Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fuck Me Pumps

So a while ago I bought these bad ass F Me Pumps! (ps: Amy Winehouse has a cool song by the same name)

I was inspired by this scene in Secret Diary of a Call girl. couldn't figure out who the designer was for the black patent shoe with pink soles (I've seen yellow, red, maybe blue, but not pink), so if you know the designer do say.

Anyways so I googled!! & ended up buying the shoes via amazon because they were cheaper in my size. Apparently they are stripper shoes or similar, like I care. BUT OMG the stiletto heel is 5 3/4 inches, almost 6 inches!!! I'm almost 5'8 tall so do the math.

It's cute so I got it more for fun, than usability. However my cousin is about 5'5 and got plane black ones, and they don't look as dramatic. It feels funny & super high on, but everyone else that wears it looks normal to me.

Shop here: for 47.25 (was $65)

2. Amazon


reminds me of Dorothy & the wizard of Oz.

3. The main official website for Bordello shoes.


  1. damn honey, those r some fuck me pumps!!! ps i envy ur height!

    1. Dont envy Katrina.Look up marilyn monroe,vida guerra,kim kardashain,shakira,jessica simpson,mulher melao,mayra veronica,coco austin,Sarah lime,Monica santiago,Arab,latina,italian,armen­ian,etc women! all these women are not tall I listed either!! actually, shorter women have more estrogen which explains curves :)
      those shoes though are sooo pretty! and the girl is very lovely! keep rocking those great heels!

  2. Those are so cute! Can't wait till I start wearing heels.

  3. i loveee these! and i love the blog title! defff "fuck me" status

  4. I love that show... Hope they come back for another season.

  5. Those are one sexy pumps! Not bad for the price I might say!

  6. The shoe looks edible, wow. LOL...

  7. What a lovely blog! It's my first time here and I really like it!

    juliet xxx

  8. I just had a mini orgasm looking at this shoesssss

  9. I know paris hilton has shoes with pink bottoms. so does alexander mcqueen. not sure if that helps lol.

  10. Those shoes are effin fierceee! They remind me of a sexy Betty Boop lol

  11. i love them ! ahhh shoes are my weakness.

    check out my blog soon ; i awarded you :)

  12. love them shoes

    i'll buy them in bright red and wear on a black outfit...

    i remember you from back in the days.

  13. Goodness gracious can you walk in them?! They are super cute though. I can't believe you are 5' should try out for ANTM!!!!!

  14. Wow, what a shoe... how do you walk in them? its indeed cute though.

  15. P.S. You've got a blog award:

  16. I'm 5'8" too and love towering over people in heels, hehe. ^_^

  17. OH wow, those shoes are so damn hot!
    How high are the heels, darling?
    Love those shoes!

  18. OMG those shoes r soooooooooo cute i ♥ them!


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