Friday, December 24, 2010

2 things I really need to work on in 2011

1: Anger Management
2: Patience

However I can't think of how to work on this. Any ideas?

In 2010 I worked on patience by:
a) Not breaking my tv when it lost satellite during a good show
b) Not honking my horn too much at stupid atl drivers, and apologizing to God sometimes when I found out they were old.
c) Not cursing out ATT when I lost my internet connection

In 2010 I worked  on Anger Management by:
a) I didn't work on it

IN 2011:
1) I should get those stress balls
2) Serene music
3) Learn to meditate
4) work out to get anger out ....I wonder if it'll work or maybe some type of scent for my room might help
5) research alternative thought process to avoid getting angry

I just told my cousin Nneka  that "In 2011 I need to get anger management," she replied "There's a whole lotta Nigerians who need to sign up for that class." lol.

To any readers out there are you patient? do you get angry? have you found a way to deal with this? hmm maybe a self help book or something. What are you things do you want to work on in 2011?


  1. I just got anger management for dummies. I haven't read it yet. I guess i should get on that before my break is over. I don't get angry that often, but when i'm angry, i'm really angry, like smoke coming out of your ears angry and that happens like once a year.

    I find that i get irritated a lot more than i get (seriously) angry, which i don't think is good for my blood pressure (in the long run). I figured i needed anger management to help with my episodic rage fest before i go end up in jail or something.

  2. The only thing that got rid of my frustration with others was by getting older and forgetting about it.
    Do try working out, that will help.
    Much love to you for the holidays. All the very very best.

    lmao youre so cute lol@ apologizing to god when you noticed that they were old lolol!

    t's honestly very shocking to me that you have an anger problem, you seem so sweet to me! but i am on the outside looking in lol.

    Its rare that I get that angry, I'm patient with other people.. I take the time to BREATHE and THINK before reacting.
    Meditation would be great for you, you can youtube breathing exercises.

    Now that I think about, I knew this Nigerian boy that went from 0 to 100 if he felt offended lol... my goodness, I hope this guy that I'm talking to isn't like that.. he's from Ivory Coast.
    *the topic you were speaking on about culture and relationships on twitter.. you should blog that.

  4. these sound like two great resolutions for the new year! it's great that you figured out the two things you want to work on and how to fix them!

    i think you've inspired me to make my own resolutions :)

  5. I can't make resolutions if I need to work on it, I guess I

  6. i defo need to work on my patience xxxx

  7. lol goodluck on your resolutions hope it works this year.

    Compliments of the season dear..

  8. I have a temper too, and no patience. I've tried to work on it but... meh. it's who I am! hahaha


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