Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunshine's Graduation - Atl Takeova - DMV Trip

So my cousin Sunshine graduated this past Monday, 24th of May from UMBC! Woot Woot!!! congrats chica. You should have heard us screaming, we were like groupies. lol even the Dean & teachers commented that she had a lot of fans.

So on Thursday (LAST WEEK) omg I'm updating so soon not late. Better be proud!!! well I can be proud for both of us (^_^) . So these are pics of me & my cousin Nneka getting ready for our 9am Flight to Maryland

Stuff The Camera Missed:
Little did I know what was in store for me!!! Nneka used AirTran & got there in 1hr 45mins. I paid double with US Airways (late booking) & dealt with a 4 hr flight, people farting on the plane, delays, freezing, and being told a blanket was $7, and crazy ish. (but I saw a $10 jewelry store in NC that made it great, until I almost missed my layover flight shopping lol)

smh everyone on my BB was laughing at me. Yes I deleted my old twitter, and added a new one, it's @ChellBomb.

Stuff the camera missed:

Later that night we went with friends to P.F Changs to eat. I was such a fatty on that trip. I got white rice, almost cried when I realized I should have gotten the fried rice because I had tried it before and loved it. Gosh I even spilled a drink one of our friends.

DMV : DC, Maryland, Virginia. their all close, almoist everyone goes from each state to the next like it's one big happy family. we stayed in MD and partied in DC etc.

Next day pics coming up... very soon


  1. I love both of you guys hair!

  2. You girls look lovely and that hair and your coz's eyes, lovely!

  3. ur hair looks nice!!! =)

  4. boobees for days.. i was eyeing them hahahaha so pretty

  5. you are sooooo gorgeousss!! love the hair and the dress and the make up!!! loveee everything! :)

  6. Your hair is tooooo FLY!!!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress u look beautiful!!!!

  8. looks like you had fun. i love home. i can't wait to go back. nice pics. :-D

  9. C.O.O.L
    You all are just to cute to be real!
    Good to know you had sweet fun,
    Congrats to your cousin!

  10. YOu two are just so stylish!!

  11. You stay around people that fart!!! lol!!! Poor Baby!!!
    We need to plan our study date for this week & what night were going out. See my priorities are straight! I put study date before going out. :)



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