Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lux & Current Sushi - DC

the ladies getting ready!! woot woot time to go out, after my day of boredom.

gosh my boobs looked huge that night ;) lmao

We got to Lux
649 New York Avenue Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20001
(202) 347-8100

hmm it was African music night on Friday, and Jide's graduation party


no freaking idea who this chicks were. smh

so we left.... after a while... and turned the road into a photoshoot lol

Hilda & Temi (remember she gave me the novels!!!)


then we headed to Current to party some more, and called it a night (well after McDonalds, we called it a night)
1215 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20036-2649
(202) 955-5525

There was an on going joke that there were the plastics & the naturals. you could guess what team I was proud to be on! extensions, lashes etc.
Team Naturals

Team Plastics Old car 

Sunshine - the graduate


That's all folks. then we partied the next day. A lot of people on fb asked me bout me & my cousin's outfits. so I'll tell you ladies they are American Apparel Disco Pants -$78. shhh. you can buy from the website here.

Laters! Luv Bombchell
hmm and regarding American Apparel I have some good news for those in Atlanta.


  1. hahah you all looked lovelyyy!!
    i wish i had a group of girls to hang with lol

  2. Cute pics! Team Naturals were lovely but I'm a Plastic as well so GO TEAM PLASTICS! :D

  3. is that HEN I SEEE!!!! loveeee! u gals are fabbb as always!

  4. first pic just screams out BOOBIESS!! hehehe... well honey u know i love u and u n i know ur drop dead gorgeous!!

    ps.i love u in them AA disco pants!

  5. hawt mama! I love those pants, I was about to ask, but u so kindly posted where they were from, thx :)

  6. Wo Bombshell you having so much fun these days I'm beginning to see that I live a boring life!
    You girls definitely glow! Preety.. I'm so jealous..
    Now here's what you'd o..
    My birthday's coming up.. I need to change my make-up lol.. AS A GIFT!..
    Have fun this week, cheers!

  7. You guys looked sooo fabulous. The pants are really nice!

  8. You and your friends are so cute! It looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

    LMBO @ the picture of the girls you didn't know. I always take random pictures of people in crowds, too. My husband did that once and caught a guy picking his nose. Bahahaha!

  9. Girlllllll, i am feelin that blue/black leggings look! You look sooo good!

  10. You look stunning, as always. Just gorgeous.

  11. Woahhh. You look gorgeous!!

    Thanks for following my blog =)

  12. great blog ! lovely pics
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

  13. My hubby gets so mad when I take random pics of people, he swears someday someone will punch me!!

    Lux and Current are nice lounges, feels like I haven't been there in forever, I'm getting too comfortable in bed at night, lol.

    Great pics, look like you had fun!!


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