Saturday, September 25, 2010

Partying with my girls in Atlanta & new Hair

Me & Lola after getting ready for the night.

(huge smile) you know when you've been naughty, and you have no excuse, all you can do is smile? well (insert big smile). A bunch of friends (c'mon now ya'll know internet friends = real friends in my book) have been asking me to update, been busy... school, partying, eating, dreaming, mostly sleeping, & if I'm honest photoshop lazyiness)

so............ WOOT WOOT NEW POST!

I changed my hair!!!! I got bangs!! yup for about a month now, I got the Cher cut. and a streak of blue, which sometimes makes me feel artsy & expressive, and somedays ghetto ick :/

So Last Saturday I did an event at STATS with some Atl Promoters. normally it's a huge sports bar but that saturday it was a fun party, with alcohol, hot music, OMG so many tall guys!!!! did you read my tweets? and off course bad atl chicks.

Anyways: i FINALLY did my blog sweat & tears in photoshop. I HOPE u noticed the above picture, lol just incase u didn't remember it (How dare you!):

was gonna cam whoring as i got ready, but Lola busted me and joined in on the fun, but my camera refused to corporate and it mostly came out yellow orange like this
There's bout 10 more gorgeous Ompa Loompa colored pics smh but i digress
PS: YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT LOLA'S HAIR COMPANY!!!!!! (www.LoLaVitaHair.comIt's a super gorgeous site.

headed to some bar by Stats:

do you eat your fries like this?

So proud!!! got these shoes from Bakers. I swear I can count how many shoes I have, and if you read my blog enough, so can you, I mostly steal borrow shoes from my sisters, but alas one's moved.

She felt too cool to take my pictures!!!!!! HENCE none of me there SMH (O_o)

At the club:

Sosa, Me, Fola   - I remember once 3 of us went on dates w/ 3 friends "the tripod"
 I loved that at STATS you could party or chill, and they had seats, booths etc.

LEFT SIDE---First time on my blog - my girls - Chonda & Sammy!!!!!!! 

Nneka - who did almost everyone's hair including my weave

LEFT side: Also first time on my blog Frankie!!!!

Ok we actually dance!!!! I promise: PROOF 1.

Shitty Video Proofs 2 & 3: <<< your eyes will hurt! LOL

so basically in one video Nk "Cynthia" thought I was taking a picture of her dancing lol, but you can see Nneka doing the FLex

& in the other video Lola's dancing

Professional Video: Showing that it wasn't just us there lol

If you in Atlanta & don't have plans for tomorrow cuz I know it's the FAMU vs TSU game you should definitely stop by @ Twelve, for this month's Professional Relaxation. pre-club discount tickets are also on sale: Discount Code "RISING". click here for more info :

Ok that's all for now:

I super loved all the comments I got from the last teeth blog, and also those who sent me emails with questions, yup I reply fast lol seems to surprise people. So if you come out look for the sexiest girl with bangs & braces & say hi :)  <<< ps: if your a guy you might wanna say you've read my blog so i don't think ur .... u know... trying to hit on me LMAO

-Kisses Bombchell.


  1. Where was I that night?? Now that I'm Per Diem I can go out again!!!!! But I'll have no money *FAIL*

  2. I love your hair!! & Nneka's? outfit.. bomb!

  3. looks like yall have TOO MUCH fun!! lol beautiful!

  4. Hi!
    I effin' love your "new" hair style, the bangs look super cute on you! && those shoes, hot!
    Nneka, goodness she looks lovely. Love her outfit.


  5. Yeahhh! I missed you and I love ur hair I gotta check that company out!

  6. W O W ! Those bangs on you are SMOKIN HOT! you look usual.

  7. u guys look so good ,again i love ur hair and those SHOES!!!! <3

  8. looks like fun times all around! Nigerian women are toooo pretty!!!

  9. i loveeeee the hair!!! and all you ladies look sesshiiiii! :D

  10. The bangs really suit your face, and you girls had fun!

  11. girl! I absolutely LOVE the new look..that bang WORKS! You should keep that love, it's FIERCE!

  12. great pics the outfits and hair...the bang looks great

  13. You look adorable with bangs. Your friends are all beautiful too. Love the shoes!!!

  14. Lol @ The videos...Caught in the act...

  15. oh my, I love the new hair style... haha I just got side swept bangs a few months ago and now just got a bob... haha but your hair is cute, I likey the blue streak (: and when are you coming out to Arizona?? haha

  16. Babe you look GORGEOUS and I'm LOVING your new bangs!! They're so thick too... I wanna get bangs but my hair is so thin. =(

  17. Gosh you and all those ladies look just beautiful!!
    & Im loving your hair :D

  18. ahahahah thats the most diva-est way to eat a fry. love it.

  19. You look great and I LOVE your hair!

  20. You look amazing, darling!
    Love the new 'do!


  21. HeY, LOves all d looks from u girls, Pls I need to know where Nneka got her outfit from I am in love with it

  22. YOU ARE STUNNING (as well as all the ladies)! Love the new do :)

  23. Love the Black Dress Bombchell!

  24. Loves the hair! LOVES the blue shoes!!!!

  25. You guys look gorgeous and I love the hair girl!

  26. Hi, I love your blog...amazing! you have really great posts,
    and I enjoy reading each and every one of them!

    my blog is

    xoxo Shelly

  27. Love the length on your new hair! Gorgeous and simple on you.

  28. beautiful! specially second photo

  29. Your hair is very nice. I will definitely check your friend's hair company. Hope you visit my blog. Follow if you wish and I' ll return the favor.


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