Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2 - Fri 21st - Maryland

Have you ever left a camera with a bored child!!??? Trust me my aunt has learnt her lesson, My lil cousins take pictures of everything, including random shows of tv channels. amen for digital camera, or polaroid would make money of them.

So..... Day 2 in the Maryland (DMV)! My cousins Sunshine & Nneka went to pick up Data from the airport in DC who arrived from London. Unfortunately I hadn't painted on my face or gotten my hair ready. so... they picked her up, went shopping, and left me Home! Alone! with a Camera! & bored out of my freakin mind with not one novel or PC!!

I drove my blackberry buddies mad with my status updates.

Proof of Boredom:
Daily Failed attempt to curl my hair with a flat iron!

OMG: Necklace : $10 store in the NC airport <<< that almost made me miss my flight, I spent about $108
Skirt: Old Navy (real cheap), Shirt (borrowed from sunshine)

I have perfected this face!!! smh

Now I look like I'm in the toilet
Told ya! B.O.R.E.D.O.M

Pinky (hiding her face) flew in for sunshine's graduation. lol straight from the airport. I actually thought they came to save me from the house!!! was wrong but we gisted till night.

Pinky's a giant. Hence Temi and I look like midgets (actually she was on the stairs when she took the picture)

LOL Temi claims the picture below will reduce her bride price!!! I told her on facebook to be proud that at least Nigerian guys will know she eats Nigerian food and she's not too boughie ROTFL

 Later that night!


  1. lol is she (Temi) eating pounded yam with her hands? She looks good doing it tho i's look a mess if i tried that :)

  2. @ Oreleona BWAHAHAHAHAHA I never imagined what I look like. i would have done the same but there was no garri. I think she made farina.

  3. love your nails!! Did you do them yourself?

  4. loveee ur top and the blue tipped nails!!! u gals are fabbb!

  5. welcome to my state! nice nails xx

  6. I still loveee your hair! & outfit!

  7. so love these pics!!!
    And you all are really P.R.E.T.T.Y

  8. Love your top and manicure, darling!


  9. you really dont look bored ;-))
    love the picture...

  10. LOL i love going to mcdonalds after a night of clubbing too! Mcdonalds or Dennys lol! You look great btw loveee your shoes!!


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