Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm with Stupid!

I love the new Diesel campaign "Be stupid". & I find it pretty funny. so I'm posting  most of them for today's Non Mundane Mondays. Enjoy.

"Smart may have the brains, but Stupid has the balls"

lol you know you've taken pictures too! & probably sent it *I'm just sayin*

Stupid Is Creative!

for more:

Are You With Stupid?

Say it loud!

& to all my fellow stupids out there:

What stupid thing have you done?
i've hidden behind a door!! so....genius right. it was a great hiding spot. It was summer, we had curfews, & girls couldn't be in the guys dorm after certain hours. so of course I was drinking underage in my guy friend's room, not being quiet at all. lol so when staff came I had to hide... not under the bed, but behind the door (actually I tend to always hide behind doors)

so...what of you? did you have to streak in college to join the soccer team? or a frat? like the guys in my college. *fun memories*.

for more on the Diesel campaign click here:


  1. That was really cool! I can't choose the best

  2. nice ads! Who doesnt like being stupid from time to time!!! haha

  3. OMG I love them they are so good and funny ahah you are the best you know how to pleasure you lil Chloe =) lol

  4. lmao at these pics,just checking you out,cheers

  5. LOL these are hilarious! They remind me of American Apparel for some reason...

  6. Love these. I guess that makes me stupid though, if im Trial and Error...but mostly error.
    Or does that just make me fun?!?!

  7. These are hilarious! My ultimate stupid act is not meant for public consumption. :D

  8. They are really really funny. Seriously, why must fashion and the rest of the world take itself so seriously. I love this campaign.

    Thanks for sharing, dear. Hope you had a wonderful V-Day!

  9. LOL I haven't seen any of those yet, I'm loving the ads! :D


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