Wednesday, May 5, 2010

D'banj Fall in Love (Official Video) & Ciara's bathing suit from the Ride Video

D'banj - Fall in Love (Official video) featuring actress Genevieve Nnaji

a while ago in a non mundane monday's post I had a video of an Nigerian artist that had a video that a lot of people were talking about, and a friend wanted me to post it. It was a funny video. Apparently the video was for Mnet etc and wasn't the official video.

so the new video's out. It's very cute. making Nigerian gossip blogs and papers go crazy. He's a popular artist, and I don't watch Nigerian movies (because they never end, it's like part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc and yall know I have no patience) but the lady in the video is one of the most popular actresses in Africa (Nollywood, like Bollywood). extra info for non Nigerian readers to get an idea of the fun hoopla.

So the new video just came out: it's so cute! and I really like the song. I need to catch up on my Nigerian music.

ps: sorry haven't been updating, I just haven't been excited about much, i feel like ive been everywhere in Atl, food, club, you know, nothing new, like it's same pictures, same friends, different clothes. maybe I need a change of scenery ;)

the gossip interviews: (not sure of original sources to site)
His interview about being in love
Here coy response
Then him answering if its a publicity stunt.

Ciara - Ride Video
OMG & HOW COULD I FORGET!!!!!! HAVE U SEEN RIDE!???! omg Ciara from goodies is back!!!!!! she looks amazing!!! the video is kinda rated R, or the lyrics. the video does make the song.

(if you're outside the US and can't watch it, watch it here)

LOVE IT!!!!! I heard she said it's about exercise *side eye* we aint stupid it's obviously not about riding some equipment  that is in my gym. If not I need to switch gyms.

I think she looks like Kendra from badgirlsclub & LoveGames on oxygen

thanks to Necole Bitchie for IDing the swimwear, it's by Norma Kamali $315 (buy it here)

or a similar $65 one here by Swimwear123

other pics courtesy of: BellaNaija & FlyStyleLife

That's all folks :)


  1. omg.. girl u save me..from this crazyness called a job.. i love the cici post she inpsired me to give up my couch potatoe state lol.. as for dbanj.. omo he is not bad looking ooo hmmmmm... the video is nice... they tried cus i also dont have the patience for their fuckery(nigerian music videos and movies) but this was was good...loved the (storyline)..i need more..plz update asap..sick of sandrarose and :) luv loads

  2. Very nice. No!!! you can't stop posting. You are my link back to ATL. for reals
    So the Dbanj video was cool, but what is this naija thing about calling girls every food known to man (sweet potato, banana) - na wa o
    So true about naija movies too. Oh and i thought genevieve's friend was actually really pretty
    p.s. thanks for the hookup for us outside the US on Ciara - can we say sexy? wow

  3. yea you need to catch up on ur naija music , naija is really upgrading with music ( and videos)/movies/fashion...dont sleep on naija oo! have a wonderful week ahead

  4. I'm not eben going to pretend to be hap those two- D-banj and Genevive. I only await the drama that is bound to follow... I tagged you on a post in my blog titled.. ' ten things I love'

  5. Lovely video I must say, but I think it is a publicity stunt. But if its true, they would look good together.

  6. I got it from this wholesale beauty supply store near my house =) I saw a few scattered around my local Ulta but never the whole collection display =/

  7. Ms. Chiara has awesome legs, very muscled. She certainly looks better in the swimsuit than that anorexic model.
    Thanks for the Nigerian culture update.

  8. I don't think it's about exercise, but she does have the body that shows a lot of it. She looks fab.

  9. OH MAN, i need to hit the gym after watching that ciara video! like frig look at her mid-section & here gluteus; this babe is fit. Her body is my inspiration to do cardio for an hour every day for the rest of my life!

  10. I love D'banj and all my other Naija musicians, Wande Coal, M.I. Aw this song is amazing! reminds me of Summer 09 spending my hols in Lagos! Thanks so much for posting this! =D



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