Friday, August 20, 2010

Amanda's 21st Birthday at F.A.B & dealing with a horrid weave

My little sister Amanda finally turned 21 on August 4th, so we went out to celebrate a couple of weeks ago on August 6th. We went to F.A.B which is a restaurant that was turned into the club for the night.

That's the birthday girl :) at the Club.

But before I got there I had a huge dilemma!!!! My hair was a birds nest. If you're on my twitter, you've heard me complain about it. It was sooo bad. Dear weave, why on earth do I continue to experiment with different brand names!!

Honestly at Beauty Mart in Jonesboro their doing a buy one get one free, so I spent like about only $200 on 4 packs, and ended up using 3 packs of hair. OMG what a mistake. My hair sheds!!! the floor is a mess. I comb can barely pass through it, and let's just say by the time this night was over, we could put a comb through it!!!

So anyways, I didn't go to dinner, cuz Im super vain & refuse to leave the house looking a hot mess, my sister is my sister, so was understanding. I also wasnt going to go to the club, but considering all out friends flew in from Maryland, and London, c'mon, I decided to put up a fight & use the strongest Hair tools own, and take a freaking shower & party my ass off.

My sister's also moving to the Caribbean for a year for Med School so this was her 21st birthday / send off party.

& Here are the pics, cuz I'm such a blogger :) trust me pics are fun and all, but I'm sure people gave me the side eye when I took pictures of the elevator at the club lol
The tools I used- Chi Heat Protection, H2Pro Flat Iron, CHI Silk Infusion Serum<< bad hair savior, Curling Rods & Showered

ARGH!!!!! It's a Nest! It's a Tree, It's a Bombchell??? No!!

This stupid hair couldn't go bone straight, and all my friends know this flat Iron is a G!!! Like it will straighten a crooked man
YEA B!!!!! Now that's the BombChell I know!

went sans lashes, Im feeling the Gemma Ward - Alien Hottie
Love this pic cuz you can see my outfit, and I dont look fat --- take that Hot Pockets & Marble Cake
White Pants - from Bebe, 
Top: American Apparel unitard, 
African inspired Necklace: Guy stand at Perimeter mall (opposite the MAC Store - never take his 1st or 2nd price, try to knock it down)
Boobs: Genetic (Amen!!!!! can u believe I used to be a B Cup freshman year in college)

MY GIRL LOLA: omg we didnt realize we both wore black & white until we saw the pics we took together lol

Was pretty cool, had bout 3-4 Floors
Loved it, was thrown by Prohecy Events, Luther's pretty cool, we got a nice deal for VIP, had a ton of fun, but omg ATL has been super hot like 96-104 degrees, and lets just say I could barely feel the AC in the room. You know it's a restaurant. However I'd be super happy to be there in October, when the outside forces wouldn't affect me, my makeup, or my horrible weave lol

FAB Atlanta (French American Brasserie)
(404) 266-1440
30 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30308

The parking was right beside it, they charged $10, and the nicest guy ever worked in the building and helped us find our way down, and where we parked when the club was over.

My sexy cousin!

Sis & Lola

My Little Bro: Mancini & My cousin Sunshine


Ma pretty girls!! gosh they BB, SKYPE, & PHONE EACH OTHER lol

Sis & Brother : OMG no more watching True Blood!!!! #TearFuckingDrops

THE PITCH DARK ROOM: couldn't see shit!! had to use my camera flash to see peole

LOL did a double take, then left to go to another floor

Needed some air, the club was way too hot, and not the sexy hot, the humid type.

Don't u love when random guys jump into your picture

This crazy chick just came back from South Africa (world cup) & ditched me to celebrate her bday outside ATL the next week. smh but I still love u boo

I was "stuck" talking to his dreaded & bearded friend that just came from Jamaica. Im not trying to perpetuate any stereotype but omg he kept talking to me, and smelled soooo much of weed. his boy was hot but the hair got in the way smh

LOL I just noticed, I tend to party and hangout with the same people, If you read my blog, you'll start recognizing that a lot of faces are the same when we're in DC, Mia, Atlanta or on Holidays, And it's pretty funny that most of us don't live in the same city or state, guess we might move around a lot, but we tend to move together.

:( so this summer everyone's really moving this time. It's always a family affair I tend to party & travel with both my sisters and both my brothers.

Johny Bravo aka Mancini my little brother just started at a really good college! Congrats boo don't miss me ha ha *teardrops* try not to get fat!!! cuz I gained the freshman 30 not 15 & no more abs for u.

Charles is moving to Nigeria next month, so ladies & gents if you ever bump into him at Rehab or wherever please save him from "those chicks" ;)

& Amanda's moving to the Caribbean for a year.

That's all folks :)


  1. i LOVE your blog girl! I hope to do this one day when I'm older! I think your sooooooo beautiful! no homo lol
    xoxo Debby

  2. I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for and with a weave I'd never go cheap! You should stick to brands that are great, like Extensions-Plus... because trying to save $ messing with cheap stuff will just have your head looking a mess and your wallet $200 broker lol...

    Why not try a full weave with a closure so you don't have to worry about blending your hair? I used Extensions-Plus Zig Zag body hair and closure and it was GORGEOUS! Of course the quality of the person sewing it in means a lot too, but the hair never once shed, matted or tangle. I loved it...

  3. @ Debby, awwww thanks *blushing*

    @ South Loop Social Light: smh girl I know, I just always want to discover the next best thing. Like now, I wanna try out Extensions-Plus just cuz u said it. LMAO smh i dont learn

  4. wowww you and your sister look soo much alike, you guys are gorgeouss !

    Loved all your pics from the night, especially the commentary haha.

    Cant wait to read about your next adventuree !

  5. Aww happy 21st to your sis :) Look at all the beautiful people. Your hair turned out gorgeous, no fret! Your pics make me miss partying...

  6. amazing blog :) love the photos!!! I have really curly hair and I straighten it all the time because I hate doing it lol I like to get out of bed, brush, and go. Your looks great!

    you guys looks like you had lots of fun!

  7. omg look at all the gorgeous black people!!

    wow... i am a rarity where i live lol time to start travelling.

    ps nice blog gf you are gorgeous :)

  8. I thought the crazy hair was purrrty cute, shoulda just thrown a indian style head band over it.. that's just me and my craziness though : ) Your always so stylish and cute, and the people around you too.

  9. great photos, and oh my what a differece between your hair and once it was done! wow x

  10. Did you want to straighten the hair?
    It looks cool to me I'd say..
    Even if you're in rags, you'd still be pretty and very.. you should know that..
    You've got a cute sis too..
    I should tap in to your DNA to improve my looks lol..

  11. Aww you guys are a beautiful group! Happy 21st to your sis!

  12. Hey! Where are all the white people? Not a single one at that club. I may need to come down and white it up a bit.

    I don't dance like a white dude so don't worry.

  13. Hey girl! I found your blog through a comment on Pop Champagne's blog and you're soooo funny! Love this post. You and your friends look gorgeous :) And I LOVE your sister's dress and that necklace you have on (great tip on the necklace dude and pricing).
    LMAO at your comment on your straigtener straigtening out a crooked man.

  14. ...and thanks for the Twitter comment.I would also like to add that you and your friends are great dressers!

  15. Hi!
    I effin' love your blog, your ttooo funny!
    && OMG, about two weeks ago, I bought this lace font weave, w/o even trying it on, it totally didn't work out for. I am so pissed that I bought it. I am just going to stick to my 1/2 weaves. Happy belated birthday to your sister, yay for Leos!

    PS: Sexy cousin, is sexy!


  16. OK Can we talk about the fact that you used to be B cup for a moment! WTF? does this mean i can remain hopeful for a growth spurt of some sort...???? even though about to go into my last yeara nd still have bcups.....maybe i should still save up for those booby enlargement thingys.

    2....u looked fresh to def! that was some major hair doing. eye make up was fabtastic

    and WTF why that necklace can't be online, its the sex. im jealous, i want going to try and make one....i'll tell you how the disaster pans out. haha


  17. it looks like you had so much fun! sorry about your hair..that sucks! you worked the hell out of it though

  18. Like ur Post
    and ur new hire looks soo gergous


  19. Looks like you had a great time. The pics are soo cool.

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  20. Such a funny post from the weave issue to the random guy in pic to rasta man stereotype. Hilarious! I was actually LOL.

    Your family is gorgeous congrats to your sister!

  21. you and your sister look alike! and love how you did your hair

  22. nice blog girlie and you looked gorgeous!

  23. it's funny that I haven't read this blog in a while and the first thing I read is the one about your sister going to the Carribean, which is SO exciting cuz i'm going to Ross!!

  24. I went to a seminar at the W right next to FAB. My last name is Fabiani and everyone calls me FAB.. so my bf saw it and took me over there. I have a pic next to the sign on my FB page! lol ohh.. Atlanta... lol =)
    Cuuute blog!

  25. Liking the blog thus far, First time here, I absolutely love those high waisted white sailor pants. I am a sucker for high waisted pieces.


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