Friday, July 23, 2010

My New Makeup Look - Products used & trying Individual Lashes

Ok so I recently bought some makeup, and this has been my current look. I don't do much makeup tutorials/ what I'm wearing because I always have on the same thing, so since I switched, here it is. & I also got a lot of questions on my eyebrows & lip gloss.

It was also my first time trying on Individual Lashes instead of the strip. i tried watching youtube videos, and asking Mary for tips, and at the end of the day, you take as much advice as you can, and when you start battling the glue, you screw the advice and do whatever you have to do to make the lashes stick. However i must have done something wrong cause whenever I took a shower a bunch fell off :( This never happened when i got them professionally done, but I saved about 25 dollars for the same look.

so basically I have 2 days same/ similar look, and what I used.

1st Look: getting ready to head to Marlyand (July 13th / Last week)

lash closeup

2nd Look: few days later in MD, took it with my blackberry bold 9000 and had it as my bbm profile picture and a lot of people asked bout the makeup.

& Here are the tools.

diff from my normal routine is the MUFE Foundation, Mineralize (thanks to trying Kili & Mary's makeup in Miami), and the lip stuff.

ps: I bought a lot of stuff from the MAC Store  (not the reg department). 
For those in GA the MAC Store is at Perimeter Mall, & you can use your 30% off pro card there

1. HD Definition Foundation - number 175 - by Make Up Forver (MUFE)  *still wonder if i need to mix it with another color*

2. Photo finish - Oil Free - Original Primer - by Smashbox
Primer is the first thing I used on my face, to give it a smooth look, before applying my makeup, you should definitely own a primer, they also sell cheaper brands in walmart, and target.
3. Right Image - Cremesheen glass - by MAC   --*applied lipstick before lipgloss*

4. Viva Glam Gaga  - by MAC - (aka Lady Gaga) *limited edition*  ---------$14 buy here

5. Eyebrows - Spiked - by MAC

6. Eye pencil - Smolder - by MAC

7. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Dark - by MAC

8. Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 - NC50- by MAC  *to cover dark spots/ blemishes*

9. Powder Blush - Sweetness - by Mac

The lashes I used: Ardell Naturals - Knot Free - Short & Medium
1st time aint so bad huh :) -------- lol ok now look left, do u see that lash falling he he he ;)

All done :) lol u might notice in the camera phone I no longer have lashes, that's cuz one night I vexed and removed the lashes, and I forgot to travel with mascara or strip lashes he he.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Laters luv.


  1. Love the second pic!!!!! gorgeous!!!

  2. Not bad at all for your first time! I usually place the lashes on the inside of my eyelid, kinda like how you would line your inner rim with eyeliner. I place them right where the eyelash starts. They stay put for about two weeks!

  3. love the makeup cuz...its Nneka Onyebuchi by the way...hehe:)

  4. Yay! I fail at individual lashes..... I'm #185 in MUFE..

  5. Love the look....I am not the greatest at applying individual lashes...still learning but it looks like you did a good job applying yours.

  6. hahaha youre so cute, yeah those lashes are the only thing that i learned how to do. when i was performing in The Wiz play, i made sure i took the time to glue those on lol.

  7. I think you did a great job on the lashes. Usually if i go faux lashes, i apply them individually(like you did), but it is so time consuming! Lovely blog you have here too:-).

  8. I love your makeup. It's so light an natural. Very pretty.

  9. wow!nice make up, huh?!love ett! :]

  10. This is so nice.. I wish I could steal your face..Lol..
    Reminds me that I have to do some make-up experimenting..

  11. wowwwwwww!! is the first time i visit your blog and i think is very very nice!

    great photos and look!
    you are beautiful!! what is your secret? haha

    very kisses from

  12. beautiful job! i wish i could do make up like that. thanks for stopping by!

  13. It works on you my dear!

    Love Grace.

  14. gorgeous make up missy!!

    thanx so much 4 the bday wishes!!


  15. you look pretty, nice work with the make up :)

  16. Ah you look gorgeous! Shame about the eyelashes =( But practice makes perfect, so I bet the next time you'll do them perfectly! And I love the lip color!!

  17. Thanks for your comment :)
    And it is the boyfriend short from H&M, so maybe its the same :)
    Sorry for my late response, but the make-up looks gorgeous on you!

  18. very nice girl :)

    check also my blog

  19. Nice job. I am never good with make-up. Though that does not stop me from trying.

  20. Your makeup always looks flawless!! :)

  21. Oh girl I love love lovvve the individual eyelash look, you know I have so many individual lash packets and have never ever dared to use them.

    you may have just convinced me to do so.
    Absolutely gorgeous love the look on you.

  22. I think you look great with really rosy cheeks!

  23. your makeup looks fantastic xx

  24. Good job on the make up, darling!
    I like this on you, it gives you glow.

  25. nice header pic...
    nice to meet you ^^

  26. I love how false lashes look. I find individual ones don't give me the "fullness" I want... and I hate putting on those strips. It's a hard life I lead.

  27. ooh hey I got the blackberry bold too! I love it. And you look so pretty!

  28. your make-up looks gorgeous! i really want the Gaga lipstick! ;)

    Castor Pollux

  29. your so pretty, love your make-up

  30. Thanks for the comment!
    I love the make-up. :)

  31. Spence (from Black Tie Barbecue) wuz here.

  32. awesome makeup post!
    your lashes looks really pretty, natural too ^^

  33. OMG!! Chica I have been away for far too long. Braces!!! Spray tan!!! Your first pair of Loubs???? AHHHHHHH!!!!! And the site looks FABulous girl.


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