Thursday, February 25, 2010

California Dreamin (part 1) Santa Monica

Meet My Awesome Italian Friends:
Valentino & Antonio
I've always visited LA since I was a kid, but apart from Disneyland, SixFlags & other theme parks I never did the touristy stuff. Until now! It was pretty cool to see all the places you hear about. (one day I should do the touristy stuff in Atlanta too).

Valentino was our guide, and he's one of the coolest & nicest people I know. Antonio was so funny, he just flew in from Italy the night before, and this was his first time in America, he didn't speak much English, and I don't know any Italian so it was a lot of fun, frustration with the language barrier, laughs, only Italian food, and tons of alcohol :)

first up the world famous Santa Monica Pier
200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401-3126
(310) 458-8900
Looking down

Bubba Gump  Shrimp Company

Me :)

omg childhood memories!!!! I remember these were all the rage!!
Reminded me of Sex & the City

I took this pic because people where fishing on the pier - cool

Then we went to Muscle Beach! which was a close drive from the pier.

Hola Papi!! Hey Sexi!
People were really working out!! I was like? For real? this is like TV.
didn't want to bore yall with more workout/ equipment pictures. But it's crazy it's like a free gym in the heat, right by the beach. crazy!

You know what holidays mess up your workout, before this trip I used to hit the gym like it was a drug. Then during the trip I was freaked out there wasn't a gym on day 1. After this trip I went back to couch potato mode, Its quite hard to start working out when you stop.
LMAO!!!! Y'all Want Some Medical Marijuana? 

Dr's In! but We didn't go In.

We decided to go eat, drink & be merry!

We went to Il Fornaio della Spiaggia. Valentino had been there several times & liked it. The food was great, our waiter was hilarious and so nice, hey he complimented me a lot so I love him!. He kept speaking Italian to EVERY GUEST regardless of if you spoke English, Italian, French or Chinese. He could speak English but he would often reply you in Italian, and the guests had no clue if he understood their order & he would look at us and laugh, It was hilarious,.
We sat on the Patio
I don't remember how many bottles we had, so much bruschetta, and a ton of  other food & dessert. I remember there was this sexy man seating across from me, feeling so cool in his shades lol.

Antonio's Sampler

My delicious Plate! I finished it all!

I love this picture :)

Valentino - our awesome host :)
California Dreamin - thinking of you baby!!!

Can you see our AWESOME waiter on the left - Il Fornaio
If you want to go there, it's right opposite the beach
Il Fornaio della Spiaggia
1551 Ocean Avenue
(across from the Santa Monica Pier)
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: 310.451.7800
More info from LA Times CalendarLive

Best dishesFried squid, stuffed focaccia, roasted artichokes, grilled salmon, chicken cooked under a brick, Tuscan chicken, affogato.
Of NoteMorning pastries and lunch weekdays. Dinner daily. Brunch weekends.
PaymentAmerican Express , Discover , MasterCard , Visa
PricesAppetizers, $5 to $10; pastas, $10 to $16; main courses, $13 to $19. Corkage $10.

however they have several other locations allover California & one in Washington, Vegas, Colorado, Virginia etc, checout their website.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! thought of you while I was there :)
Lol by the time we left Antonio was singing -- "I'm drunk in California...!!!" lmao

....then we drove to Malibu


  1. aww looks like u had a lot of fun :) the food looks yummy too lol

  2. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the Santa Monica Pier! It looked like you had a fabulous time :) This post made me so happy!!! Did you play the carnival games? I loved those so much!

    I'll definitely try to post some good parts from the book ^_^

  3. @ ting RN : i DID!! it was a blast.

    @ DSK Steph: I took a picture of the arcade lol didnt want to post too many pictures. but I didnt go in, lol I didnt even think of it, maybe next time I'll go in, and also try the trapeze (or no).

  4. This post has FUNNNN written all over it. I love the picture with the parakeets in it. Such a lovely, colorful place.

    Oh, and btw, I am GLAD that you didn't go in after the "doctor".

  5. looks like someone had great fun!

    lol@it was a lot of fun, frustration with the language barrier.

  6. I love SM! I vistied for the fist time last year, I will have to post my pictures on my new blog, Gaga for Lala Land.

  7. I love So Cal and SM! My OH and I love Il Fornaio too!!

    Thanks for sharing pics!

  8. This post was great girl! I LOVE me some California!!! Weather, food, shopping, fun, people...why didn't you take me with you?!?! Lol

    Venice Beach was beautiful. I'm so tired of this cold winter weather here! Blah! I'm still rolling on the floor about the conditions "medical marijuana" treats. Seriously?! Only in CA. The food looked delish!

    Thanks for posting these pics! You were beautiful in all of them!

  9. nice pictures. you look good also. :-) looks like you had a good time. good food and blue skies. i'm jealous. question, what type of camera was used to take these pics. seems like high quality. i need a new one myself.

  10. Aww My city <3 I miss santa Monica and Venice =( you look HOT on the picture Very sexy =)

  11. omg Santa Monica looks lovely! I'm jealous at the beaches and the sun, here it's still all snow. You look lovely in the pics and show us more :)

  12. Your gorgeous!!

    Love your blog!!

    Pls check out our Fashion/Celebrity Gossip Blog!

  13. It's so cool that a lot of you have been there!!!!!!

    @ Tunde: i use a regular sony point & shoot. with 10-12 megapixels. but I edited my pictures with windows live & about 2 photoshop

  14. this is where i was in July : ) loved it...visted all those places. did you ride the ferris wheel at night? shop on the promenade? ride the subway to universal studios? funn!

  15. I kinda love Venice Beach and all its craziness. Haha!
    Looks like you travel a lot! Must be amazing!

  16. i love this post!! youre like me lol taking photos of everrrrything and loves to mingle with new faces :]

  17. You come to Los Angeles and don't look up your friend, Riff Dog??? I'm insulted! ;-)

    I love those beaches. It looks like you're having a great time.

  18. Its quite hard to start working out when you stop. --> Oh god, so true. And with the yummy food you posted here, I may just forget all about workout and EAT instead.

  19. cool photos...looks like u had a good time....will u learn Italian now

  20. You so made me want to change my upcoming vacation trip from L.A to Santa Monica! I'm happy you had such a great time!...I'm still in awe that they appear to just be giving away medical marijuanna approvals..I'll be looking that spot up fo sho..LOL

    Great Post!

  21. OK. This is a place where I definitely would like to go to! I wish I was there now!

    Very nice photos! You are beautiful as always!

  22. what a sweet escape, my dear!
    i have never been to California and I'm looking forward
    to visit it this summer.

    Have a great SUnday!

  23. Wow. Looks like you had fun. I have never been to Cali, but now I think It should be on my to do list!

  24. URGH amazing pictures, made me need the sun in my life like NOW!!!!

    u are so freaking pretty. also had to say that.

    I also still need to do the touristy stuff in london lollol


  25. My hood. lol

    Love Venice beach and SM pier but can u believe I hvnt been there since 06? hehe

  26. You are so cute, Bombchell! It looks like you had a great time!

    Why the eff are your posts not showing up on my dashboard? Blogger is gonna get a knuckle sandwich, courtesy of moi.

    Your food looks delicious... Mmm...

  27. I haven't been up to Santa Monica in ages...

  28. wow I have never been but it made me feel like I was there, fantastic photos!!

  29. you look so beautiful in those 2 pictures!

  30. Gorgeous photos! glad to hear you had a blast ;)

  31. Oh my, you look flawless!! Love all the shots, what camera do you use? I love your host and all Italian man with you, I think it's cool you used wine to filter the language barrier, haha. I should have visited Santa Monica when my sis lived there =/ womp womp

    Looks like you had a great trip!!


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