Friday, March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga's Telephone Official Vid feat Beyonce

wow I have to admit I'm pretty blown away. This video collaboration with Lady Gaga & Beyonce lives up to the hype! It's so creative, and I want every costume & outfit in it. Amazing video, some parts are a bit.... nudish but it's gaga, it's expected.

ps: look at the bottom right of the video, beside the speakers, you can change the quality up to HD!!

I think this collabo is way better than the Beyonce's VideoPhone  video that had both of them in it. Did you see the makeup. they looked like dolls.

I love the gender bending etc. & her jail scene tough look.


- the part about her not having a dick ala all the rumors

- My siblings wondered if Beyonce would only have one costume change since, Lady Gaga only had one in the B video

- y'all have to be honest, lady Gaga looked super skinny, like Sarah Jessica Parker uncomfortable skinny, almost anorexic in the B video. BUT in the dance scene in the Gaga vid, she looked normal size & gorgeous as always, and B looked a bit chubby.

*sigh* gosh I hope all the B & Gaga stans dont try to jump me!! fuck its my blog & I'll be honest!! stans or not. however that was the only scene & I giggled

- I loved the ad placements. PlentyOfFish (dating site), Virgin mobile (do we have Virgin in the US???), Coke, Polaroid etc

I cant think of a video more creative than this. I have to give it to Gaga & B they are fabulous entertainers.

Thanks to Vevo for their amazing clear quality!!! what did you think of the video? It's like a cool movie right?


  1. I am so in love with GAGA I wanna marry her and be in Jail with her in the Lesbian's Prison <3

  2. LMAO!!!! Chloe I love you so much. I'll be slightly jealous if you abandon me for her though, but it's ok cuz it's gaga.

  3. Im a beyonce and Gaga fan and i loved the video a lot, but i dont think the Gaga style looks good on beyonce, she kinda looked (im so sorry) silly when she was dancing at the end. Just my opinion. But I loved the video, it was really creative

  4. Really nice.. you always find a way to make everything so hilarious and interesting..
    I like ..

  5. Really nice.. you always find a way to make everything so hilarious and interesting..
    I like ..

  6. The long awaited video lived up to its expectations! I love Gaga n Beyonce they are so freakin cute n funny together :)

  7. Awesome video. And yes, as you said, they are both great entertainers. I know so many women who adore Lady Gaga. just goes to show a thing or two about "doing your own thing".

  8. I'm fond of this song & this video clip !
    Lady Gaga is just FANTASTIC !

  9. Beyonce and Gaga the two baddest chicks in the game nuff said! LOL Love the video!!

  10. I liked the video too. Way better than beyonce's video phone.


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