Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 12 Hour Date

So on Sunday I went on a 12 hour date (roughly but it was about 12 hours)

He drove 6 hours here, 6 hours back, so it's only mathematically fair that it be a great date & equal to 12hours.

I'm sure you're wondering what on earth is that. I'll tell you some of what it included, and you can leave the rest to your imagination (but please keep your imagination PG13'cause the date was PG13 or 15 lol)

It included going to Houston's because we both loved the food there.

2166 Peachtree Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Neighborhood: Buckhead
(404) 351-2442

(yelp reviews, main website)
You can find various houston restaurants in LA, San Fran, AZ, New Orleans, Texas, Florida, NY, NJ, Memphis, Kansas, DC, Boston, Denver & of course ATL)

I got one of the specials Trout, & he got the filet which was well seasoned with a loaded baked potato instead of spinach. The food there comes out fast!! and the people are nice. I normally get the Hawaiin Rib Eye!! but decided to be adventorous. um I think the rib eye i get costs about $27 or $29. to give you a price range. (try the yelp review for more price info etc, they had cheaper stuff, and for a salad hater, I love their salad)

Then for Dessert
We decided to go to AMC Fork & Screen to watch the Tourist with Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie. I loved that movie!!! made me miss Venice (don't be deceived I went there only once when i was a kid, lol not like a yearly thing, wish it was). gosh I really need to travel!! It was a beautiful movie. You should see it.

@ AMC Fork & Screen you can eat, order food, order alcohol ;), Kids meals (OMG BE SPECIFIC that you want the kids meal i once paid $70 taking 2 kids there to see Megamind, my 1st 3d movie =)

I got a mango milkshake mmmmmmm. he got candy lol.

Through out the date we laughed, joked around, talked, etc perfect gentleman

That's it for today. So dear reader what would you do on a 12 Hour Date?


  1. Eat like a three times! Lol, thats my favorite thing ever :D Hit the mall, catch a movie.. and something off the wall - like rocki climbing, or going to Chuckie Cheese.

  2. @ MING rock climbing sounds fun!! I know Ill suck @ it though.

    omg in college, my hall went to a birthday party @ chuck e cheese. it was so much fun.

  3. aww so sweet. im figuring you really enjoyed yourself, because if you didn't you wouldnt have even mentioned this hahaha
    i recently had an amazing date... went out to eat.. relaxed and chitchatted for a while.
    sweet and simple.
    when things go that easy, it shows me that its bound to be something special :]

  4. Aw super effin' cute! I never been on proper date, so I wouldn't even know what to do for 12 hours...But totally cute. && mango milkshake, YUM!

    && I am not shopping anymore either, I bought clothes the other day, && I am totally broke. Now more shopping until like March. Just body/makeup stuff, but not clothes/shoes. && thank you! I am so glad I passed my religion class. Have you checked your grades yet?


  5. Oh, and Houston's is in AZ? I might have to look that up...


  6. LOL wow 12 hours! Sounds so fun but I probably lack the attention or stamina to last that long ;) I haven't been on a date in awhile but I'd probably want to go hiking or do surfing lessons together. Definitely gotta stay active. I'm glad you had a fun date not an awkward one!

  7. wow! the dating scene in america is nuts....wish i was there to indulge in 12hr dates *sigh*

  8. Dinner and a movie? For 12 hours? This makes no sense. Please cease and desist your writing immediately.

  9. @ The Dailey I hope so. awwww glad your date was good too :)

    @ Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans grades aren't out yet. not excited to check lol. tell me if you enjoy houston's if you ever check it out :)

    @ Jessica LMAO!! never been surfing too.

    @ Onyxsta LOL

    @ JOHN You are an idiot. please learn to read!!!! I SAID IT INCLUDED A MOVIE AND DINNER IDIOT! not that the mentioned lasted 12 hours. please stop reading because you do not comprehend.

  10. I wonder how you guys met... I know I met Nebraska on line before I moved to Omaha and we would meet in Chicago when I lived in Detroit. I was a little wiped out but we managed to see Downtown and we took in a movie, 'Love in the time of Cholera'. It was fitting although she actually wanted to see 'Michael Clayton'

    We went to a Buffalo Wild Wings and there was a Holiday Festival downtown. I did not get the picture, but I have a memory of her against the darkness of Lake Michigan that was the appropriate frame for her beauty.

    We are still friends... are we going to go further than that..? Remains to be seen... anywho, I used to live in the Atl, and it wasn't that bad... enjoyed your entry and thanks for stopping by my fitness blog!!

  11. My husband and I could hop in the car and take a road trip somewhere... enjoy a nearby city, or even the ocean once it warms up a bit. We're only about an hour and some change from the coast.

  12. I enjoyed reading..
    Learnt a few too cause I have an important date coming up. Have the best Christmas ever!

  13. I'm not sure about a 12 hour date :/ If I was promised a nap, I might be OK with it, LOL!

  14. this sounds amazing! that's awesome that he drove 6 hours to see you as well :)

  15. this sounds amazing! that's awesome that he drove 6 hours to see you :)

  16. Wow good luck to you. I wouldn't consider dating someone 6 hours away!


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