Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bombchell's Unofficial Valentine Meetup in ATL on Feb 13th

FEB 13TH EDIT: because of the snow, we will not be able to meet at 2pm but if it melts some ladies are still willing to do the movie or everything at a later time. guess we have to improvise :) I'll hit everyone via cell or email

Hi yall

I'm having a mini-Meetup on the 13th. which is this Saturday. So far it will me Me, Jaimie, Cait, & Jill. So come join the 4 of us :)

We will all first meet at Lush Cosmetics in Lenox mall . Lush is having an all day event, where they'll give out gifts, snacks etc. & from there, we'll go across to Phipps Plaza to watch the movie Valentine.  This should be a lot of fun.

here are some pictures from a previous Lush event at a perimeter mall.
dont  have high hopes for this weekends Lush event, because that was their grand opening lol, so I doubt there'll be half naked men or women but I'll be happy with any free gift & awesome discount. and meeting awesome people.

I'm so...... excited to see the movie Valentine! which I posted about here.

If You Are Interested in Coming:
Comment below/ email me ( It's open to everyone, all ages, bloggers, those on twitter, facebook, readers etc.

Kendall & @60watz you better bring your asses here! lol unless ur also booed up on saturday.

Love Bombchell


  1. hehehehhe..I'm the first here today so I've won your attention nice place you got here.. hope i can make it..but if i cant save some lush products for me,yeah?thanks..have fun ok..

  2. i am sooo game... i am excited finally something to i will be here. btw u already know i love ur site... you i started wearing eye shadows and visiting mac more often it lol 60watz

  3. best believe i will be there like stew on rice..yayyyy sooo excited btw i love the site as always because of you.. i frequent the Mac love ya girl


  4. i wish i was in ATL! I wld sooooo be there....I think me and my girls are having a date night on the 14th...SINGLE & Lovin it!

  5. Girl! I'm broke as HELL & if I'm not boo'ed up the day before Valentines Day I'll be hella pissed with Mr. Miami....

  6. ahhhh i'm excited for that movie, too!! :) wished i lived on the east coast, i'd be so down for some lush and movie night!

  7. sounds like fun. if i was in the A this weekend i would hang with y'all. have fun though.

  8. Hey there missy! I keep tweeting u with no response??
    nehoo, so ur blog was my next best shot. Um Did u "unfollow" me and How come I had 2 follow u again yesterday? lol U know I'm stl a newbie on there & hey! no offense taken if that was d case.

    Btw greatttttt idea on d vday hang out thing... Hv fun!


  9. YAYYYYYY i hope im off of work to go have fun :] glad you invited me lol

  10. Wow! That sounds so exciting :)
    I wish I could be there. I could really do with some restoring of my belief in love. I guess that will take some time, and as i shed off the extra baggage, I will be able to shed off the pain. BUT... If all goes well, I might be modeling for the MORA fashion show on 13! That would be great. In any case, I will spend v-Day with my closest friends.

  11. Booo i want to come n play!!!! u ladies have fun!!!

  12. How fun...wish I lived closer, I would totally go!

  13. I wanna see that movie too!

    Have a fantastic Saturday!

  14. luv ur blog! followin! follow back?


  15. I'll be there and I'm bring my homegirl too! Can't wait.

  16. "Bombchell In Atlanta" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  17. sounds like fun. wish i lived in ATL lol

  18. Sounds like a fun time. I am kinda afraid to go on the highways though, damn snow!

    Have another one soon, I want to meet some new people.


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