Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When A Bombchell Falls...

... she falls very hard.

Garrett Neff for the S/S 2010 campiagn of Blanco photographed by Hunter & Gatti (source)

song: When I Fall in Love - Nat King Cole

I can't help it. I'm always optimistic. I love hard.  I let my guard down. I keep trying because when the right person comes, I want to give my all, with no guards. But  the more times I fall & hurt myself, the more scared I am of getting up to try again.

...she falls freely
(movie: The Notebook)

....sometimes blindly

...& she falls over & over again.

Daniel Henney (from Seducing Mr Perfect)

... she falls deeply & passionately with everything in life & it's sometimes overwhelming lust ... in love .... with hope ... in heartbreak ...and in love again

James Blake (my sister is so sad Australian Open is over, she actually watched it for the sports) I remember him  from when he had the dreads! my limited tennis knowledge. gosh he's beautiful!

while starting this post, I was watching vh1's Storyteller's for the 1st time with John Mayer, and this song came on. & I thought how perfect for this post! it just fitted the mood & vibe. Your body is wonderland :)

...but no matter what! though it might take some time, she'll stand up high again ;) cuz that's what we do

Love Bombchell!


  1. I hope when a BombChell fall hard she doesn't hurt herself to much thought =)

    The shoes on the last pictures are SO F***** HOT I almost had an orgasm =)

  2. i love this post, sweetie!
    it's nice to fall in love but sometimes
    it brings heartaches too.
    take care sweetie pie!

  3. @ Hollywood : lol Chloe I love u so much!!!! your comment is hilarious

    @ mom & son : aww glad you like it

  4. WORD.

    there's nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve, as long as you don't let heartaches knock you down to the point where you can't bring yourself up back again. i say, KEEP FALLING. it's the only way to love after your heart's broken.

  5. Chell, hope your heart isn't permanently damaged. You deserve better.
    I love those shoes, too!

  6. lovely post!! Yeah it definitely sucks when you give it all but the other person just throws it away.

  7. Kudos to you for getting back up again, even though I'm sure you don't always feel like it!

  8. Is it sad to say that I'm drooling? Lol, great eye candies!!

  9. Aww this made me smile. Are you, by any chance, in love?


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