Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Robot Needs joke.

This made me smile, don't act like you didn't know I was a dork. My professors are always going on & on about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, and this is basically a robots hierarchy of needs lol

Robots Hierarchy of Needs
Girlfriend's Hierarchy of Needs

In order to get the joke, this might help:

What is Maslow's Hierachy of need?: Basically its a pyramid of what you need starting with the most important at the bottom, then when you attain it you move up. so at the bottom, you need food, water, shelter, sex and at the top when you are too freaking rich to care, so you care about b.s boughie abstract stuff: self actualization stuff like morality or creativity. oooh  and sexual intimacy (not sex), love, and self esteem in all fall in between. I still don't get how sex could be on your mind if your dying of thirst, for either procreation or recreation.

incase my personal definition didn't help, a legit image might make more sense ^_^

[wikipedia image]


  1. These were funny, I like the robots own more, lol..

  2. haha they're so funny, i definitely like the edited version of Maslow's hierachy!

  3. Oh Lord, Michelle you are something else! lol

  4. I'm so glad you posted these!

    Love Grace.

  5. Both of those pyramids are very funny. Love the robot's needs.

  6. hahah cuuute... i need some lovin : /

  7. Chocolate and a backrub coming up...

  8. Hey Hun! Great post! I totally remember the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs from school. Love the robot part about vacuuming the living room and updating software - can't we all fit that in our triangle?! And Baby?!!! Gosh, I'd replace that with backrub/chocolate anyday (at least for now and the very near future LOL).
    And gosh girl, you're lucky to wear larger sized shoes. I always see the best markdowns on shoes that are larger size only. If I like a shoe I have to get it right away because my size always sells out :\


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