Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Neighbor

edited Feb 10:

background image on my letter was by Gary Minish and he'll send me anonymous insults or maybe worse if I dont take it down. So I'll put up a different letter later.

95% of the time I always use creative commons images, and do not intend to steal anyone's work or take credit for it, and everyone knows Im super crazy about crediting everyone on the net cause I know what it's like when people steal my shit.even when it's creative commons, I sometimes email the people letting them know i used it. & I always try to find stuff that can be modified, so If I made a mistake my bad! but dont come at me anon, when you can be polite about it, I said the background was buy u, and linked it, didnt know it couldnt be modified, found it on a different site, and went above and beyond to find the artists website to link, hence from my linking him, he found this, and left me some anonymous comment on Formsping! formspring!! yup formspring, where people anonymously ask me crazy questions like if im a virgin; my favorite food, or makeup tips . Thanks man for using email, and I woulda probably been apologizing profusely. now Im just irritated.

Have your neighbors done anything to piss you off? I really almost put half of this letter in their mailbox. *sigh*


  1. OMG! I just about lost it when I read this post! LOL! I wrote a letter just like this to my neighbors (on FB). Ours like to play drum and bass all hours of the night. It sounds awesome coming out of their subwoofer. NOT!

    Chopping trees, huh? Who do they think they are? Brawny Men?

  2. My downstairs neighbor likes to play club and gospel music at 1 am on a weeknight and sing at the top of his lungs in a bright falsetto. Yes, I said 'his' lungs...he's a 50 something yr old man with a wife and kid.

  3. Don't you love how "considerate" other can be!!

  4. LOL, I am usually the neighbour at fault but I'm learning, LOL...

  5. lol! neighbours can be so annoying sometimes!!!!

  6. Yes, all the time!!!

    If it isn't their loud ass dog named "Honey" (who I would love to kick to the other side of the country) waking me up early (before it's time for me to get up) in the morning, it's my neighbor's husband and his damn cars. Seriously, what 43 year old man is still in love with hearing car engines???!!!! He just loves to rev up the engine as loud as it can go...even on the weekends when I'm off and all I want to do is rest!!!! They need to go!!

  7. i wish i wrote my neighbor a letter like that before i moved.

  8. I have actually written a neighbor letter to an old neighbor once. It was about their dog. Haha.