Friday, August 6, 2010

My Fav Free Summer Music, Kanye's Power Video, Making of the Video, & Gossip

Check Em Out Below :)

so I watched the KanyeWest Making of the video:

That's a lot huh!! very intriguing, scary, and super duper creative, like a lot of work went into it, pretty impressive.

Then I saw the final video, it's not what I was expecting after seeing the Making of the video, but it's very different from what's out there, and it's genius. Love the details.

ps: Kanye's on twitter @KanyeWest, and says the craziest ish. ^_^ I love him. (& follow my new & only twitter @BombChellATL)

on twitter he said: This is not a video, it's a moving painting.
So some of the other songs I'm listening to this summer include.

1. Chris Brown & Tyga's fan of a fan mixtape with is a free download --- he loves y'all and made it for yall. I love it especially

--04 --- Dueces [play it --give it a few secs to start]
-- 10 - Like a Virgin
(ps no 2- What they Want:  Made me *_* guess he aint a kid anymore I like it too though lol)

(wtf my zune player has two number 2 songs! but I like both ^_^ the other is 02 - Holla at Me )
Download here

2. The ERAera - upcoming band- very different - unique- upbeat- pop/ hip hop/ techno
the beats are pretty sick, words etc. I'm friends with them & saw them win this awesome battle.
To all youtube video makers: here's free music you can legally use ;)

I love love-
--03- One More Day [Play It]
-- 04 - Cloud 9
-- 05--- Find Yourself- reminds me a bit of the lion king & black eyed peas *thumbs up* and yet very different
well actually all 5 :)
Download Here

3. Drake's album: Thank Me Later

thank you Drake, This album is the most repeated album of my whole summer!!!!!!! Like I wake up, shower & play to this album.

ps: Fireworks is about Rihanna too lol
---- 02 - The Resistance --[Play It]- I think I played this song at least five times a day all summer.
---- 03 - Karaoke

I also like Fall For Your Type --[Play It]- not sure what album it's from -- super short though :/

4Mike Posner

- Cooler than me - - [Play It]
free download

5. Eminem - Not Afraid

 - - Pumps me up to go out & actually do something

My sister is about to burn me some Nigerian music from her summer trip before she heads for the Islands.
So Ladies & Gents what do you think of them, & what's on replay in music player or in your car? so i can check em out.

Random: but music related. Saw these pictures today & I'm shocked. Like sure...... I've heard rumors etc but I never believed it, I'm actually shocked Queen Latifah is actually gay. I think I'm a billion light years behind on celebrity gossip. so I guess this might be the answer to the question "Is Queen Latifah gay?"

[pics source]  Queen Latifah & Janette Jenkins  also shared in on Alicia Keys & SwizzBeatz Honeymoon. <=== lol dear Mistresses, Groupies & Sugar babies around the globe do you know what this means ^_^ there's hope he might actually wife you. lol ok imma stop being messy.


  1. Even though Kanye can be a bit on the crazy side sometimes (LOL), I love his music!

    Did you see Drake's special on MTV? I rarely watch MTV these days, but he blew me away. He is so humble and determined. He seems like a truly nice person.

    When I heard Eminem's first single, it made me want to cry for some reason. LOL! I really love the song he did with Rihanna. I could listen to it all day long!

    Lately, I have been listening to a lot of Tool, Tech N9ne, The Fray, and Carrie Underwood. (Yeah, I couldn't like a wider range of music if I tried.)

    P. S. I totally miss our Twitter love affair with Chloe! Bahahaha! Sigh... I don't know about you, but I've been eating bon bons and watching romance movies to help heal the pain. XD

  2. Oh @Katie!! I do miss out awesome twitter 3somes lol ha ha ha.

    OMG yes I saw part of Drake's thing, I wasnt too sober in Miami when it came on so I only caught a bit. Pity he only likes strippers with big asses or i might stalk his ass.

    I watched the video with Rihanna & Eminem featuring Megan Fox like 10 times!!! love that sing.

    I'll check out the others you mentioned :)

  3. Kanye's video....i LOVE it, it's so artistic, so detailed!

    Fan of a Fan Mixtape, i listen to it pretty much EVERYDAY and Chris' "No BullShit" is my SHIT girl, and the video, is even BETTER, OMG! And it makes me like Tyga a lot more too...

    THANK ME LATER...I LOVE DRAKE! And "The Resistance" girl, I can NOT stop listening to it, he is so AWESOME! Oh and "CeCe's Interlude" is a REPEATER too!

    I'm so used to the OLD Eminem, I can't get into the NEW Eminem...but his song with Rihanna, i DO love it! I MIGHT try to listen to it, I might like it LoL! Thank girl

    And about Queen Latifah...yeah, I mean I'm not surprised...that's what she likes, that's her girl, and I LOVE that they went on the cruise with Alicia and Swizzy...friends forever =)

  4. @ Adina: lol I love how we now gotta call it Kanye's paint :)

    @Chay Chay: the 3rd guy in Deuces, I think kevin mccall was def one of my favorite parts, to me his lines were so funny and cool. Ha Ha Ha do try to listen to Em ha ha haha.

  5. The Queen is gay? I had no idea lol.

    by the way, thanks for participating in my mini giveaway :) and you have a really cool blog and you have the prettiest lips!

  6. lol yeah i knew about Queen Latifah a long time ago.. she wasnt fooling me lol.

    I was about to post this kanye video on my blog... talk about illuminati symbolism. thats why it's so scary lol

  7. Nice, darling!
    LOVE all your music choices!


  8. Oh well... I am WAAYYYY behind you on Celeb gossip. trust me!
    Btw, please check my blog for the award I just passed to you. Have a great week ahead!

  9. lol at the Kayne video! And Yeah I heard she was gay a while ago, I didn't believe it but yeah I guess apparaently it's true!

  10. Kanye's painting was awesome! LOVED IT!

    Fan of a fan is my ISH! Love Like a virgin and Deuces the most

    Thank me later- LOVE Karaokeeeeee! My fave!


    Hmmm we like the same songs from the albums..:)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my site hon. I follow your blog and love it!

    The rumor has been going around for as long as I can remember that The Queen was gay but I can't recall any proof ever being provided. Now that the proof is in the pics I have to accept it. Hey, whatever floats your boat. I still love her.


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