facettes de la petite mort (F.L.F)

I haven't done Freakin.Love.Friday's in a while! where art and naughtiness come to play and get you ready for the weekend. So I decided to start this year off with a bang.
pic stolen from amero

Have you heard of Beautiful Agony, if you have, naughty.... naughty..... It's basically a site where people take their "O" faces a.k.a during orgasm. and It also has videos. So you can see a picture of someone or a video of their face/ shoulders while they have sex or masturbate, but you only see their face, expressions, hear their voice, breathing patterns etc. male, female, couples sometimes etc. So it's not your typical porn. I guess there's nothing wrong in watching faces, you look at my pretty face everyday, but the difference is you know what their doing, and it might get you off mentally or creatively.

Buzz Humor has a Scarlett Johansson Look Alike, you can watch it there free
1. Scarlette Johansen here
or here

2. LOL this video is funny!! couldnt finish it I got to finish this post

3. Bad ass song by Jean-Michel Jarre called Beautiful Agony!

According to barepause
La petite mort, French for "the little death", is a reference for the refractory period following sexual orgasm. The term has generally been interpreted to describe the post-orgasmic fainting spells or unconsciousness some lovers experience after an intense orgasmic experience. More widely, it can refer to the spiritual release that comes with orgasm, or a short period of melancholy or transcendence, as a result of the expenditure of the "life force".

I'm not crazy about porn, i prefer litereotica, what can i say? I'm truly a geek. watched it with some friends and we hated the story line (yea yea people dont watch it for story lines). I would rather watch a movie like Unforgivable, Trois or maybe Zane on cinemax with a truck load of sex than just bad porn. So if i to watch porn, I'd skip the hardcore bumping uglies, and watch the pretty stuff.

So if you ever wondered what people looked like while they orgasm, and regular people as a matter of fact, then this site is for you. Or if your just curious.
ps: it's a paid site
pps: you can submit yours

Site: Beautiful Agony

that's all for today's Freakin Love Fridays ;)
Love Bombchell


  1. i didn't know about this site before.
    but looks like a fun site.

  2. LOL. heard of this i think.. its funny.. These ppl sure must be real brave to submit their vids.

  3. Is it possible some might be faking it?

  4. hahaha i saw this in a magazine a long time ago!! and i could never find out what i was looking at... but now i know :]

    yeah facial expressions get interesting during orgasms lol i wanna see what my face looks like ::grabs camera:: lmao

  5. lmao, thats a crazy ass site, thanx for the comment love!


  6. Haha you find the most interesting things! I'd feel like a voyeur, though...

  7. lol hilarious. how'd you come across it? :-P

  8. haha this is crazy! Not interested in posting one of me but just from looking at the faces I knew what was happening lol I will check it later - my younger bro is here lol and he is in the age where girls and kissing are gross...

    Have a blessed day,


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