Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I look Fly, I look good, touch my swag, wish you could

5 songs on replay on my laptop. (or via youtube lol)

fun song that will make anyone feel themselves a little too much!! LOVE IT!!

Chalie Boy - I look Good

some Lyrics

Oh My Momma (Momma)
On My Hood (Hood)
I Look Fly (Yeah)
I Look Good (Good)
Touch My Swag (Swag)
Wish You Could (Could)
I Look Fly (Yeah)

Ballin´ is a drug
That I don´t mind abusing

4 other songs I'm loving now. 3 are by Alicia Keys, Adam Lambert & Usher. And the 4th my cousin played the young money song for me. disrespectful but so funny.

what's on your player so I'll check it out? running late for a facial, considering buying the clarasonic thingie Nu told me about.

sooo late: 3rd player playlist I made. sorry it's not in order:

Create a playlist at


  1. I love Alicia Keys! Ever since "Fallin", that girl can sing!!

  2. Yeah B.O.B is serious right now... his cd is really good

  3. whatya want from me & omg are on constant replay for me 2 =)

  4. I loved your posts and pics.. Longtime! Hope you good? Take care

  5. I loved your post and pics..
    Looking good I see..
    How you?
    Have a splendid weekend.

  6. I keep commenting, Don't know if you got the previous ones

  7. Yes I must admit I am soooo in love w/ Usher OMG

  8. Some singles i've been feeling are: "Its in the Morning" by Robin Thicke f/Snoop Dogg, "Women Lie Men Lie" by Yo Gotti, and "Love King" by the Dream

  9. Loving your playlist girl. Hope you had an awesome weekend.


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