Sunday, October 31, 2010

Am I camera shy?

More of a photoblog

so today my mum wanted me to email her a picture of me for the bank (don't ask). so I sent a picture. she said cute picture, but I should send one facing forward. HMMMMM...... I looked, and I could hardly find any suitable pictures. I then realized almost all my closeup pictures are at an angle 0_O <<< surprised face. and to make make matters more interesting, in most of my face forward - none angled pics, I'm making a goofy face.

maybe it means I'm camera shy or something, I dunno. But these are pictures from Nneka's birthday, we went to Twelve Hotel in Atlantic Station for Professional Relaxation.

Oh and to answer the question I actually dodge the camera..... when other people take it. See when i take it, I can take 100 and delete the 96 I don't like :) I can be goofy, and myself, and not feel self conscious. so I guess it depends on who's taking the picture.

The Birthday Girl: Nneka

 Her Sis: NK

 The Party:


>>> My new twitter pic <<< my fave
hmm not sure why people think I'm sweet. sure I'm 75% Sweet, but if u know me I'm also 25% b!*#h
= sour patch kid, lol


  1. Lol I do the same all my pics are from an angle I hate full on face shots , u look soo pweeti - luv ur bangs <3

  2. you look HOT!! Love the hair! <3

  3. Cute Pics && I want Nneka's Dress LOL

  4. Oh, you know I love your pictures! And 75% sweet sounds about perfect to me. Gotta leave me at least 25% or so to . . . uhhhh . . . "tame." ;-)

  5. Those are some super sexy bangs!! xoxoxoxoo

  6. Hi Chell! I'm a new reader. Any way I totally agree with you about other people taking my photo. I hate that because they take the picture and I have no control but when I take it, I can do away with all the ugly ones and pick the two or three good ones I like.

    BTW I love your blog!


  7. Babe, you look GORGEOUS as always!

  8. why would u be camera shy hun?
    You're gorge!!

    Been a fan of yours for TOO long, finally decided to update my blog roll- and OFCOURSE you're on it

    Check it out and follow x

  9. You don't look camera shy to me. Beautiful pics!

  10. Great blog you are too cute...I see you livin it up and doing big things....


  11. i love your hair!
    and dont b camera shy u hot face forward or side xxx

  12. youre gorgeous. loving that necklace!


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