Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nneka's Graduation @ Opera

Went out on this past thursday to Opera to celebrate my cousin Nneka's graduation!!!! cheers hun!! so every thursday is Hiphop night (aka it's black on that day... LMAO we're not even on the gallery in the main site, you have to go to a special website for Thursday which hasn't been updated).

Club Opera
1150 Crescent Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 874-3006

so got ready!! decided to do a look that wasnt my constant look (black liner, pinks lips, no eye shadow) so I played with eyeshadow!! Aren't u proud.

Cars Pics as usual.


so we took a million that were gorgeous with various club photographers @ Opera. so ran to the site to look for the pictures, and I almost threw up my dinner.

oh my gosh!!! Like I knew I gained sooo much weight (20lbs, no kidding, my fat ass weighs 169lbs!!! now HA HA). hmm well dat didn't stop me from eating two pan pizza's from Pizza hut for dinner earlier tonite, ...then going out to dinner again tonite. Anyways my point is the pictures were HIDEOUS!!!!

proof that cannot even motivate me to hit the gym. lol sad case. ok so these below are..... ick

I was like "what the fuck!!" All the pictures on the photographers site were from the end of the freaking night; when we met up with some friends upstairs in VIP cuz it was her birthday, like around 1am. BUT what happened to all the cute pictures at 11pm when I looked cute, downstairs!!!!!. and omg not even photoshop can save my fat ass!!!  OMG.....

But a girl can try... Best believe I edited the pictures to look less rhino-ish!

^^ cropped the ish out of it.

Next time I'm only gonna take 2 pictures with club photographers, rather than 24, cuz dis aint top model they don't give a crap what you look like. lol.

you know what's funny!!!! I felt like the ish that day!! Kanye had NOTHING, i mean nothing on me!! we were on fire!! Like the night was surreal, like all we had to do was blink and we had the hottest guys hitting on us ... then a nice guy mistakenly spilt a drink on my cousin, .... then I saw the pictures! BUT my point is, Thomas' Theorem! I felt like i was the ish, and i had the best night ever, we got home at about 5.30am.

2 random pics by the photographers from the night.

oh yeah some people have asked my new twitter: @ChellBomb I hardly use it.


  1. pictures od myseld make me cringe to at times
    its def true dat d camera adds 10pounds

  2. Cute picture you look HOT darling !!!!!

    Chloe <3

  3. YOU GIRLS LOOK SOOOO FREAKING HOT BABE! I love the lippie in the first pic and the shoes in the last pic. <3

  4. you look sooooo fabbbb and so does ur gfs! i'd love to party it up with u gals!!!!

  5. I think you still look very pretty! 20 pounds more or less it isn't important. What really is important is how you felt that night :) (and just forget those pics :P)

  6. Girl, FOOD IS FUN! i guess i would just say, don't over do it. Or you could always run in the morning. That's what I do, i love to run and the outfits are so cute ;o)

  7. it's all about how you carry yourself! why do you think you had all those dudes tryin to get at you?! hahaha

  8. yayyy youre back back back! you look good though lol.. how tall are you?

  9. BLEURGH! Babe I feel your pain!!
    I HATE being tagged in bad WTH?? What happened to selective editorial rights? Why can't professional cameramen only put up the GOOD pics!! :(

  10. You look good still, loved the smiles.

  11. Love your make up and your hair. You surely don't look 169 lbs, you must be pretty tall. You look fab.

    Love your site girl, check me out...

  12. LOVE the makeup and I LOVE the shoes shot!

  13. you look pretty lady! I understand though, sometimes I hate seeing my club photos especially when I just knew I looked great them bammm loads of horrible pics for all to see.

  14. nice pictures though, im almost 169 as well, as long as my face doesn't get fat then im good...isn't that chief capo u took a pic with?

  15. @onosetale (damsel): yeah that's capo.

  16. Why did the extensions suck so hard? You look great though. If you really don't feel good about your body then I suggest the 30 day shred, you will sweat and want to curse Jillian out! haha

  17. 1. They eyes are fabulous!
    2. Girl, you still look great.
    3. Those are some bad ass shoes.


  19. I love the makeup in the first picture!!! Hot pink is a winner :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm following your blog now doll!



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