Friday, June 11, 2010

Re- Count!! Correct American Apparel Winner & 2nd winner ISAAC

whoops. Thanks to an anonymous comment, I realized the winner in the last entry that I posted a few minutes ago was wrong. great catch!! :)

Apparently out of the 21 comments, there were 15 enteries, not 16 (one was a double post). Thanks for catching it!!!!

here's the recount explanation. (click to make bigger) between no 6 & no 7 was the mistake.

Correct Count

New Winner Random Number:
ReCount Winner

omg!!!! i swear this is spooky!!!!!!!!!!!!! or today's your lucky day. The randomizer picked no.11 Kendall again.

so due to the weirdness of this giveaway I've decided to try again & give a second person my line pass, so you can use it & cut the lines (^_^). do wave to me when u see me in the line.

And the 2nd winner of the line pass is no 13. ISAAC!!!! 

to Isaac : pls email me your full name so I can give you the line pass, my email's bombchell[@] Congrats luv!

Thanks for playing & next time I promise to recount 5 times, before posting. *shy face* :)

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  1. She was truly meant to win. so funny. Great giveaway btw.


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