Monday, February 8, 2010

Very Funny Point-of-View Videos (college humor)

I'm really excited about these videos for Non Mundane Mondays. I really loved these videos and found them hilarious, so hopefully this will cheer up your week, and give you a little clue into the male or female mind from these P.O.V videos

All of today's videos are created by CollegeHumor

Video 1: guy's P.O.V Your First Kiss (on a date)

Video 2: POV Girl Buys Condoms

Video 3: POV Guy Buys Condoms ..... lol I hope must of you guys don't do this!

Video 4: POV: Really Hot Girl. (lol smack yourself if your also guilty of thinking a few of the things she said)

Video 5: POV Guy stuck in history class: (LMAO shame on you for thinking this. lol I admit the clock thing has happened to me!! I'm like dang!! 2hrs 30mins. I look up omg 2hrs 28mins!)

another non pov funny video
Video 6: Why Girls Don't fart!

you can watch more videos by College Humor on their youtube page, main site, twitter, or facebook.

Hope you all enjoyed these videos, stop by next Monday for more videos, and heck out past ones.
Love Bombchell


  1. @June I'm glad you enjoyed the videos :)

  2. OMG that's Hillarious I am a FAN thank you to entertaining my life as a SICK and Miserable woman
    love you <3 lol

  3. I love this stuff.. College Humor is hilarious!


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