Monday, April 12, 2010

my head is all mushy

I love books!! well novels, especially romance. I started as a kid, and I don't see the point in stopping now. I'm already a hardcore romantic so why not keep sipping the koolaid?

Books are totally orgasmic. I get soo happy when I enter a bookstore, totally delirious. so Last time I was at Borders Bookstore, I was asking people on my blackberry messenger to suggest books. And one of my lovely friends Temi who has been on my blog a few times, suggested I try an author, but I had never heard of her. sooooo........

She sent me her collection of the author by mail, and threw in an author we both liked. A book a night. these are 17 ways to keep me happy, jaded, and a total mush. This is probably the worst time to deal with guys, they all have Spring Fever, and are trying to seduce & bed every girl, but my head's in the clouds!

you know I love love movies! well I love novels more, it's like a day long movie. and yup I've declined to go on dates because I was reading a novel. dorky & proud :)

Off to shower!! trying to plan something fun for my buffday.

Thanks again boo!!!


  1. I totally agree! I love books, and have skipped social events and read books instead.. haha! I love romantic novels and movies, but books are always better!

  2. Cool post! I loooove to read too ~ in fact I was called bookworm as a kid haha. I love Nora Roberts romance :) Haven't read a book in the past 5 years, but I would love to have time to cozy up to one!

  3. I love books as well. I wish those books were mine. I could really use a good book right now!I am tired of reading text book...ugggg!

    Tc, Nia B

  4. @Tiltumaria, Sophia & Nia B.
    U three ladies rock!!! how cool. more sexy book lovers.

    Sophia: oh gosh I always try to avoid buying more Nora Robert novels when I go to walmart!! so dreamy!!!

  5. Oh wow! That was very nice of your friend. Hope you are doing good!..xx!

    I am currently ready. Act like a lady think like a man-Steve Harvey. I love books!

  6. ooo! i love books too : ] i just went to the library yesterday and now i'm reading "imaginary men". yup, i'm in a mushy mood too!

  7. i was just talking about book reading with my close guy...
    i love reading, it takes me away for a while
    I need to buy a book very soon.. as a matter of fact I need to make that my duty this weekend

  8. Oh hey, I don't know her. Tell me if she's good! :)

  9. Omggg I love books too babe! I spend hours and hours in a bookstore and I think I spend more money on books than anything else. I kinda stopped for now though because I have way too many unread books and no room on my shelf. Boo.

  10. Me too! Nothing beats laying low under the covers with a nice Penny Jordan ;-) If you want an exhaustive list of good writers let me know!

  11. All those books are making me salivate. I must resist Amazon...

  12. I'm currently reading 'Old Man and The Sea'. I love it so far! Reading beauty blogs is fun, but I like it mix it up a bit, too!

  13. I absolutely love brenda jackson!!!!!!! so jealous!!!


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