Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My first pair of Christian Louboutin's

woot woot. ok so sure this wasn't on my 2009 xmas Lust List, but I thought it was. I didn't need it, but thanks to conspicuous consumption, the media, fashion, musical lyrics, "look at my red bottoms! shove it in your face I'm a fashionista and own real Louboutins!!," I really wanted one!!!

Hey, I'm just keeping it real, we can be honest with each other, right? It's a fashion statement, and Sandra Bullock rocked it in The Proposal.

So.... anyways was considering buying a cool one... you know so everyone would assume of course I had a million pairs at home, but I decided to start with a classic and work my way up. It was a lovely gift and I was super excited to get it, I couldn't believe that finally my label whore dreams were coming true *sniff* *teardrops*

You know you are a shopaholic when after you own it, you don't really care to open the box or wear it for a while.

So here are the pictures.
The Blogger in me refused to open it for almost a month until I found my camera charger --- yes very sad! lol

some people have shoe dust bags, why don't I have one??

I'm a size 10.5 which should be a 40, but I fit into the 42! so please make sure you try em before buying them. They had some Mint green ones on sale at Neiman Marcus for $599, luckily it was my size so I tried this style "Very Prive 120," it fit & I ordered the black ones for normal price (bout 5 inches).

random ish:
-omg some shoes were supposed to be "toe cleavage!!" um what *_* I opted out on those, sometimes a girl has to say no to certain fashion trends.

-This is what it looks like after 2 nights of wearing them doing normal stuff like going on date, cousin's birthday, lounge.
smh You'd think I walked a mile, or danced a storm

People asked me about the price but since it was a gift I couldn't remember - found the answer yesterday :)

-they don't go above a 42, but if you are Paris Hilton or similar you can get them custom made.

-on a comfort level: they're okay, not as comfortable as flats, not unwalkable like some heels.

Found these great links on how smarter people like you can protect your  red bottoms & Christian Louboutin shoes if you care, or just say screw it and fix it when it gets really bad.

Just got back from MD got a lot of catching up to do :( 

PS: if any of u go to the Manchester United game in Philly & see some fanatic black chick with a Vuvuzela say hi to my sister ^_^  Amanda, lol.


  1. They look gorgeous!!!!
    I can't wait until I buy my first pair=D

  2. Ugh, I'm dying now! Who new a pair of shoes with red bottoms could make a girl swoon. :)

  3. Awww so smexy and classy! Poor bottoms tho! :*(

  4. wow!!! amazing shoes, I love them. congratulations!!!!! ♥

  5. LUCKY YOU!!!!

    Hopefully ill be next lol

  6. Hello Darling!
    Wow! I want those shoes!
    They are too sexy!

  7. Beautiful! But isn't it wearing rather quickly?

  8. Do you feel like you're in Paris whenever you put them on?
    They're splendid, enjoy every minute of them.

  9. congrats on ur new babiiiiesss, babes!!! they are sooooo hot!!!! and u prob rock em like no other for sure!! :)

  10. omg it's gorgeousssssssssss! i'm trying to save up for louboutins myself! :D

  11. Wow congrats on the new lovelies! I wish I had a pair. =(

  12. lovely gorgeous shoe!! Sad that the bottom wears so fast :( But I love them still!!

  13. Wow! They are awesome. Gasp, gasp...

  14. do you know where they were purchased from?!

  15. @ Jade, I got them from the Neiman Marcus store in Atlanta, however they have a store online, or you can try other stores like Saks :) hope that helped

  16. Absolutely gorgeous. I have been thinking about getting these because they are so classic and would work with so many outfits!
    Great buy! Thanks for stopping over at my blog :)

  17. How expensive it is :O
    ure very lucky

  18. i got the same ones a lot cheaper from china they come with the packet and everything even with original pricee...loll

  19. they are HOT! i think we are wearing the same color nail polish, lol.


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